Wind Power Fraud

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STT is the site that the wind industry and its parasites just love to hate.

STT has been giving the beleaguered wind industry and its dwindling band of parasites and spruikers hell, since we kicked into action on 26 December 2012.

Since then, we’ve clocked over 5 million views and given our loyal readers over 3,300 posts – which spell out – in clear and simple terms – the economic and environmental nonsense that is wind power – and the harm these things cause to communities all around the world.

And, we keep picking up dedicated followers – over 30,000 so far, from all corners of the globe, including a bunch of canny Scots, Canadians, Americans, English, Welsh, Irish, Cornish, Danes, Germans, Greeks and plenty from Downunder.

We’ve gone back through the archive and put together a veritable Smörgåsbord – just perfect for sharing – with links to some of our more important posts, on a variety of topics. Once you’ve had a snack, don’t forget to invite friends, family, politicians, council members and journalists to the feast of information laid out in bite-sized-morsels below; just send them the link to this post – or anything from the menu that takes your fancy.

Whether you’re here in Australia, Canada, the US, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany – future energy policy depends on you. Now is the hour. Get angry and make some political noise – who knows, they might even listen.

We’re not here to debate the wind industry – we’re here to destroy it.

Whatever “social licence” the wind industry might have had disappeared long ago. Rural communities around the world are fighting back to protect themselves, their farms, their businesses and their families: the sense of seething rage is palpable from rural communities in Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada, the US and Europe.

The endless lies tossed up by the wind industry and its parasites just don’t wash anymore: these days, people are switched on to the fraud; and angry for having been taken for gullible country bumpkins.

Once reasonable people are introduced to the facts about the insane costs of intermittent and unreliable wind power they cease to support it.

When they learn of the senseless slaughter of millions of birds and bats, and the tragic suffering these things cause to hard working rural people, reasonable people start to bristle.

But when they learn that – contrary to the ONLY “justification” for the $billions filched from power consumer and taxpayers and directed as perpetual subsidies to wind power outfits – wind power INCREASES CO2 emissions in the electricity sector – rather than decreasing them, as claimed – their attitude stiffens to the point of hostility to those behind the fraud and those hell-bent on sustaining it.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it.  But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter.  Funny about that.

Present the facts to reasonable people – and they’ll want to know how the scam got started in the first place and why it hasn’t been stopped in its tracks already?

So why not start with this tasty selection from our archive? It’s just made for sharing.


Wind Power Subsidies & Increasing Power Prices

Australia’s Large-Scale RET Debacle

The Wind Industry as a monumental ‘Ponzi’ scheme

Intermittent & Unreliable Wind Power

Noise, Sleep & Health Impacts

Wind Industry Lies, Corruption & Deceit (or just another day at the office)

Communities Fighting Back

Plummeting Property Values

Environmental Harm

Turbine Dangers: Bushfires, Exploding Turbines, Flying Blades & Risks for Aircraft

REAL (ie “On-Demand”) CO2 Free Alternatives

STT went about this work for our Country – not for any reward – save knowing that we will help spare thousands from the misery of living with incessant, turbine generated low-frequency noise and vibration – as well as helping to obtain an energy policy that works FOR Australia – not AGAINST us – as the current policy clearly is.

Thanks for your support – together – we will win this.


17 thoughts on “Wind Power Fraud

  1. I worked for a GE company called FieldCore.

    Due to GE transitioning to 3 different companies (GE Vernova, Aviation & Healthcare) all us wind techs (some 384 of us) were fired in March. Fast forward to May 12th 2023, just got word that GE fired some 1600 wind techs because GE just wasn’t “making any money”.

    I kinda knew it was a scam. So much for being “green” (which it isnt).

