Another one bites the dust! Golspie a “gonner”

STT likes a good news story and LOVES a GREAT news story – and here’s one.  In proof the end is nigh, the wind weasels behind yet another plan for Tablelands Terror have just pulled the plug on the wind factory they had proposed for Golspie, near Goulburn, NSW. STT takes delight in posting this […]

Time to kill the RET & scrap the REC

From our recent posts it appears that out of control renewable policy in Britain means it will soon be a case of: “will the last man out please turn off the lights”?  A situation confirmed in the piece below from The Telegraph. Well folks, when you strip back our RET/REC policy – and look at […]

Stop flip-flopping on the RET, Greg. Do it. Do it now.

See the article below from the Sydney Morning Herald. Opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt needs to consider the full cost of the RET. If the REC goes to $95, then a 3MW turbine will receive around $1million worth of RECs every year until 2031. The REC subsidy alone will reap the industry $50-60billion over the […]

The biggest government sponsored fraud in the history of our country

“The snouts in the easy money making renewable energy trough are many and varied. “There is an urgent need to eliminate conflicts of interest within our government.  The only reason people are not rioting in the streets about the unjustified increase in their power bills is that they simply have no idea what is going […]