The Guardian Caught Out Pumping Dale Vince’s Bogus Wind Power Propaganda

**** The Guardian (both in its home territory, the UK and in its doppelganger Australian version) is the ecofacists’ megaphone – and is duly lapped up with relish by the intellectual pygmies of the hard-‘green’-left or – as James Delingpole aptly dubbed them; “greentards”. Both here and in the UK, The Guardian has been the […]

Maurice Newman: wind power a “crime against the people”

A while ago we reported on the moment when Maurice Newman had the courage to point to the elephant in the room: spiralling power prices being driven through the roof by intermittent and unreliable – subsidy fuelled – wind power – driving Australian businesses to the wall. Well, Maurice – former head of Deutsche Bank, […]

Champion Turbine-Terror Apologist – The Guardian – executes near perfect backflip

The Guardian is one of those leftie rags – staffed by a solid bunch of eco-fascists and greentards – that normally dishes up precisely what the “chattering classes” love to snack on – along with organically grown chia and other “superfoods”. You know, lots of woolly-headed thinking that never passes the economics “sniff test”. And […]