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monsters inc

When I get home from work …….
I devote myself to protecting my own family.


STT gets lots of mail from communities set upon by the highly paid goons hired by wind weasels – the theme is universal and it ain’t positive.

These boys – yes they’re mostly boys (figuratively and literally – in an intellectual sense) – have a sense of confidence that is hardly ever justified by experience or qualifications. Marketing Degrees go hand in glove with these spin doctoring spivs.  They’re not from farming backgrounds – so haven’t got a clue about agriculture – or the pressures that farmers face – and care even less.

In the absence of the wind scam they would be busy flogging Life Insurance to people that don’t want it or need it; or Time-Share apartments on the Gold Coast.

In the main – these operators can run rings around isolated, trusting and (often) uneducated rural people.  “Shooting fish in a barrel” stuff.

Till recently they’ve had it all their own way.  Lies and deception work a treat if your audience is a 60 something farmer’s wife living on an isolated property and of the class that accepts people at face value.  The targets come from places where people (who want to function and remain in these communities) just don’t lie.  So they can’t pick it when the wind weasels drop in for that one-on-one chat over a cuppa and start lying before the scones are popped on the table.

These are the private consultations where the unwitting victim is told that: “no, wind turbines aren’t noisy – they make the same noise as a fridge at 500m.” They’re told that: “our proposed wind farm will meet the toughest noise standards in the world“; that: “the only people that complain are those that aren’t getting paid“; that: “modern wind turbines don’t produce infrasound“; that: “the NHMRC said that the evidence proves that there are no adverse health effects from wind turbines”.  And so on and so on ….

They tell these – and a litany of other lies – with a straight face to isolated, trusting people who have no idea – and they do it with a manner befitting the American TV Evangelists of the 80s.

They will almost never front up to a meeting organised by “hostiles” – groups that are aware of what is really going on.  No – it’s either one-on-one in your home or at tightly controlled “consultations” set up by the developer. You know – the ones where the prospective turbine hosts literally beat up the opposition (as happened at the meeting run by CERES on Yorke Peninsula, SA) to prevent the wind weasel’s “message” being spoiled by pesky questions from people who get the fact that the whole thing is a fraud of the highest order.

When “community outrage” gets “out of control” headquarters can always call in “Futureye“.

Well – STT puts out a Pepsi challenge to anyone of them that watches the video below.  It’s a promo for an upcoming documentary from the US that tells the tragic tale of the community at Fairhaven, Massachusetts – suffering the effects of a so-called “community” wind farm.

We defy anyone possessed with a modicum of human decency and compassion to dismiss, discount, diminish, undermine, challenge, limit, qualify, explain, excuse or otherwise spin away the heart wrenching stories laid out by these victims.

In this Country we’ve sunk to the lowest of the low – with so-called academics not just ready to dismiss identical accounts as these – but then to go on and RIDICULE the unfortunates – not just privately – but using a pliant, biased media to do so.  Academics who have never carried out any relevant field research – and who haven’t even got the guts to meet the victims – cowardice doesn’t cover it.  The conduct of these people – who occupy well-paid seats of learning – is a National DISGRACE – and calls into question whether academic institutions should be publicly funded at all.

If you watch this and fail to be moved you are either an object of pity or a candidate for a lunatic asylum.  If you do not experience an overwhelming sense of compassion after watching this – GET HELP NOW.

And any of you boys working for wind weasels – next time you’re telling isolated and vulnerable country people that turbines aren’t noisy and don’t cause adverse health effects such as sleep disturbance – remember what you see in this.  Sleep well.  These victims can’t.  And nor will yours.



For the complete documentary see our post here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I am so tired of these self-proclaimed intellectuals constantly berating the suffering, and those who want to help them. They just keep spewing out the same old stuff about proof, but never ever offering fully independent research into all aspects of these IWT’s stating that it is impossible for human beings to become ill from living near IWT’s.
    They play with peoples lives as if they are nothing but a hiccup to money rushing into their pockets.
    They’re so upset that their plans have been thwarted and cannot understand how it happened.
    Guess what, it happened because truth lightens the ‘heart’ and rises to the surface, where lies are like magnets, attracting rubbish and weighing heavy, gradually sinking to the bottom.
    In the face of truth, these people become like broken records repeating the same old same old, day in and day out, unable to break free of the jingle in their pockets.

  2. The only ones making anything up, are the wind weasels. They are pushing their lies, (including global warming), in order to sell a useless product, for an outrageous price. They will tell you the turbine spits out gold, if they think you would fall for it. If global warming is a real threat, wind turbines would not be a legitimate solution anyway. It is simply a huge international money-grab. We are wasting money on this scam, that could be used to do some real good for our planet, and the people on it!

  3. That is so sad.
    May God have mercy on the Wind Worms.
    This is sheer torture, criminal.
    It was disturbing to see younger people, as well as aged people being affected by the noise for their community wind turbines.

    How can Councils and Authorities still have the nerve to say Low Frequency Noise doesn’t exist? according to them, we have a world full of nutters suffering from the Nocebo effect and everyone else jumped on the band wagon.
    Come on get real, all over the World?
    NO stop telling pork pies.

  4. Please go to and join AWD – Anti Wind day 19th October. Multiple global protests will make people sit up and take notice.

  5. Cornwall UK is a windy county jutting out into the Atlantic. Our Council (the planning authority) is in the thrall of turbines – which are damaging now our major industry (tourism/retirement living), blighting views and damaging health.

    But do our Councillors who are inflicting turbines on us know/care about the consequences? No. Not at all.

    So we have the FEW (overseas-owned turbine companies and a few landowners) milking the UK taxpayer for subsidies. Meanwhile energy prices in the UK are going through the roof.

    Turbines knock 20% on average off houses within sight/sound of these monsters. But of course our Councillors do not have them in their own backyard – just other peoples’ backyards. The same goes for Cameron PM and his wealthy and privileged friends. Although his aristo father in law earns £1,000 per day from turbines on his vast country estate.

  6. Same story around the many people with exactly the same story. They can’t all be making it up!


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