Leaning Tower of Vestas: Wind Turbine Announced as ‘8th Wonder of the World’

In today’s STT history lesson we’ll start with a recap on the Seven Wonders of the World: 1) The Colosseum of Rome 2) The Catacombs of Alexandria, Egypt 3) The Great Wall of China 4) Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, England 5) The Leaning Tower of Pisa 6) The Porcelain Tower of Nanking, China 7) The […]

Danish Fan Maker Vestas Run by Crooks – and that’s a FACT

**** Does anyone remember Vestas? The struggling Danish fan maker used to be a “big player” in Australia’s wind industry – having sold hundreds of its turbines here. But – with Australia’s wind industry on the ropes – Vestas just seems to have lost interest in Australia – because we’ve hardly heard a peep out […]

Greens live in a state of constant denial

**** With the race on to kill the Renewable Energy Target stone dead – Australia’s so-called “Greens” are working overtime to save it and their wind industry clients. The Greens have become a fully paid up front for the wind industry – struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas has poured $millions into Green coffers and is […]

The Battle for the Western Districts of Victoria is on

The Western Districts of Victoria is among the most productive and fertile grazing and agricultural territory in Australia.  In a good year – and there are plenty of those – it rains for nine months of the year and drips off the trees for the rest.  Set on deep, volcanic soils, the country around Port […]

Vestas’ Danish Victims Lay Out the FACTS

In response to the National Wind Power Fraud Rally in June, struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas paid $millions to a crack team of spin doctors to invent a campaign aimed at winning back the “moral” high ground. It called its new public relations model “Act on Facts” – we covered some of their “facts” in […]

Pakistan the new frontier in the great wind power fraud

With the wind scam pulled to a grinding halt in Australia – and European wind weasels under threat as Europe gets set to pull the plug on the fat pile of subsidies that provide them with essential, life giving nourishment there – it seems that their next targets are the very poorest and most corrupt […]

Anne Schafer shafts AGL spin at Macarthur

STT has been celebrating the fact that – with the Coalition’s win and its promised RET review about to kick-off soon – the chances of any more giant fans being erected in Australia are slimmer than a German supermodel. *** With the threat of any further turbine terror from new wind farms fading fast, we […]

Europeans get ready to can wind power for good

The wind industry is on its last legs. Vestas have poured millions into the Australian Greens and its “let’s-invent-the facts” campaign in an effort to knock off South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon.  Although STT thinks it might have been better advised to keep its Danish Krone at home – to help stay afloat and to […]

Never Mind the Bollocks – here’s Vestas

Struggling Danish turbine outfit Vestas went on the rampage after the National Rally with a campaign to counteract known and obvious facts (to anyone with half-a-brain – that is) with crackers such as the wind is NOT intermittent; families with young children can’t wait to have a swag of V112s go up in their back […]

Some facts that wind weasels would have rather kept buried

In our last post James Delingpole touched on the story of how wind weasels have been aware of the impacts from infrasound and low frequency wind turbine noise since 1987. STT predicts that – in the not too distant future – there will be a swag of wind swindlers dragged before a Senate Inquiry or […]