The Kelly Gang takes on a Muppet Motion

There seems to be a habit among the green-left of asking questions not knowing what answer to expect. A little while back we reported on the monumental “own goal” scored by Vic Green Greg Barber when his series of Dorothy Dixers ended with Planning Minister Matt Guy confirming that Acciona’s Waubra operation has been operating […]

Angus Taylor aka “The Enforcer”

With his spot in the Big House on the Hill in the bag – and his influence on the main game only a couple of months away – Angus Taylor has already signalled the death knell for wind power in Australia. **** Angus’ appearance at the National Rally has sent the greentards and their Overlords […]

Federal MP Bruce Scott Slams Wind Power

The reverberations from the National Rally continue with Federal MP, Bruce Scott coming out hard against the wind power fraud. STT’s pretty sure that the Great Scott won’t be backing wind power in the next Coalition led Parliament. But we hear that Bruce is a big fan of water – and pretty keen on REALLY […]

STT’s Back

STT is back in the chair after barnstorming the Nation’s Capital. In posts to come we’ll document the stories and efforts of the 400 or so that descended on Canberra – coming from Tolga in Far North Queensland, Coopers Gap in Southern QLD; from all over the Tablelands of NSW; a big contingent of Victorians […]

There’s always time for a nice cup of tea

As a Wilde young London lad named Oscar once quipped: “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” STT is happy to know we’re being “talked” about. Not least by that struggling lefty-rag, The Age. Libs defy party on wind farms The Age Chris Johnson 26 May 2013 Outspoken Liberal […]

Rally Update: Alan Moran to Speak on the Economic Fraud of Wind Power

STT is delighted to announce that one of Australia’s leading energy market economists will address the National Rally, June 18, Parliament House, Canberra. Alan has a deep understanding of the failed economics of wind power and STT expects he will play a key role in shaping the Coalition Government’s energy policy come September. Alan Moran […]