  2. Wind,solar,tydel, are socialist enegy forms it is there way of thinking, if it moves we can take energy from it, not able to think
    if that energy is needed at that moment, and how they say
    a good stolen idea is better than we have now, yes the same how Chinese thinking, bud as you know wind mills are not a Dutch
    innovation bud are used with a special purpose , and that purpose were not electricity bud pumping water and grain milling.
    mass histeria from lefts made this big to one person no one would
    listening, i am that one person that atacks the lefts and there way
    with thinking bud like a old donkey they hit the stone again and again, the most important rule is not how do i build sommething
    to generate electricity,no we have that for almost 200 years
    and that is used world wide three phase power something
    you can not change any more so they have to ajust to this power.
    they are able to make a competition in cost only because there
    left governments are not able to think bud great in spending
    taxpayers money to every univercity that have a wind or solar
    idea, and it dont matter, UK, USA, Australia or DUTCH and Gemany, all the same donkey hitting the same rock,.
    Energy efficiency that is making the real change, the innovation
    is there giving a energy efficiency factor from 2,31 with no
    polution from land air or water, my last question were to a test
    center who is stopping innovation the EU in Brussel/wind and solar, industry? you know there are many test centers and they do test for this Bull industry and till now the refuse a test from
    three phase electricity, no they thinking as socialist left
    there fame that counts not the taxpayer, sure i have tested
    my innovation and have send many the calculation how it is working and that is not the problem they admit, so the calculation
    is good and have the product to give a demonstration they still
    finding exuses for not believing it, the only thing i can say
    dont believe me bud do the mesuring on a demonstration then
    you dont have to believe bud knows it, so tell me are they scared
    for this Dutch idiot, yep it must be that because they all crying
    for energy innovation and efficiency every day.
    Best regards,Henk

  3. A few days ago the SMH had this item:
    With your huge collection of information, at least about the impossibility of relying on wind farms for base load power, would you consider and put together a submission to the NSW government inquiry that the state has to have reliable coal-fired power for decades to come? This is very pertinent when Victoria and South Australia think that they will be able to hook into NSW when their stupid policies leave themselves short!

    1. Meant to say that we are urging people to open the URL and sign the petition to let Anheuser-Busch InBev know what they think of the company’s wind turbine policy, and the virtue signaling in its upcoming Super Bowl ad in the US. Since this is a multinational company with headquarters in Belgium, we would love to have folks around the world join us. Thanks!!!!

  4. Here is what happened in Ontario under the so-called Green Energy Act….

    Why Ontario’s Green Energy Act was a total disaster

    Duane Sharp

    The infamous Green Energy Act (GEA) was introduced in the Ontario legislature by the former Liberal government in 2009, with the objective to grow the province’s solar and wind energy supply, and replace coal-fired plants. The result was an energy policy disaster, which will take years to correct.
    In a hind-sight review of the Act and its effect on the citizens of Ontario, the impact of this folly which was foisted on the Province by the former government, has become clear.
    The GEA is largely responsible for Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity prices, and Ontario consumers, both business and residential, are paying outrageously high prices for green energy the Province didn’t need. The Liberal government used the Act to force municipalities to accept renewables with no recourse or objection, ostensibly to replace four coal-fired plants, which was actually done using nuclear power and natural gas.
    Renewables provided partial, intermittent replacement of the electrical energy generated by the coal-fired plants, however, wind turbines provided no more than six to eight percent of the province’s total energy requirement between 2010 and 2015, according to figures reported by the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator). This small contribution to the Province’s energy requirement was achieved at a significant cost to consumers of electricity. Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk reported in 2016 that Ontario electricity consumers had overpaid $9.2 billion for green energy, because the Liberals ignored the advice of their own experts on how to price it.
    Unfortunately, Ontario does not offer the topography or steady winds, except in a few locations, to reliably supplement an energy system supplied primarily by nuclear and hydro power, and the more than 7000 wind turbines across the Ontario landscape, often sit idle and require backup by natural gas power generation.
    Mythical increases in employment forecast by the Liberals to justify the continued emphasis on renewables, which had begun under McGuinty in 2003, turned out to be just that – mythical.
    The fact is that renewables do not provide long-term job benefits. Once the wind turbines and solar panels are built and installed, there are only maintenance jobs left, unless the demand for renewables continues to increase, but then there are only so many wind turbines or solar panels which can be integrated into the electricity grid.
    The myth of increased employment which renewables are purported to bring to an economy has been borne out in Europe, which has seen an up and down movement in the renewable sector over the past few years, with an upsurge of employment and strong interest in subsidized renewables in 2012, followed by significant reductions in employment in this sector in 2018, when government subsidies began to disappear and companies providing wind turbines and solar panels saw reduced employment. Reduced government subsidization of renewable energy projects resulted in close to

