Logic: not found on other planets?

STT from time to time receives the “odd” comment (and we mean “really odd”) from people that seem to misunderstand STT’s objectives.  The name and make up of the site might have given it away to most.  “Stop” as in “put an end to” and “these things” which appears over the silhouette of a giant […]

They Walk Among Us

STT has gone to the archives and found the moment when the wind industry’s “brains trust” first noticed the awesome potential of big fans. Witness this great moment of discovery that led to the modern renaissance of the wind turbine – it’s “fan-tastic”!

Wind Power – never there when you need it …

In a World run by greentards, even the simple things are poorly executed.

Why I voted for the Greens

The New Coliseum Order – for the righteous only

By a guest contributor A cackle of Australian Concrete Greens has taken a page out of history and created a new twist on the Roman habit of creating savage games for the amusement of the ignorant masses. It involves a virtual coliseum, basically any windy site near transmission infrastructure, to create a modern Australian version […]

The J. Edgar Hoover of Crystal Brook

John Edgar Hoover was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. For over half a century he waged war on homosexuals, black people and communists. But of course, Hoover had his own secret. He had a long-time male companion, Clyde Tolson. And according to his biographer, Hoover was also […]

Stamp out STT – it’s spreading like …

You know you’re winning when the other guys start recycling lines they used years ago. Victorian Greens leader Greg Barber (left) has just issued a press release saying there is no such thing as wind turbine syndrome. Barber says it’s actually “Simon Ramsay syndrome” that is causing all the stress and anxiety. Ramsay (right) is […]

… and here’s their take on our clean energy future – ka ching!

This comes from Barnabyisright.com. Click the link and see their wind farm post.

We don’t want to be (overtly) political but …

… this is too much fun.

Okay, we admit it. We’re funded by the fossil fuel industry.

**** It didn’t take long, did it? It was bound to happen. Someone out there would put two and two together and come up with … Hell, they came up with whatever they wanted. What are we talking about? These comments on Twitter. We are, it seems, cowards and liars – and fossil fuel funded […]