RET Review Panel Head, Dick Warburton: “the RET should be ended now”

Since the RET Review Panel delivered its coup de grâce to the Australian wind industry, the wind industry and its parasites – and the ABC and Fairfax press that run cover for them – have all tried to put a very different spin on the panel’s recommendations – as to which, see our post here. […]

Matt Warren lets a couple slip past

Keeping wicket takes a keen eye and cool nerves. Read on as Matthew Warren, CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia fails on both counts.  In having a crack at Bruce Dinham – the former ETSA boss we reported on in our last post – Matt takes his eye off the ball and lets […]

The Rally: We Will Prevail

Yankees wake up to the insane costs of the wind power fraud

Late to 2 World Wars (but very much welcomed on its arrival) the United States sometimes takes a little longer to catch on to matters of Global significance. But – like a sleeping elephant – you had best not wake this mighty beast because what happens next could be ugly for the antagonist. The Americans […]

David Cameron states the bleeding obvious

Over the last few weeks STT has thrown a spotlight on the UK – where the people are in uproar about the wind weasels’ lust to profit from a ludicrous stream of taxpayer subsidies. The Brits are clearly fed up with wind power – driving them from their homes, ruining their bucolic landscape and sending […]

Where are Australia’s Journos – asleep or on drugs?

What ever happened to the investigative journos like Chris Masters or Paul Barry? Are our Nation’s scribes all asleep, on drugs, paid up members of the Greens, or patsies for the Clean Energy Council?   Our hacks might like to take a leaf out of the Daily Mail’s Chris Booker’s book. Real journos hop up […]