Colleen Watts – STT Champion – drops Tony Abbott a line

Open Letter to Prime Minister Abbott Dr Colleen Watts OAM 17 November 2013 Dear Mr. Abbott, I write concerning the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and its concomitant lovechild, the Renewable Energy Certificate. The argument for the existence, let alone the promotion, of industrial wind turbines as the panacea for “clean and green” energy production is […]

Gone With the Wind

**** Gone with the wind farm Australian Financial Review Paul Comrie-Thomson 4 October 2013 One thousand new wind turbines a week or 52,000 a year would be needed just to keep pace with India and China’s coal burn. So, where to now in the climate debate? Dieter Helm, CBE, is eminently qualified to write about […]

Delingpole On Fire: Exposes $Billions Spent on Diesel Generators for Wind Power Backup

**** STT is always ready to make way for the “Great Scribes”. We count James Delingpole as among them and – as an anti-wind fraud warrior without equal – someone that will rest comfortably in Valhalla. Not that he’s going anywhere anytime soon – save unless it involves kicking the living crap out of wind […]

When does 58.7% become 60%? When $100million per year in RECs is up for grabs

Not content with rigging the vote on whether King Islanders would have to endure the torture of a “feasibility” study, Hydro Tasmania has rubbed out the number they got – and pencilled in the result they were after. As to the idea of “feasibility” – STT puts a couple of posers: since when is paying […]

Matt Warren lets a couple slip past

Keeping wicket takes a keen eye and cool nerves. Read on as Matthew Warren, CEO of the Energy Supply Association of Australia fails on both counts.  In having a crack at Bruce Dinham – the former ETSA boss we reported on in our last post – Matt takes his eye off the ball and lets […]

It’s only a RORT if you’re not in on it

**** South Aussies aren’t well served when it comes to media scribes.  The Advertiser was once a mighty broad-sheet, but these days it’s a struggling down market tabloid that – as a source of news – makes for a pretty decent fish and chip wrapper. But – slowly – the journos there are waking up […]

UK wind power “jobs” a “snip” at £100,000 a piece

Wind power has failed to deliver what it promised The Telegraph 16 June 2013 The wind-power industry is expensive, passes costs on to the consumer and does not create many jobs in return. Today, The Sunday Telegraph reveals how many “green jobs” the wind-power industry really generates in exchange for its generous subsidies.  The figures […]

Punters – who kills the wind power fraud first: the UK, Germany or Australia?

STT will be talking shortly to Australian online betting guru – young Tommy Waterhouse – about starting a book with odds on which Country will drive the final stake into the great wind power fraud first. STT tips the trifecta line-up as being Australia, Germany and the UK.  But we can’t work out who is […]

The Rally: We Will Prevail

Maurice Newman: wind power a “crime against the people”

A while ago we reported on the moment when Maurice Newman had the courage to point to the elephant in the room: spiralling power prices being driven through the roof by intermittent and unreliable – subsidy fuelled – wind power – driving Australian businesses to the wall. Well, Maurice – former head of Deutsche Bank, […]