Wind Power Sending Power Prices Through the Roof

The wind industry in Australia is still reeling at the RET Review Panel’s recommendation to prevent any more wind farms being built by closing off the ability of “new entrants” to participate in the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) (see our post here). In response, the wind industry and its parasites have been frantically trying […]

Outrage at AGL’s interference in Doctor-Patient Relationships

The medical profession, as a profession, is meant to self-govern and self-regulate its members in order to uphold the highest ethical standards in delivering medical advice, care and treatment. Integral to which is the almost sacred Doctor-Patient Relationship. That relationship requires utmost confidence in the Doctor’s ability to act impartially and in the best interests of […]

Europe turns tail on wind: cuts subsidies, taxes profits

Well it has started in Europe  – the march away from subsidies for intermittent and unreliable power sources such as wind energy. We’ll let Brady Yauch, an economist and Executive Director from the Consumer Policy Institute in Canada, explain. Governments rip up renewable contracts Brady Yauch 18 March 2014 Europe’s renewable energy investors are facing […]

South Africa: Wind turbines are a rubbish idea

Engineers are a breed of their own. Unable to apply anything but logic and masters with facts and figures, the engineer is usually first to identify the nature and scope of any human problem. Well, P Sker is an engineer who had applied those skills to unravelling the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all […]

Rats leaving the sinking ship

It was Bruce who pointed out that if you have a mouse plague, the way to deal with it is to remove the food source. Well it is the same with the wind industry. Wind farm plans in tatters after subsidy rethink Robert Mendick March 2 2014 Plans to build wind farms in England and […]

The FACTS exposed – Vestas knew all about the annoyance

This is a story about facts – and how they are getting in the way of stories being spun by Vestas. They have been caught out before (see our post here) and ignored the real experiences of annoyance from rural folk unfortunate enough to be turbine neighbours (see our Experience page here). So now we […]

Illusions not Visions

Wind Turbines Are Climate-Change Scarecrows Robert Bryce 26 November 2013 For years, the wind-energy sector and renewable-energy advocates have repeatedly claimed that wind turbines are essential to the fight against carbon dioxide emissions and catastrophic climate change. Here’s the reality: Wind turbines are nothing more than climate-change scarecrows. The proliferation of wind turbines over the […]