STT’s Back

STT is back in the chair after barnstorming the Nation’s Capital.


In posts to come we’ll document the stories and efforts of the 400 or so that descended on Canberra – coming from Tolga in Far North Queensland, Coopers Gap in Southern QLD; from all over the Tablelands of NSW; a big contingent of Victorians and South Australians; and a contingent from the Golden West.

The AFP estimated a crowd of 700 – but a few sheep cockies – who know how to get the tally of a big mob right – put it at around the 400 mark.  And that count didn’t include a bunch of around 40 Victorians whose plane got diverted to Sydney due to the fog in Canberra and who arrived as the rally was winding up.

We’re told that a new outfit called “act-on-wank” (apparently on the Vestas’ payroll) were on hash or hash-tag or something with similar effect and tweeted a figure of 90 – and the media sucked it up like flies on sheep shit (journos – don’t believe everything on twitter – unless you’re prepared to eat your words later – you’ve been caught before).

sheep sale

I know I’ll get paid for the lot – not a greentard in sight.


As we know numbers aren’t the greentard’s strongest point.  And after that little effort you wouldn’t trust them to sell a mob of your best young ewes or count what you shore for the day – unless of course you were prepared to give 80% of your mob or your tally away.

And the STT crowd weren’t just stepping out of the Climate Change Dept offices for their mung bean and tofu snack-sized-lunches – they burned some serious air-miles and road-miles to get there.  Hats off folks.

Our editing suite is knocking up the video as we speak and we’re putting a photographic record together too.

In the meantime here’s STT Champion, James Delingpole talking about the lead up to the Rally and telling it like it is – as always.

How Big Wind blows away its opponents
The Australian
James Delingpole
18 June 2013

SINCE 2007, household electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40 per cent and by next year are projected to rise by around about 30 per cent. If this bothers you then the place you should be today is Canberra, joining the people’s revolution against what Alby Schultz MP says is the “biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country”.

Schultz was speaking to parliament about Big Wind, an industry so rife with “intimidation, manipulation, lies and cover-up” he believes there’s enough evidence “to justify a royal commission”. So how come, you may be wondering, so many of us have been kept in the dark for so long?

The short answer seems to be that money buys both silence and public ignorance. For just one large-scale wind turbine, a developer can make nearly $500,000 in taxpayer subsidies called Renewable Energy Certificates. Under current government carbon emissions reduction plans, some $50 billion of these RECs are to be issued, every cent of them funnelled out of your pocket and into the (often offshore) bank account of your friendly neighbourhood Big Wind outfit. Meanwhile your energy bills (part of which, by government mandate, must come from “renewables”) skyrocket.

With all this free loot, Big Wind has more than enough money to hide its secrets. It does so in three main ways: first by hiring silver-tongued lobbyists; second with lavish propaganda campaigns ranging from brainwashing programs at schools to misleading claims on their websites about all the wonderful benefits wind farms supposedly bring; third by being able to afford the world’s most expensive lawyers.

I got a taste of what I saw as this legal bullying the last time I wrote about wind farms in The Australian. A stiff, threatening letter swiftly came winging its way from a high end Sydney law firm, followed by a complaint to the Press Council. This complaint was upheld, even though my facts were correct and the supposedly “offensive” phrase came not from me but from a sheep farmer understandably incensed that his little patch of NSW paradise was about to become a Golgotha of bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes.

But I got off quite lightly. Around the world, anyone who dares to take on Big Wind may endure a campaign of smears and character assassination. It’s bad enough in Australia – just ask Sarah Laurie – but even worse in Canada, where a young environmentalist called Esther Wrightman is being sued by a $32bn wind developer called Next Era energy. Why? For creating a website in which she protested against the ugly, noisy 120m-high turbines Next Era planned to erect in her part of Ontario.

At this point some of you may be thinking: “Oh come on. There’s got to be another side to this.” And I would concede that on the surface the case for wind looks quite compelling: it’s “free”; it’s carbon-neutral; it’s eco-friendly; it boosts the economy.

Except when you examine the details you realise that none of these claims stands up.

Being intermittent, unreliable, unpredictable and enormously expensive wind is a very poor substitute for the cheap fossil fuel in which Australia abounds. It doesn’t create real jobs just heavily subsidised Potemkin jobs. (In Britain every wind industry job costs the taxpayer pound stg. 100,000 a year in subsidies.) And that’s before you get on to the terrible health problems that can be caused by the low-frequency noise of those giant whupping blades; and the devastation they cause wildlife, especially bats and birds of prey. Tony Abbott’s business adviser Maurice Newman calls wind farms “an obscene wealth transfer from poor to rich” and a “crime against the people” and wants the renewables target scrapped. He’s dead right, but if anyone has the guts to do it they’re going to face a lot of entrenched resistance from the pollies and big business alike.

The ALP, as I’ve written here before, is heavily involved, not least because of the vast sums of industry super-fund money that have been pumped into it. And if you think Big Wind’s crony capitalists are going to give up without a fight, you clearly don’t know the kind of people you’ll be dealing with. God, I wish I could be there at the barricades with the protesters in Canberra today. If ever a cause was worth fighting for, this is the one.

James Delingpole is the author of Killing the Earth to Save It.
The Australian

Now we have to disagree with the heading of the article – which we assume was the work of a lowly sub-editor at The Australian.  The tense is wrong for a start – and the premise fails to convey the sense of the piece that follows.

