Rally Update: Senator Ron Boswell to speak on the Greatest Fraud in Australian History

STT is delighted to announce that Ron Boswell – Nationals Senator from Queensland – will be speaking at the Rally.  Ron is one of the few who called the “wind power fraud” long before the first turbine went up. He is that rare commodity in Australian politics – someone who puts the true welfare of his Countrymen and Women first.


A little while back we re-published this brilliant piece from The Australian, in which Ron points out just how many “real” jobs and businesses we have lost to the insanity of out of control power prices driven to exorbitant heights by the RET/REC policy.

And here’s Ron today on Alan Jone’s Show telling it like it is.

STT is delighted to announce that Ron will be speaking at the Rally.

Let’s bring the Greatest Fraud in Australian history to an end.  See you there, June 18, Parliament House, Canberra.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. If I was starting up a new business, & looking for some people to run it for me, I would be real happy to have Alan, Ron & Alby to run it for me. I would be very confident that the business would be a real success & run at a very nice profit.

    I would not go anywhere near the GREENTARD WEASELS as the business would be DOOMED before it got started, as they would want big hand outs to start of with, & a belly full of wind.

    Good on you ALAN, RON, & ALBY for standing up & saying how it is. Their are LADIES that are standing up also & saying how it is.

    I can’t see how the wind industry can even look like making life better for us, as it will make it unbearable to live anyware near the wind turbines, let alone the cost to the tax payer.

    Looking foward to seeing you all on the 18th.

    • John Howe says:

      We are talking about a wealth transfer in Europe of about 600 billion euros in the last eight years. Subsidies paid to green investors, mainly land owners and very wealthy families who put up large solar panels on their farms or roofs. These 600 billion euros are being paid by ordinary families and small, medium sized businesses to the most privileged members of European society. That is [one of] the biggest wealth transfer in modern Europe for a very, very, long time if not ever.

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