Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator Doles Out $Billions in Subsidies to Non-Compliant Wind Farms

**** Last week saw some of the most bizarre “fun and games” ever seen before the Australian Senate, as the wind industry’s “friendlies” in the employ of the Government or its Agencies – such as the Clean Energy Regulator (CER), Clean Energy Finance Coporation (CEFC) and the NHMRC – were grilled over a range of […]

NHMRC Disqualified from Coalition’s Health Inquiry

**** The NRMRC has been wearing “ribbons of shame” since it rushed to print with its selective, biased and incomplete literature review back in 2010. The very, very Rapid Review was so quick off the mark that it completely missed the decade of work put together by Neil Kelley & Co during the 1980s in […]

Rally – Senator John Madigan

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  was Senator John Madigan,  introduced by Alan Jones AO. Senator Madigan talks about his efforts to regulate the wind industry in a political climate where the wind industry has worked hand-in-glove with politicians and their staffers to design the processes that […]

Matthew Guy: Man or Mouse?

In our post – CER no longer game to ride with the developers committing REC Fraud – we documented the moment when Green turned a smelly shade of brown for the King of Victorian greentard’s – Greg Barber. Barber scored an “own goal” when he had Vic Planning Minister – Matthew Guy – confirm that […]

A Thorne in the paw of big wind

Dr Bob Thorne is a psychoacoustician, which means he has expertise not just in measuring “noise numbers”, but also in  assessing noise impact on humans. His career has included working in environmental health within the Queensland government as well as working as an acoustician.  He was awarded his doctorate in the field of noise. Dr […]

This Bill is about people, about communities, about people’s health

EXTRACT FROM HANSARD, 28TH February 2013 Australian Federal Parliament BILLS:   Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill 2012, Second Reading Senator MADIGAN (Victoria) (11:11): I rise to speak to the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill 2012, introduced by me and Senator Xenophon. This bill does not actually […]