Tony Edney – Bush Lawyer & Poet

**** Australia has a fine tradition of producing “bush” poets. In days gone by, men like Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson wrote about us in voices that were cracked and dry, with swirling dust and sticky flies. In modern times, we’ve produced lyrical yarn tellers like Murray Hartin. **** At the wind power fraud rally, […]

An Ill Wind Blows No Good: Murray Hartin

AN ILL WIND BLOWS NO GOOD  The good old Aussie Farmer is without peer and that’s the truth Some might choose to argue but the pudding holds the proof Governments give them nothing except a bit post-flood or drought Squeaky wheels get the attention while the farmer toughs it out More dangerous than the weather, […]

The Rally: We Will Prevail

As America goes, so too Australia

If you needed any more reason to stop the Great Wind Power Fraud this is it. *** It all happened while we weren’t paying attention and as a consequence of the “goodness and decency” of ordinary Australians. See you at the Rally on Tuesday, 18 June, Parliament House, Canberra – let’s put this madness to […]

Rally Update: Senator Ron Boswell to speak on the Greatest Fraud in Australian History

STT is delighted to announce that Ron Boswell – Nationals Senator from Queensland – will be speaking at the Rally.  Ron is one of the few who called the “wind power fraud” long before the first turbine went up. He is that rare commodity in Australian politics – someone who puts the true welfare of […]

Rally Update: Alan Moran to Speak on the Economic Fraud of Wind Power

STT is delighted to announce that one of Australia’s leading energy market economists will address the National Rally, June 18, Parliament House, Canberra. Alan has a deep understanding of the failed economics of wind power and STT expects he will play a key role in shaping the Coalition Government’s energy policy come September. Alan Moran […]

The Rally: Details of the Big Day – Tuesday, 18 June 2013

With the big day only a few sleeps away, we thought it time to give a little more detail on what to expect. Thanks to the work of organisers from all over this great Country of ours, we have a huge line up of speakers ready and raring to go – see below. The Rally […]

PRESS RELEASE – The Wind Power Fraud Rally: June 18, 2013, Parliament House, Canberra

PRESS RELEASE: 7 MAY 2013 Wind Power Fraud – Australia Can’t Afford it Power bills have sky-rocketed and are set to double again – and all because of wind power. Wind turbines are going up throughout rural Australia in an effort to satisfy the Federal Government’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target (RET). Every turbine is issued […]