An Ill Wind Blows No Good: Murray Hartin


 The good old Aussie Farmer is without peer and that’s the truth

Some might choose to argue but the pudding holds the proof

Governments give them nothing except a bit post-flood or drought

Squeaky wheels get the attention while the farmer toughs it out


More dangerous than the weather, they battle government decisions

That truly challenge logic, well, except to politicians

The live cattle export ban, what were they thinking there?

Allowing imports willy-nilly, it’s like they just don’t care

Desalination plants, billions down the drain

Just because some boffin said it wouldn’t rain again


They could’ve spent that cash on dams or to farm wet-season water

Give a little hope to the farmers’ sons and daughters

But they don’t know how to budget and they don’t know how to plan

There’s no vision for the future, politics is just a scam

Where you lie to get in power then keep on lying when you do

Hang in for a decade and get a lifelong pension too

Look they aint all rotten apples but geez the stench is hard to cop

And you don’t need a crystal ball to know it starts right at the top

So when they start preaching “Green” you know they’re really talking cash


Forget the carbon footprint, what they’re leaving is a rash

That will mutate to a cancer if they keep bowing down to greed

When it’s plain to everyone that common sense is what we need

If Coal Seam Gas is safe let’s see some guarantees

Otherwise get your poison spikes out of our water table please

Think Exxon Valdez or the Gulf of Mexico

It’s just too big a risk so the poison spikes must go

Bass Strait has still got plenty, there’s lots of gas to go around.

We can’t risk the CSG if the process isn’t sound

Which brings us to the wind farms, Green Power so they say

But it’s just another con job at the back end of the day

A ruse to recoup millions corporations have outlaid

For a dodgy power source that just doesn’t make the grade

You still need a back-up system when the wind gets sick of blowing

Then it’s either gas or coal to keep the system going

So the so-called carbon credits don’t add up to much

But they sell them for a fortune so someone’s getting touched

And sure as hell it’s you and me, our wallets fund the scheme

While the wind turbine brigade they sit back and live the dream


Well, there was no blind eye being turned by Alby Schultz, now here’s a bloke

Who wasn’t being fooled by the mirrors and the smoke

He’s stood with them toe to toe, called them at their game

And when they finally tell the truth they will hang their heads in shame

Government-funded fraud while they masquerade as Green

They can’t survive without the subsidies, this goes way beyond obscene

Ten billion dollars plus is what they’ve promised these pretenders

That’s just in the next five years, you know there’s more on the agenda

All for a thing that doesn’t work, one of the dumbest plans on earth

The power that it generates costs way more than it’s worth

But they’re not just burning dollars, the environment suffers too

There are a heap of bloody things that they’re just not telling you

Those 60m blades, they can’t be broken down

So they’re encased in concrete coffins and buried underground

And you can’t ignore the fact they’re ugly, a blight on every farm

And they lie right to our face and say they don’t do any harm

Well tell that to the birds who get slaughtered every day

eagle 1

Or the bats whose lungs explode from the sound and pressure waves

With the birds all dead or gone, the insects have a ball

Where are the impact studies, were there any done at all

Or were they done by those whose funding comes from government allocations

So they bodgy the results and join in the celebrations

The scientists keep their funding, the pollies get THEIR dirty bucks


And we’re left to hold the baby, well I’m sorry but that sucks

And you can’t ignore Wind Turbine Syndrome, it’s making people sick

Headaches, nausea, tinnitus, these folk aren’t playing tricks

They don’t like seeing doctors, it’s hard to get them in the car

So if farmers say they’re crook well you know they bloody are

And it’s causing splits in families and neighbours having blues

You’ve got the ones who take the cash and you can’t blame them if they do.

A huge boost to pay the mortgage but it’s a decision based on fraud

And sadly they’ll find out the risk far outweighs the reward

See they’re swapping health for wealth and it’s a dangerous game to play

Can’t afford to leave but then they can’t afford to stay

If they do get crook and then get stuffed by farm devaluation

Will the Wind Turbine Brigade offer any compensation

Well we know the answer’s “no”, there’s no way that they care

So we need the people we elected to stand up and do what’s fair

Enough of all the bullshit, stop treating us like fools

We watch you prostitute yourselves to let people break the rules

Well the line has now been drawn, this is it, no ifs or buts

Put all the spin away, it’s time to show some guts

Throw your hands up in the air and admit that you’ve been wrong

All the crap we’ve had to wear has gone on way too long

So lets stop all the subterfuge, wind turbines are a farce

Giant bloody fire-traps, huge pains in the ass


Killing birds and killing bats, making people ill,

Humungous ugly money pits and we’re left to pay the bill

We’ve laid the facts out on the table, if we’re wrong then show us how

And when you own up to the truth then the time to act is now

Reclaim your integrity, stand up and join the fight

Look into your hearts and just do what’s bloody right

Nothing’s set in stone, you know it’s not too late

Front the turbine people and just say “it’s over, mate”

The dollars just aren’t worth it, that’s the way it’s always been

Because these wind farms they ain’t pretty and they sure ain’t bloody green

Murray Hartin

June 18, 2013


Murray Hartin – Bush Poet

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jim Hutson says:

    Bulls Eye.

  2. Shelley McDonald says:

    I have been waiting for this poem
    About the wind that is not blowin’
    About the stupidity of some
    Who hold that spoken gun.
    But I think we’re in the race,
    To stop this green disgrace.

    You are a legend Murray.

  3. Bruce, wind weasels don’t have a heart……remember.
    Thank you Murray Hartin – what a talent, brilliant.

    • I get your point, but one hopes that they would have a heart some where, may be I’m pulling at straws.

  4. That says it as it is..well put Muz!

  5. Murray Hartin, you are spot on mate, it was great hearing your poem at the rally on Tuesday 18.

    I hope some of the greentards & wind weasels get this poem into their hearts, so they start to realise what is said in the poem, is happening to real people, who are suffering from the noisy wind turbines.

    I think a lot of people would love it, if you could recite it on CD or some other device, please.

  6. Hats off to Murray – brilliant work!


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