Dr Roger Sexton – CERES the most the most ill-conceived development project ever seen

For some time STT has been following the battle to save the Heartland – on SA’s Yorke Peninsula and home to Australia’s best barley growing country – bar none. Here’s a press release from David Ridgway on the latest before the SA Wind Power Select Committee. “We don’t want power station,” Yorke Peninsula landholders say […]

The wind: as it is in Oz it is in Britain

In our hard-hitting exposé – The “Great Oz” has spoken: the wind will no longer be “intermittent” – we crushed the myth peddled by wind weasels and their parasites that wind power can be safely relied upon because wind turbines are spread all over Australia and the wind is always blowing somewhere. As Johnny Rotten […]

The “Great Oz” has spoken: the wind will no longer be “intermittent”

News in from the Merry Old Land of Oz: Flustered and flummoxed by the fact that the average windfarm only produces power about 25% of the time and, worse, that no one could tell him just what time of day that wind power was actually going to flow, the Great and Powerful Wizard determined that […]

“Watermelon” Milne shows true colours

Hot on the heels of the SA Labor government’s effort to “help” the growing legion of people who can no longer afford to pay their power bills, another “pyromaniac fire-fighter” has just jumped on the fire truck on its way to “save the day”. Christine Milne clearly forgot the Mark Twain adage that “It is […]

Day of protest in Canada

Ontario’s  Liberals  get  an  “F”   WIND OPPONENTS CALL FOR IMMEDIATE TURBINE MORATORIUM, RESIGNATION OF DR ARLENE KING, MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH, AND PUBLIC INQUIRY: MASSIVE  “Pants  on  Fire”  PROTEST AT ALLAN GARDENS/MAPLE LEAF GARDENS, JAN 26 2013 In  what  will  surely  be  the  largest  and  most  vocal  public  display  of  public  outrage  in  Ontario’s […]