Bulgarian Blow-Up – Thousands in Power Price Protests see PM Lose Scalp & Wind Power Subsidies Slashed

  Depriving ordinary people of something long considered a basic necessity of life, is one sure fire way to get their backs up. When that ‘necessity’ is something that people have rightly come to assume will always be available to them, at an affordable price, and the price suddenly escalates without reasonable explanation, confusion tends […]

Why Intermittent Wind Power Increases CO2 Emissions in the Electricity Sector

The central, endlessly repeated lie (upon which the great wind power fraud rests) is that increasing wind power generation results in decreases in CO2 emissions. In Australia, the central object of the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 is for “renewable” energy to “reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector” (see s3). But, somewhere […]

Australia Shoots Down Climate Lobby’s Scare Mongering

Australia shoots down climate lobby’s scare mongering Marita Noon cfact.org 21 July 2014 Thursday, July 17 was a big news day. The world was shocked to learn that a Russian-made missile shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet with 298 on board as it flew over Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Though flight […]

Kill the subsidies and the wind industry dies

In recent weeks the greentard blogs have been overcome with grief as they moan about the almost inevitable consequences of the Coalition’s RET review, the future of the CEFC and now the ARENA fund – yet another taxpayer backed renewable slush fund that faces the chop. Their wailing and gnashing of teeth undermines their specious […]

Labor’s Martin Ferguson: time to scale back RET

Labor’s Martin Ferguson bowed out of Parliament (gracefully) last year amid the brawl over the leadership between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. His departure was lamented on both sides of the House as Canberra lost a seasoned policy advocate for mining, industry and enterprise. Martin has just come out swinging about the scale and market […]

Rats leaving the sinking ship

It was Bruce who pointed out that if you have a mouse plague, the way to deal with it is to remove the food source. Well it is the same with the wind industry. Wind farm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink Robert Mendick March 2 2014 Plans to build wind farms in England and […]

Nick Xenophon slams “reckless” CERES Project as an “economic kick in the guts” for SA

**** SA’s favourite Greek, Senator Nick Xenophon has teamed up with Frontier Economics’ Danny Price to absolutely hammer the ludicrous plan to spear 197 giant fans into SA’s agricultural Heartland on Yorke Peninsula. While we noted yesterday that the chances that the Ceres project will ever be built are slimmer than a German supermodel – […]

Game On: the Race to Kill the RET

**** With the Head Boy, Tony Abbott recently signalling the demise of the RET (see our post here) Labor apparatchiks have gone into a flat panic. Labor is a party that’s controlled by Australia’s Unions – and fed and fattened on a steady diet of the money controlled by Union backed Superannuation funds. Over the […]

Macca shoulder to shoulder with Tony Abbott as PM signals end for RET

  Last Wednesday, Action Man Abbott fronted the Canberra press gallery and delivered a speech that signals the end of Australia’s insanely expensive (and completely pointless) Renewable Energy Target (RET). Tony outlined the Coalition’s vision for restoring Australia’s beleaguered manufacturing sector, no doubt, in response to General Motor’s recent announcement that it will pull the […]

Colleen Watts – STT Champion – drops Tony Abbott a line

Open Letter to Prime Minister Abbott Dr Colleen Watts OAM 17 November 2013 Dear Mr. Abbott, I write concerning the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and its concomitant lovechild, the Renewable Energy Certificate. The argument for the existence, let alone the promotion, of industrial wind turbines as the panacea for “clean and green” energy production is […]