This post explains who we are.

We are not affiliated with any group, political party or industry.

We have not received any funding from any outside group or individual – none.

We are a kitchen table group of citizens concerned about what is happening across rural and regional Australia, by the harm being done  by the wind industry, in partnership with governments.

We are surprised and alarmed by how the Green movement is now in bed with big industry.

We are dismayed that people have been forced from their homes or have been made unwell by a government-sanctioned, tax-payer funded industry.

We are angered by the scope of the wind power fraud.

We are not convinced at the efficacy or efficiency of wind energy.

We are not collectively climate-change “deniers”. We are not NIMBYs.

We are appalled by how wind industry supporters dismiss victims, ridicule those who have different opinions and vilify those who are opposed to industrial wind power generation.

We are appalled by the dishonesty of the wind industry, its supporters and those who operate within it.

We are disappointed that the many who claim to have been made sick are segregated and dismissed.

tia_2232234bNeither we nor our homes are threatened by wind turbines. We do not live in proximity to industrial wind power generation plants.

We  are independent but compassionate observers who have undertaken our own investigation. We think this issue is one of fairness and human rights.

We don’t think the wind industry collectively is a good corporate citizen. We believe this is an industry fueled by the prospect of massive profits, hiding behind a veneer of “the common good”.

We believe proponents seem hell-bent on destroying our environment to “save” it.

We believe the rampant installation of turbines across this country must be stopped or at least paused until a full examination of the facts is undertaken AND (most importantly) acted upon.

See this post.


  1. Latest news from Europe is that companies providing pumped hydro power in Germany and other countries are trying to sell off or mothball these assets because they are not profitable due to subsidies paid for ‘renewables’. Presumably Turnbull’s project will get renewable subsidies.

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