Danish Fan Maker Vestas Run by Crooks – and that’s a FACT

**** Does anyone remember Vestas? The struggling Danish fan maker used to be a “big player” in Australia’s wind industry – having sold hundreds of its turbines here. But – with Australia’s wind industry on the ropes – Vestas just seems to have lost interest in Australia – because we’ve hardly heard a peep out […]

The Greentard Politician – from another Planet?

We’ve had cause to comment on numerous political Muppets, like the rotten, mean and nasty Milne: We’ve also had a crack at Labor’s Laura Smyth: And SA Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young: Sadly – Laura and Sarah probably won’t be troubling us after 7 September. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind. Victorian Green, Greg […]

The wind: as it is in Oz it is in Britain

In our hard-hitting exposé – The “Great Oz” has spoken: the wind will no longer be “intermittent” – we crushed the myth peddled by wind weasels and their parasites that wind power can be safely relied upon because wind turbines are spread all over Australia and the wind is always blowing somewhere. As Johnny Rotten […]

Saving the Heartland – SA’s Yorke Peninsula

STT recently gave you an insight into the fight to keep Yorke Peninsula turbine free and, therefore, able to keep doing what it does best – producing food and fibre – in No Blacker day for the Greens. Here’s a follow up that appeared in The Sunday Mail May 12, 2013 by Mike Smithson. Ill […]

The New Coliseum Order – for the righteous only

By a guest contributor A cackle of Australian Concrete Greens has taken a page out of history and created a new twist on the Roman habit of creating savage games for the amusement of the ignorant masses. It involves a virtual coliseum, basically any windy site near transmission infrastructure, to create a modern Australian version […]

This Bill is about people, about communities, about people’s health

EXTRACT FROM HANSARD, 28TH February 2013 Australian Federal Parliament BILLS:   Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill 2012, Second Reading Senator MADIGAN (Victoria) (11:11): I rise to speak to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill 2012, introduced by me and Senator Xenophon. This bill does not actually […]