    100,000 job losses in 2017 and 2018 in Germany alone, for example, at large operations, like GE, a major global player in the renewables sector. In Ontario, jobs the Liberals promised under the GEA never materialized, according to former Ontario auditor general Jim McCarter’s 2011 annual report.
    The GEA made Ontario’s energy grid less efficient because it required the province to buy expensive and unreliable wind and solar power from green energy developers under 20-year contracts, before purchasing other forms of energy.
    Critics of the Act have said it resulted in an increase in electricity costs, an obvious fact for consumers of electricity, which also saw the province overpay for power it did not need. Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton recently noted that repealing the law will ensure that municipalities regain planning authority over renewable projects, something that was removed under the act. A number of municipalities and private citizen’s groups filed lawsuits against the government, over issues of wind turbine setbacks, noise, health concerns and water contamination.
    “They didn’t want these wind and solar farms,” McNaughton said. “The people of Ontario should always have the final say on what gets built in their communities.”
    The government said that future renewable energy projects must first demonstrate need for the electricity they generate before being granted approval, a policy which the previous Liberal government could have implemented but did not, in its unwarranted haste to develop renewable energy.
    Prior to the cancellation of the GEA, the government announced it was cancelling 758 renewable energy contracts in an effort to reduce electricity bills in the province. Energy Minister Greg Rickford said the move would save provincial ratepayers $790 million.
    Environmental advocacy groups and opposition parties said eliminating the Green Energy Act is largely symbolic since the contracts were already ripped up, however, opinions that this move would discourage those in the green energy industry, costing the province significant investments and jobs without lowering electricity bills, are purely speculative.
    Greenpeace Canada said that while the act was known principally as a way of procuring renewable energy, it was included in a number of other progressive environmental policies, which the organization speculates will also be lost.
    Will these policies be rolled back or modified? That remains to be seen, however, the PC government recently announced its environmental program, one which observers hope will be a much more rationale and sensible one than the Liberal Green Energy Act, and that will empower citizens and communities to engage in meaningful ways to manage climate change.
    It is highly unlikely that the PCs will revert to the 1990s on environmental policy, an unsubstantiated accusation made by Greenpeace, an anti-energy organization whose best effort at combatting pipelines has been to hang from a B.C. bridge to stall B.C tanker freight!
    By scrapping the Green Energy Act, passed by former Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty in 2009, the PCs have ended one of the worst legislative disasters ever inflicted on the people of Ontario.

