Faulty Turbines Sending Siemen’s Wind Power Division Broke as Samsung Cuts & Runs from Europe

**** German fan maker, Siemens has been running a huge propaganda campaign in South Australia over the last couple of weeks, surrounding the opening of the extension of the Snowtown wind farm – wheeling in Australia’s 2011 Tour de France winner, Cadel Evans as their pet-pedal-powered mascot. And its highly paid wind farm ambassador, Tim […]

John Cowl MD – comments on “Global Warming”

**** Now and again we receive a comment that’s worthy of a front row seat.  John Cowl MD, who we assume to be an American, swung in on our post: Donna Laframboise: “Global Warming” – The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Pt 1 with this well considered piece.  STT thought it worthy of an “uplift”. John […]

Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down …

**** Taking the wind power fraud to new lows in hypocrisy, pointlessness and infantile stupidity, it seems that every shark in the pond is ready to cash in when the wind stops blowing. STT has covered the consequences of wind power going AWOL over 100 times each year – as peaking power plants jump into […]

An Ill Wind Blows No Good: Murray Hartin

AN ILL WIND BLOWS NO GOOD  The good old Aussie Farmer is without peer and that’s the truth Some might choose to argue but the pudding holds the proof Governments give them nothing except a bit post-flood or drought Squeaky wheels get the attention while the farmer toughs it out More dangerous than the weather, […]

Victims: Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson

STT would like to introduce you to Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson who live near Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, or Industrial Wind Factory as Rikki prefers to call it. It was only when they went and returned holidays that they realised that their annoying symptoms were related to being at their home. They […]

Tim Flannery derides wind farm sickness

The following article appeared in The Australian today. What is not mentioned is that Flannery is on the payroll of at least two major wind organisations. He is on the sustainability board of Siemens, a turbine manufacturer. He also undertakes a similar role for the Indian company, Tata, a major wind farm operator. Additionally he […]

The heartbreak of Waterloo

James Delingpole is an English writer, broadcaster and columnist for The Telegraph in the UK. He is the author of several books, including Watermelons: How Environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future. His recent tour of Australia attracted large audiences. We reproduce his May 3, 2012, piece for The […]