This post explains who we are and how we started.

We are not affiliated with any group, political party or industry.

We have not received any funding from any outside group or individual – none.

We started as a kitchen table group of citizens concerned about what is happening across rural and regional Australia, by the harm being done by the wind industry, in partnership with governments.

Since we began in December 2012, we have added to our concerns the economic and social harm caused by rocketing power prices and unreliable power supplies, the product of heavily subsidised and intermittent wind power: the results that have played out in Australia’s wind power capital, South Australia, will cripple that State at an economic and social level for decades to come.

And over that time we have grown to enjoy the valuable input and support from a range of eminent experts, including engineers (some of whom designed and/or built Australia’s power grid), economists, health professionals and lawyers. Our sources also include several Federal MPs and the staff in their offices, as well as community leaders across the Country.

We were surprised and alarmed by how quickly the Green movement sold its soul to jump into bed with the wind industry; and floored by how malicious that class of zealots becomes whenever faced with any kind of threat to their beloved wind industry.

We are dismayed to see people being forced from their homes due to incessant, wind turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound; and horrified as we witnessed those in positions of power not only fail to help those people, but turn on these victims of a government-sanctioned, subsidy-soaked industry.

We are angered by the scope of the wind power fraud.

We are appalled by how wind industry supporters dismiss victims, ridicule those who have different opinions and vilify those who are opposed to industrial wind power generation.

We are appalled by the dishonesty of the wind industry, its supporters and those who operate within it.

We are disappointed that the many who claim to have been made sick are segregated and dismissed.

STT’s editorial team does not live near wind turbines and their homes are not threatened by wind turbines, so we reject the NIMBY charge often levelled by those who never have to live or work near industrial wind turbines, at the unfortunates who have no choice but to do so.

We aim to act as independent but compassionate observers, who have undertaken our own investigations and report on them. We think the direct and adverse impacts from industrial wind power on wind farm neighbours to be an issue of fairness and human rights.

We don’t think the wind industry collectively is a good corporate citizen. We believe this is an industry fueled by the prospect of massive government mandated and subsidised ‘profits’, hiding behind a veneer of “the common good”.

We believe wind industry proponents are hell-bent on destroying our environment, while cynically claiming to “save” it.

We believe the rampant installation of turbines across this country must be stopped now; and, from the evidence we have gathered since December 2012, we are convinced that industrial wind power does not work on any level: economic; social or environmental.

In short, we consider that subsidised wind power is the greatest fraud of all time.


  1. Your site is inspiring and full of factual and valuable resources but sadly I feel that your sage advice is falling on deaf ears. A stage has been reached in Australia where very rich individuals are using their financial resources to manipulate political and power industry outcomes. I don’t doubt that the new government’s renewables strategy will fail and high costs and blackouts will ensue and, after much pain, hopefully cause a u-turn or a transition to nuclear but the damage to the lives and finances of innocent Australians looks to be unavoidable.

  2. Peter Brun says:

    I’m seeking the organisers of windfarm landowners groups, specifically White Rock Windfarm and Liverpool Range Windfarm.

    • Steve Thomas says:

      From central Texas USA, sincerely wish you well in this endeavor. Last Oct. wife and I became surrounded by this spinner trash! Steve Thomas

  3. Do you have any information on the dielectric sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) ? A forensics engineer told me it is used in the nacelles of industrial wind turbines. Thank you.

    • No, sure don’t.

    • Dielectric SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride):

      SF6: The Truths and Myths of this Greenhouse Gas
      The atmospheric concentration of the highly-potent greenhouse gas SF6 has never been higher. Fingers have been p…

      SF6 Worries – The Most Potent and Persistent Greenhouse Gas – Advanced S…
      The most potent and persistent greenhouse gas is neither carbon dioxide nor methane, but sulfur hexafluoride, a …

      from Wikipedia:
      “The concentration of SF6 in Earth’s troposphere reached 10.66 parts per trillion (ppt) in 2021, rising at 0.36 ppt/year.[10] The increase over the prior 40 years was driven in large part by the expanding electric power sector, including fugitive emissions from banks of SF
      6 gas contained in its medium- and high-voltage switchgear. Uses in magnesium, aluminium, and electronics manufacturing also hastened atmospheric growth.[11]”

      [Although, at the bottom of this article a Scottish wind farm, ‘East Anglia One’ (2020), is ground-breaking in that it claims to only use SF6 in the substation.]

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