The New Coliseum Order – for the righteous only

By a guest contributor

A cackle of Australian Concrete Greens has taken a page out of history and created a new twist on the Roman habit of creating savage games for the amusement of the ignorant masses.

It involves a virtual coliseum, basically any windy site near transmission infrastructure, to create a modern Australian version of the traditional Roman cruel game of putting randomly chosen country Australian families under the most horrible stress imaginable; in this modern version wind turbines are the instruments of torture.

No wild animals, but the same roaring crowd of ignorant city zealots watching and applauding the savage destruction of country families’ lives, health, wellbeing and assets.

GLADIATORWhat exquisite pleasure it must be to watch and mock; nothing like blood sports to give one a rush and the dinars in the pocket as well!

As far as can be deduced, it apparently is the sworn duty of the Righteous Knights of the New Coliseum Order to keep the country peasants in fear and in a state of servile acquiescence as the Knights go about their Gaia-given holy task of defending the planet.

Interfering idiots, and this includes the unfrocked extremist technical rabble of alarmist acousticians, pre-modernist engineers and medicos infecting people with nocebo tablets, hindering their righteous work must be destroyed.

It is as if being the sole receivers of the truth, the noble Knights are thereby freed from the truth; and the blinding nobility of their cause justifies any means; thus denial, dissembling, delay, discrediting, deception and the creation of faux studies are their holy and blessed weapons.  Faith makes them free.

In coming posts the Heroes of the Holy Order will be revealed, complete with rank, duties and contact details.

If readers would like to help in the identification of secret members of the order, please post your suspicions regarding membership of this secretive order below along with a short summary of their position and duties.

Post away!

3 thoughts on “The New Coliseum Order – for the righteous only

  1. I am suspicious that Sir Simon, Green Knight of the Nocebo Quest, F.I.G.J.A.M (also known by other names) is a Righteous Knight. The following are attributed to his lordship however corroboration is required.

    Chief Propagandist of the faux Green Realms of Vestania, Accionia, and Infaginitis, and self said slayer of fire breathing dragon B. Tobaccus for which he takes huge personal credit. He claims to be the humble independant servant of the Round Table of the NH&MRC. Though it is not clear that he is still endorsed since he besmirched their last Wind Proclamation. (aka ‘P and Wind’). In private it is said to be another story, ‘business as usual’.

    Narcissistic, obsessed with status, travels with a Spiegel tent of mirrors, cartloads of ego, and a fawning retinue. When not busy jousting, tweeting or preening in the mirrors, he incessantly counts his previous jousts and those of others on to which he has hitched his mount, notching his lance as he goes. As a result his lance is almost worn thin by notches, with minimal jousting risk or effort! He is in fact a sham Knight.

    Well connected with the political, health and media Royalty Tent, including Sir Norman, Sir Robin, Sister Christine of the Astroturf Order of Nones, Knights of the 4 Corners and other members of the elite. He has privileged access to their DRUM and has been known to spit venom on their wireless. And he reacts extremely badly to criticism, always seeking the last word, but then F.I.G.J.A.M. Righteous Knights always do as they are never wrong.

    Chief strategies are shameless grandstanding and self-promotion, sprinkled with bullying and innuendo, all of which he is expert at. Behind the scenes is ‘secret’ scheming with an inner circle in the mysterious enclave of the Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA). Participants must publicly emit no carbon as a requirement of membership, a claim backed up by EPA monitoring, although no data has been made publicly available.

    He has placed himself upon the huge Green Saviour’s pedestal that is said to be the tallest in the realm, organically certified and carbon negative according to Sister Christine of the Astroturf Order, and reserved for the chosen few. It is in fact a rusting turbine tower (painted green of course) that was no longer economic to repair or dismantle and had pulled in enough REC’s to be profitable for its offshore investors. Along with its hundreds of neighbouring pillars, the steel is expected to corrode to dust over the next 15000 years and in fact never ‘paid back’ the carbon used in its construction. The 800 tonnes of Green concrete are there in perpetuity! No Polar Bears were saved by its construction and operation, in spite of the Nones strident claims to the contrary. Sir Simon is so high that he can see clearly forever and looks down on all those country folk he surveys, patronises, but has never met.

    He claims to know almost all there is to know, but not how high he is!

    It is a long way down for this self righteous Knight.

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