Dr Roger Sexton – CERES the most the most ill-conceived development project ever seen

For some time STT has been following the battle to save the Heartland – on SA’s Yorke Peninsula and home to Australia’s best barley growing country – bar none. Here’s a press release from David Ridgway on the latest before the SA Wind Power Select Committee. “We don’t want power station,” Yorke Peninsula landholders say […]

The Battle for Yorke Peninsula’s Heartland “ploughs on” at Curramulka

A Yorke Peninsula farmer has just sent a “crop circles with attitude” message loud and clear to the German/Indian outfit that wants to destroy the best barley growing country in Australia, that they can take a running jump off the Stansbury cliffs. A local STT operative reports: Curramulka Farmer Chad Twelftree recently used his air-seeder […]

Saving the Heartland – SA’s Yorke Peninsula

STT recently gave you an insight into the fight to keep Yorke Peninsula turbine free and, therefore, able to keep doing what it does best – producing food and fibre – in No Blacker day for the Greens. Here’s a follow up that appeared in The Sunday Mail May 12, 2013 by Mike Smithson. Ill […]

Council says no to Ceres

We congratulate Heartland Farmers for their effective grassroots campaign to stop these things. We applaud the District Council of York Peninsula for its good sense and ability to see through the spin of the wind industry. See the report from an STT correspondent at the bottom of this post. From Adelaide Now 28 March, 2013: […]

So what went wrong with the Ceres wind farm information meeting?

“Their so-called public consultation process is a perfect example of how developers stifle the democratic rights we believe we have – those rights slowly but surely are being taken away by politicians, development proposals and anyone else with dollar signs in their sights.” From the Yorke Peninsula Country Times. Mr Thomson is a former mayor […]

Sit down and shut up – or we’ll call the police

You will enter the room only if you have the right colored card. You will not ask questions until we say you can ask questions. If you cause trouble, we will call the police and you will be removed. A public meeting held in a small South Australian outback town has shed new light on […]