Labor & the Australian Greens: Nasty & Stupid – the Original Energy Policy Pygmies

**** Labor have long ceased to be the “workers’ party – instead it’s all about power – and the only way to cling to power is access to fat piles of cash. The Union (Industry) Super Funds – controlled by the likes of former Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet and his best mate Garry Weaven […]

The Tangled Web: John Madigan Exposes the Greens as a Paid-Up Wind Industry Front

The good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan is on fire. Having skewered the former tobacco advertising guru – who claims to be an “expert” on well, just about everything (see our post here) – the Marshall has just launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the big corporate interests […]

Greens live in a state of constant denial

**** With the race on to kill the Renewable Energy Target stone dead – Australia’s so-called “Greens” are working overtime to save it and their wind industry clients. The Greens have become a fully paid up front for the wind industry – struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas has poured $millions into Green coffers and is […]

Postcards from people pushed to the Edge

Only a few more sleeps until we kiss goodbye to the Green-Labor alliance for good. To help focus the attention of those aiming to take power, and those about to lose it, on the greatest environmental and economic fraud in the history of the Commonwealth, we suggest you send them the Postcards linked below. Here’s […]

The Greentard Politician – from another Planet?

We’ve had cause to comment on numerous political Muppets, like the rotten, mean and nasty Milne: We’ve also had a crack at Labor’s Laura Smyth: And SA Federal Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young: Sadly – Laura and Sarah probably won’t be troubling us after 7 September. Oh dear, what a pity, never mind. Victorian Green, Greg […]

Australia’s “Greens” unveil their 5 Year Plan for your Country

STT sees Christine Milne as the “Capo dei Capi” of Australian greentards – and she’s at it again. **** Not content with throwing a mere $10 billion of our hard earned cash at Spanish wind outlaws like Acciona and Union Fenosa, Milne wants to throw another $20 billion at them.  What’s that you say about […]

An Ill Wind Blows No Good: Murray Hartin

AN ILL WIND BLOWS NO GOOD  The good old Aussie Farmer is without peer and that’s the truth Some might choose to argue but the pudding holds the proof Governments give them nothing except a bit post-flood or drought Squeaky wheels get the attention while the farmer toughs it out More dangerous than the weather, […]

“Watermelon” Milne shows true colours

Hot on the heels of the SA Labor government’s effort to “help” the growing legion of people who can no longer afford to pay their power bills, another “pyromaniac fire-fighter” has just jumped on the fire truck on its way to “save the day”. Christine Milne clearly forgot the Mark Twain adage that “It is […]

Wind farms aren’t noisy, are they?

Whammo! Biff! And a bloody good eye gouge! All the news from the front row seats

From an STT ringside correspondent – The last few weeks have seen some monumental shifts in attitude amongst coalition MPs. Dan Tehan MP received a notable mention in dispatches for his ringside road to Macarthur conversion. Dan has since come out brawling in favour of his long suffering constituents and we say about time. Well […]