  5. Why use Thermal Power Instead of Solar or wind.

    Finally the people of Australia are being forced to realised that Man-made climate change is the World’s biggest scam costing many lives, billions of dollars and crippling or destroying, what should have been successful industries and companies.
    The Green agenda of removing coal fired power stations and coal production from Australia has resulted in the closure and destruction of thirteen totally reliable and efficient power generating units. They brought this about by influencing naïve, gullible and incapable of logical thought- State and Federal Governments who danced to their tune to keep the Green votes.
    The federal governments introduced the renewable Energy Tax and proceeded to give massive subsidies to wind, solar energy placing billions of dollars in the pockets of overseas Asian and Arab investors. The power retailers are FORCED to buy at least 25% renewable energy irrespective of the cost.
    Because of the subsidies and renewable energy tax, coal fired power stations were immediately placed behind the eight ball even though they generate far more power much cheaper and consistently.
    The result is our power industries are now sitting on a knife’s edge and close to going over the cliff. In peak summertime there is NO spinning reserve (back up available load) and at times insufficient power to meet demands. This will only get worse in the near future moving into more and more blackouts, until we can create new reliable, cheap energy that can only be supplied from either coal, gas or nuclear power stations.
    The ridiculous antics of the carpetbagger Malcolm Turnbull to supposedly build Snowy Hydro 2 is typically naïve and stupid. It is storing power already generated (minus 25%) not creating it. The cost of this project would build a major thermal power station suppling endless power.
    South Australia is a prime example of renewable energy stupidity where they brag about being the renewable energy state as they suck on the teat of Victoria’s power, use small expensive (polluting) diesel generators and are desperately building an interconnector to N.S.W.
    At peak demand they have the dearest power in the World and are the laughing stock of the World.
    But in spite of the Greens efforts our coal industries has survived and is now thriving with record production and excellent prices in the range of $120 per tonne. This after a drought of seven years will slowly bring back jobs, prosperity and billions of dollars in coal levies.
    The Greens have tried to deny all Australians this success and prosperity with their actions, lies, false accusation and statements.
    Adani Mine is a prime example where the Greens insist it will destroy the barrier reef.
    A concoction of lies and absolute rubbish. Adani mine is located some 250 kilometres from the sea. The coal is exactly the same as any other coal and will be shipped on coal wagons- just like our existing mines.
    It will be taken to Abbotts point coal loading facility- just like our existing coal mines.
    Transferred on Conveyors to the awaiting ships- just like our existing coal mines.
    Transported by these ships to Asia (or elsewhere) -Just like our existing coal mines.
    At no time does the coal even touch salt water, yet the Greens would destroy a very profitable industry for Australia and destroy the employment of many Australians.
    The Greens are now in panic mode as they see their efforts have failed and will say and do anything to stop it, irrespective of the damage and consequences to Australia.
    Renewable (climate change) energy Green groups are popping up everywhere like weeds in a garden. You get rid of one and another George Soris supported weed pops up somewhere else.
    The letters to the editor flood in to all the media in an effort to influence people- but the people have finally woken up and no longer believe their lies from these self-appointed experts, most who don’t have a clue and falsify figures to suit their agenda.
    Tom Bradbury is a prime example where he states in his letter to the editor (RMB Sat.15/09/18) in response to Clive Palmer offering to build a 700 Megawatts power station; and I quote below;
    Clive Palmer station costing $1.5 billion to build and would employ 90 people during operation. Aldonga solar farm would be 265 Megawatts and cost $500 million with 10 operators. Rodds Bay would be 300 Megawatts and cost $300 million dollars. Using 1 Megawatt as the comparison unit we get the following; Rodds bay cost$1 million per Mw to build. Aldonga cost $1.89 million per Megawatt to build and requires .02 operators per MW. Clive’s station cost$2.14 million per MW to build and needs.0129 operators per MW. 6.5 times Aldonga’s.
    Clive’s station will require coal, water and deal with the resultant ash. For the life of the station. Any new coal fired power station should be compelled to have carbon capture and storage to keep CO2 emission to a manageable level. This would increase the building costs and this system could take up to 25%of the station’s output dropping the power to about 525 MWs.
    Building a coal fired power station does not appear to be financially logical.
    This should be used as an example of how the Greens distort the facts and twist it with little factual truth, if any.
    First; he just failed to mention that solar farms only work when the sun is out and even then only from between 9 till 4 for max generation. (Any solar panel owner can show you this). Solar farms the World over have a power generation performance of less than 30% of rated capacity. In many cases less, depending on location.
    That means the average output for these farms would be 79.5 MWs and 90Mws respectively of unreliable, inconsistent power that could vary from maximum output to zero with the flash of a raincloud.
    The average output from these two farms would be 169.5 MWs, sometimes full output, sometimes ZERO. This is completely unacceptable in a power supply that MUST be consistent in voltage, frequency and meeting the EXACT power demand of the grid system.
    Secondly; Solar energy at the moment receive a massive subsidy of $214 per Megawatt. Remove that and the cost of solar goes through the roof. Remove that and the cost is very different. Wind subsidy is $74 per MW and they are also failing.
    Thirdly; Power generation from a thermal power station is 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and if required at maximum load. It is consistent, reliable and maintains system load and frequency accurately AND supplies load as required.
    Fourthly; Operation and maintenance staff of a thermal power station is a very low percentage of generation costs, in the realm of less than 1.5%. So labor cost comparison is totally irrelevant for the power produced.
    Also the cost to build a 4x 660MW power station would be about $2 billion, so I doubt that one unit would cost $1.5 billion. It is also much cheaper to build 4 units than one unit- cost per unit. Clive would be wise to build a minimum of 2 preferably four and supply the grid. He would then be able to control the price of electricity and force the pirates to reduce their prices.
    Fifth; Carbon capture is a proven total failure from tests at Biloela power station where it required 40% of total power to pump it underground. From where, at some time it would gradually leak back up again. Thermal power stations do not require such ridiculous gimmickry and over 1600 new coal fired power stations being built throughout the World. None of which have such a power wasting useless addition, that is totally unnecessary.
    In spite of what the Greens ‘parrot’, power transmission cost is less than 1.5% of total load. So distance is of minor importance.
    Finally Tom Bradbury questioned why Clive Palmer would build a 700 Megawatt power Station when the country is desperately short of electrical energy. Whether the power is supplied to a mine or anything else it still comes out of the total power demand. If he did NOT build his own it would be coming out of a power system that is desperately short of RELIABLE and CONSISTENT power of which Clive Palmer has offered to support by generating his own power.
    Finally, Queensland is one of the few states to resist the destruction, selling or giving away (as in Liddell Power station in NSW) their thermal power stations and as such they are independently more secure and stable.
    Terence Cardwell

