Wind Industry’s Propaganda King – Simon Chapman Forced to Apologise to Dr Sarah Laurie for False & Malicious Taunts

*** Australia is blessed with a former tobacco advertising guru who is paid a packet by wind power outfits – like near-bankrupt Infigen – to pedal a story that the adverse health impacts caused by incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound (such as sleep deprivation) are the product of “scare-mongering” – which, on his […]

Annie strikes again

Annie and Gus Gardner are hard working rural folk who have shared their battles with the AGL wind factory us at our Wind Power Fraud Rally last year and in letters covered in our posts here, here, here, here, here and here. The outrage that stemmed from the Gardner’s reading of the AMA position paper on wind farms […]

The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 4 – Health

Part 4 of 5 of the interview with Tim Le Roy. In this episode Tim shares his watershed moment when he meets affected people and realises the extent of the suffering that can occur when industrial wind turbines are sited too close to peoples homes. He shares his experiences of homes in Waubra and Toora […]

Vestas is deceiving the public when it portrays itself as an ethical and moral company

“Is it really good export policy to dispatch a man like McAlpine to run errands on behalf of Vestas?” Occupational medicine specialist Doctor Mauri Johansson gave the following speech at the general meeting of Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer. The speech was given last year. We reproduce it here in full. (And don’t forget to […]

No amount of electricity generation is worth this

The following first appeared as a comment under the post Cape Bridgewater: Sonia. You say it so well dear lady. My own situation is so similar to yours here in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. I have abandoned my dream and it hurts every day, I live worse now than ever in my life at 57-years-old. We […]

Bad things happen when …

Note the recipients of the email below. With several exceptions (ie Madigan, Xenophon, Ramsey, Schultz, Kelly, Tehan, Joyce) many of these people continue to do nothing.  The Project reported on Jan Hetherington late last year. That report is at the end of this post. From: janet hetherington Sent: Tuesday, 26 March 2013 1:45 AM To: […]

The doctors, researchers and health practitioners worldwide who get it

An impressive number of health practitioners, researchers and acousticians around the world are now voicing their concern about the impact of wind turbines on people’s health. The list has been published by the Waubra Foundation, the European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) and the North American Platform Against Windfarms (NA-PAW). The latter two organisations represent more […]