Danish Fan Maker Vestas Run by Crooks – and that’s a FACT

**** Does anyone remember Vestas? The struggling Danish fan maker used to be a “big player” in Australia’s wind industry – having sold hundreds of its turbines here. But – with Australia’s wind industry on the ropes – Vestas just seems to have lost interest in Australia – because we’ve hardly heard a peep out […]

Chinese move in to snap up King Island as a handy little turbine anchor

For little more than 30 pieces of silver, wind farm Judas Iscariot, Hydro Tasmania is all set to cash in by flogging Bass Strait’s jewel, King Island to its Chinese Overlords. The Hydro steamroller Tasmanian Times Donald Graham* 20 May 2013 Hydro Tasmania has called for the EPA in Hobart to back-up the King Island […]

Ah, Siemens – a “great bunch of lads”

In our last post, we uncovered efforts by turbine manufacturing giant, Siemens to become a leading producer of WMDs.  Not only are they keen to “kill and maim”, it seems these boys know how to play mean and “real” dirty when it comes to money. “Ways and means” kinda guys, if you follow our drift. […]