Big Wind hasn’t “blown” away its opponents in Australia – and while its tactics are no doubt low down and dirty – they’re up against people like the group that gathered in Canberra – who represent the views of the people who have to pay soaring power bills out of their own pockets.  Unlike the Gen-Y’s from “act-on-wank” that still live with mummy and daddy and haven’t ever had the “pleasure” of carrying the can for the household power bill.

gen y

The greentards from “act-on-wank” can’t see the cracks in their own
arguments. But we guess that’s not what Vestas is paying them for.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Congratulations Rally Organisers on such an inspiring and positive event – it was marvelous to meet so many concerned people sharing a common goal- if only our message was not diluted by the Greens counter-rally in central Canberra on the same day! Talk about being at cross purposes.

  2. bush heritage says:

    Bravo James D and STT

    ‘Eco crucifiix’ is a frighteningly apposite phrase for these ‘green’ industrial machines and the mesmerising effect the girating icons have had on the critical faculties of political elites. Elites who have been willing to sacrifice the rural neighbours of industrial windturbines to an acoustic hell, for their own urban political, financial and eco-religious gain.

    Grand Inquisitors are peddling ‘the green word’ via shiny Danish bicyles and twitter, clasping Big Wind’s complimentary copy of ‘The Windtower’ fables and seeking to convert heathens or burn resistors at the stake. Their star acolyte, Chief Inquisitor of the Green Astroturf Order, Cardinal Milne, will not tolerate ‘lies and misinformation’, except of course, those coming from the grand green eyed donors of Big Wind themselves. She is happy to pour scorn on Coal Seam Gas but is unable to grasp that the same principles of greed, environmental deceit, misinformation and spin apply to Big Wind.

    We look forward to a change of Government to dampen their flame and call their false god of wind to heel. Appropriately funded independent medical and acoustic research is essential, together with a moratorium on wind projects, with a Royal Commission to expose the lies and corruption.

    As James Lovelock a founder of the Green Movement said so well, “We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilization”

  3. Well done STT. The image is indeed Gen Y, or is it the blades of a toy turbine, sticking out of a greentard arse? (the third blade being aligned with the crack underneath).

  4. J Rovensky says:

    Wish I could have been there. Great job everyone. I know who I believe when it comes to numbers. Those I don’t have shown they are incapable of putting two and two together. If they could they would have been standing with you all.

  5. We had a very fruitful day in Canberra, at Parliament house on Tuesday 18. We were able to bring the cost of electricity to
    the incoming Government’s attention (the Coalition). The eldery, the frail and low income earners will not be able to afford the power prices, as wind power costs three times more then coal, and is propped up with tax payer’s money as well. The health problems are another thing, as I saw first hand, how these usless industrial wind turbines are affecting peoples health.

    Alan Jones made the comment if these wind turdines are so good, why aren’t they built in the streets of Sydney where the power is getting used? I say in all cities, not out in the country where our food is grown, and where there is peace and quiet.

    The massive cost of electricity is shutting down a lot of our big business like the Ford Motor Company in Vic, and there will be a lot more of this, if this stupidity goes on for much longer. The workers (union members) should be fighting this wind power nonsense as well, because it will affect them in a big way if this nonsense doesn’t stop soon, it will send the whole country to the wall.

    Germany, Britian and the USA are starting to see the light with the fraud of this wind turbine power, so Australia wake up before it is too late.

  6. Congratulations to all who were there! I’ve been waiting here in Canada to hear news of your experiences that day, and I shall keep an eye on the upcoming articles!

    • Thank you for your comment, hope all industrial wind turbines come to a massive stop before to long.

  7. What a fantastic effort from everyone. Thank you to the organisers, speakers and my fellow Australians impacted by the worst scam since Dick Smith sailed a iceberg up Sydney Harbour. New and old friends, and complete strangers united, standing side by side, brought together by inappropriately sited wind turbines on Tuesday at Canberra. Gave me a huge boost of optimism.

    Unfortunately on arrival home we were met with the news that the DOP have reccomended for approval to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) our Bodangora Wind Facility. This was despite the many flaws, lies and misrepresentations (including expert evidence) that we have uncovered and submitted to the DOP. They were totally disregarded. Basically the DOP agrees with the proponent that there will be no problems of any kind. REALLY!!!
    35 pages of an executive summary that could easily be a pocket guide for the wind industry.

    Would appreciate any help from those of you who may have already been to a PAC or similar in other states to assist us in our continued battle.

    I enjoyed the rally and loved the poem. Will you be posting it on STT?

  8. Neighbourhood Watch says:

    Welcome back STT. Keep up the good humor and incisive analysis, the windies are clearly spooked and getting more desperate. Vestas and their peers axed the facts years ago and deserve to fall in a crumbled heap like the Greens and that turbine at Starfish Hill, and all the other fans that are wearing out and disintegrating around the world.

    Big Wind’s money and spin can never overcome the emerging science and truths, and genuine honest country and rural folk around the world determined that the real story, of a destructive, secretive and toxic industrial neighbour, be told.

  9. Heard some guy from Vesta’s get on the ABC radio in Ballarat on Tuesday, never heard as much BS in my life. Even said that politicians wouldn’t want to associate with the people at the protest – I wonder would that be defamation? Whatever it was, he was clearly a scumbag out for a easy buck.

  10. Jim Hutson says:

    A big thank you to STT. Well done. We were a group of people
    coming together, all effected directly by this enormous scandal
    and all singing to the same tune even though we are scattered all
    around the country. We will “Stop These Things”, although the
    big questions is, which Politicians will have the guts to admit this was all wrong and address the wrongful injustice perpetrated on the wind turbine victims?


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