  6. In my country Spain, the economy has been ruined by the implementation of renewables. Once a reasonable competitive industrial economy is now ruined with the only jobs for the youngsters as waiters with very low salaries.

    Once we had a powerful coal industry with highly paid jobs. Now all factories are looking to run and close the same around EU. An alliance of socialist politicians, media and canny investors looking for subsidies are looking to kill or prohibit the coal, oil, gas and car manufacturing industries.

    The electricity tariff is one of the highest in the world and our unemployment is also the highest in the OECD. Taxes continue to rise to subsidize renewables and also the electricity tariffs for industries as other ways the would have to close tomorrow. Industries have to agree on mandatory cuts to supply, exarcerbaiting their desire to close down.

    This alliance of environmentalist, politicians, media and susbsidies is ver powerful unfortunately. They are looking to prohibit now oil exploration, nuclear energy and any possible competition.

    Uninformed citizens buy the argument when they receive continuous press bombard of the effect on climate change and the end of the world. We are certainly on a route of a big economic disaster in Europe for the benefit of a few.

    You are very brave to describe this great fraud of renewable energy and climate change

  7. I am a Retired Electrical Diagnostic Engineer from Taupo NZ Right at this moment i have laid a Claim against the New Prime Minister Jacind Ardern and her Government in the Rotorua Civil High Court.
    I am requesting that she Shut Down all our Wind Farms.
    Primarily, because they do not produce 50 Hz Sinusoidal Frequency Power.
    All Wind Farms can only ever produce a Capacitive Leading Harmonic Power Factor Energy Source known as Dirty Power which is a Mixture of Asynchronous power being Mixed with Synchronous Power.
    Not one Wind Farmed Turbine has ever produced a Legal Unit of Power for the Last Thirty Years.
    In Fact if you were able to connect all of the Output terminals of the 531,000 Wind Turbines together around the world onto One Solitary 3 Phase Cable terminated with a One Killowatt Jug filled with Water, that water would never ever Boil.
    All Wind Farm Turbines are Basisically a Three Phase Motor,and as such they have no Governor System to Ramp the Frequency up and Down ,Likewise with the Excitation Sustem to supply any reliable Voltage variations
    Hence Technically they are Completely useless and is Part of the Largest Scam and Corruption Operating in the World at the Moment
    I will be succesful in my claim in the end, because like you in Australia, none of our Grid System Controllers such as Trans Power in NZ had any of their Wind Farm Revenue Meters fitted with 50HZ 1+-% Band Pass Filters Fitted which would have discriminated between th Asynchronous Dirty Power and The Good Synchronous 50Hz Power from all inputs from Wind Farms.
    Every Consumer in Australia and NZ have been paying for energy that none of their Manufactured Appliances were ever designed for.
    I am Happy for you to use my name as it will be in the Public Arena and will ceate the Largest Energy Upheaval the World will ever Experience.
    Bill Harding
    27 Shera Street
    Acacia Bay

  8. May I ask a question?

    I am from the UK and now living in south Australia. UK wind farm owner operators struck a secret deal with the British Government where, should turbines not be able to run due to bad weather they would be paid compensation on a daily basis amounting to thousands of British pounds – have the Australian companies done the same thing with the Australian government?

      1. Unfortunately I wouldn’t bet on it not being active in the future under the Trans Pacific Partnership.
        There is already some scope for compensation if expected profits are not met.

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