Senator Chris Back Unloads

Healthy citizens are the greatest asset that any country can have – Winston Churchill This was cited by Liberal Senator Chris Back at our Wind Power Fraud Rally in June 2013  (see our post here). This time we have Chris unloading in the Senate on Infigen, the AMA and the NH&MRC. Occasionally, there are speeches […]

Wind Power – the Poisoned Chalice

**** Big Wind’s Dirty Little Secret: Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste Right Side News Travis Fisher and Alex Fitzsimmons of IER 23 October 2013 The wind industry promotes itself as better for the environment than traditional energy sources such as coal and natural gas. For example, the industry claims that wind energy reduces carbon dioxide […]

Winning Taiwanese Hearts and Minds?

A while back we covered one failed wind industry effort to win hearts and minds in “Big Wind sends in the “muscle” to “win Taiwanese hearts and minds” Here’s an update on how – when push comes to shove – “green” energy outfits are quick to show their true colours. Activists pan power firm for […]

Richard Paltridge – one man’s battle

Battling wind weasels, like Acciona, in Court has its own “special” charm – just ask Richard Paltridge. Dick won – his landmark planning case in South Australia, but his opponents – including the rotten little Rann, State Labor Government – pulled every slimy trick in the book along the way. Acciona – the subject of […]

Ah, Siemens – a “great bunch of lads”

In our last post, we uncovered efforts by turbine manufacturing giant, Siemens to become a leading producer of WMDs.  Not only are they keen to “kill and maim”, it seems these boys know how to play mean and “real” dirty when it comes to money. “Ways and means” kinda guys, if you follow our drift. […]

Macfarlane: on the road to Damascus?

STT has always had its suspicions about Ian Macfarlane.  Is he a Green in Wolf’s clothing?  Is he “featherbedding” for a career after politics?  Why is it that he seems hesitant to really sink the boots into an industry so ridden with corruption and pure corporate evil that even pure stink smells good by comparison? […]

Well, Vic Health, why are we waiting?

You’ll remember the serve Annie Gardner dished up recently to the Victorian Department of Health over its lamentable piece of wind industry backed spin. STT knows that “Tenacity” is Annie’s middle name, and true to it, she is back on the warpath demanding a response from the Department’s Graeme Gillespie. Well Graeme, a Gentleman never […]

Red Faces at the Victorian Department of Health

A week or so ago, the wind industry and its parasites crowed about a report released by the Victorian Department of Health, with even more than the usual whiff of desperation. The report was touted by the Clean Energy Council as a complete exoneration on all charges, sins and omissions. What a pity it contained […]

“Dangerous” Dave Clarke

You’ll remember Dave Clarke – he’s the Darth Vader of SA’s greentards. Dave’s the one that says, when it comes to the prospect of Yorke Peninsula’s farmers having to operate farms and live with 200 giant turbines, that’s a sacrifice he’s more than willing to make.  Of course it is. This little man has never […]

Wind Power – never there when you need it …

In a World run by greentards, even the simple things are poorly executed.