Fighting the Great Wind Power Fraud? You’re Not Alone

Hard to think it’s only been a Year since we took the fight to Canberra. On 18 June 2013, 364 pro-farming and pro-rural community representatives – from Tolga in Far North Queensland, Coopers Gap in Southern QLD; from all over the Tablelands of NSW; a big contingent of Victorians and South Australians; and a contingent […]

When does 58.7% become 60%? When $100million per year in RECs is up for grabs

Not content with rigging the vote on whether King Islanders would have to endure the torture of a “feasibility” study, Hydro Tasmania has rubbed out the number they got – and pencilled in the result they were after. As to the idea of “feasibility” – STT puts a couple of posers: since when is paying […]

Blacksmith from Ballarat closes in on the Great REC Fraud

STT has been following, with some interest, Victorian Senator, John Madigan’s effort to prosecute one of the greatest frauds in Australian corporate history. The New South Welshmen are all excited about the $70 mill or so that the Obeid clan pocketed in the Hunter – the subject of the Ipp Inquiry. Well, the Spanish Swindlers […]

Who can it be now?

Who can it be knocking at the wind scammers’ door? BIG COAL? CSG? BIG NUKES? The correct answer is – NONE OF THE ABOVE. Over the last few weeks the eco-fascists writing in the lefty-tabloids and on their blogs have been speculating on who runs this clearly evil, insidious and clandestine outfit – STT – […]

The Devil went down to King Island and he was looking to make a deal

So King Islanders – ready to sell your Souls?  Be warned – this time, the Devil ain’t got no fiddle of gold to trade – only a generation of misery. STT has already reported on the King Island “cash for votes scandal” and looked at the other deceptive methods used by Tasmanian Hydro to bring […]

Chinese move in to snap up King Island as a handy little turbine anchor

For little more than 30 pieces of silver, wind farm Judas Iscariot, Hydro Tasmania is all set to cash in by flogging Bass Strait’s jewel, King Island to its Chinese Overlords. The Hydro steamroller Tasmanian Times Donald Graham* 20 May 2013 Hydro Tasmania has called for the EPA in Hobart to back-up the King Island […]

Money talks – Hydro Tasmania caught out in “cash for votes” scandal on King Island

Why let democracy run its course, when a little “grease” can get the result you want? Stock and Land reports on the latest windfarm developer skullduggery on King Island, which left STT struggling with the poser: when is a bribe, not a bribe? Hydro ‘funds for votes’ accusation Stock & Land Shannon Twomey 24 May […]