Rally – Shane Mortimer

Today we can start progressively sharing with you some video footage of the speakers at The National Wind Farm Rally, held at Parliament House, Canberra on June 18, 2013. The first speaker was Shane Mortimer, who as a Ngambri elder, welcomed us to country and performed an Ochre ceremony. He also reads a letter from […]

Angus Taylor aka “The Enforcer”

With his spot in the Big House on the Hill in the bag – and his influence on the main game only a couple of months away – Angus Taylor has already signalled the death knell for wind power in Australia. **** Angus’ appearance at the National Rally has sent the greentards and their Overlords […]

Federal MP Bruce Scott Slams Wind Power

The reverberations from the National Rally continue with Federal MP, Bruce Scott coming out hard against the wind power fraud. STT’s pretty sure that the Great Scott won’t be backing wind power in the next Coalition led Parliament. But we hear that Bruce is a big fan of water – and pretty keen on REALLY […]

An Ill Wind Blows No Good: Murray Hartin

AN ILL WIND BLOWS NO GOOD  The good old Aussie Farmer is without peer and that’s the truth Some might choose to argue but the pudding holds the proof Governments give them nothing except a bit post-flood or drought Squeaky wheels get the attention while the farmer toughs it out More dangerous than the weather, […]

The Rally: We Will Prevail

STT’s Back

STT is back in the chair after barnstorming the Nation’s Capital. In posts to come we’ll document the stories and efforts of the 400 or so that descended on Canberra – coming from Tolga in Far North Queensland, Coopers Gap in Southern QLD; from all over the Tablelands of NSW; a big contingent of Victorians […]

Maurice Newman: wind power a “crime against the people”

A while ago we reported on the moment when Maurice Newman had the courage to point to the elephant in the room: spiralling power prices being driven through the roof by intermittent and unreliable – subsidy fuelled – wind power – driving Australian businesses to the wall. Well, Maurice – former head of Deutsche Bank, […]

Time to kill the RET & scrap the REC

From our recent posts it appears that out of control renewable policy in Britain means it will soon be a case of: “will the last man out please turn off the lights”?  A situation confirmed in the piece below from The Telegraph. Well folks, when you strip back our RET/REC policy – and look at […]

Rally Update: Senator Ron Boswell to speak on the Greatest Fraud in Australian History

STT is delighted to announce that Ron Boswell – Nationals Senator from Queensland – will be speaking at the Rally.  Ron is one of the few who called the “wind power fraud” long before the first turbine went up. He is that rare commodity in Australian politics – someone who puts the true welfare of […]

Who can it be now?

Who can it be knocking at the wind scammers’ door? BIG COAL? CSG? BIG NUKES? The correct answer is – NONE OF THE ABOVE. Over the last few weeks the eco-fascists writing in the lefty-tabloids and on their blogs have been speculating on who runs this clearly evil, insidious and clandestine outfit – STT – […]