This Town is ‘coming like a Ghost Town: Wind Industry Buys Up & Bulldozes Whole Danish Villages


The Specials there, outlining Vesta’s ultimate plans for a town like yours.

If any further evidence was needed to show that the wind industry is the extension of the human-haters – who regard people, in the words of Greenpeace founder, Patrick Moore “as the enemies of the Earth, a cancer on the planet” – that, these days, try to pass themselves off as “greens” out to ‘save’ the planet, then look no further than Denmark.

Denmark is the home of the original eco-fascist profiteers – Vestas – the struggling fan makerrun by by a band of crooks – that exhorted the world to “Act on (its parallel universe version of the) Facts” a while back: paying $millions to the Australian Greens and Trotskyite fronts like Getup! & Co – and pitching lies like the one about the noise from V112s being just like the noise from a fridge 500m away (see our post here). Tune your ears into your electric icebox for a few minutes and compare it with this:



Well, it seems, that on their home turf at least, the Vesta’s ‘fridge-noise-analogy’ isn’t cutting the mustard.

Having already been whacked with costly lawsuits from wind farm neighbours – in one case a court awarding Dkr 500,000 (A$93,439) in compensation for the substantial reduction in the value of the plaintiffs’ home, caused by incessant turbine noise (see our post here) – the Danish wind industry has resorted to the wholesale destruction of homes in order to carpet the country in even more of the things. So instead of this:

Wind energy in Denmark : wind turbines in Holstebro , Westjutland
Another home ready to be snapped up by the ABC’s Annabel “dick brain” Crabb, but she’ll need to be quick. D9s tend not to leave much behind.


It’s down to this:

“Problem” solved: human “cancer” successfully eradicated; making way for a cleaner, “greener” future, although we’re not sure for whom…


Company’s extreme wind strategy: Towns today, turbines tomorrow
The Copenhagen Post
Philip Tees
16 January 2015

Swedish energy company Vattenfall is going to extreme lengths for the sake of its Danish windfarms – buying up whole villages in rural Denmark, razing them to the ground and replacing the buildings with wind turbines, Børsen reports.

Mette Korsager, who is responsible for Vattenfall’s onshore wind projects in Denmark, told the business newspaper that the strategy was to make it easier for the company to achieve the goal of installing 250 MW of wind turbines in Denmark by 2018-2019. “We typically buy up farms in bad condition and demolish the farmhouse,” she said.

“Recently we bought most of a village to make a windpark.”

Helps the region, according to Vattenfall

That village is Kølby in northern Jutland, and Vattenfall plans to acquire a total of 20 properties.

Korsager told Børsen the strategy served a number of purposes. “We solve the problem of unsellable properties in peripheral regions,” she said.

“We solve the problem of neighbours being critical of wind farms, and we make it easier to reach agreements about the installation of wind turbines at the municipalities because we go in and help them by developing problem areas.”
The Copenhagen Post

STT bets that you just can’t wait for the wind industry to get in there and “help your region” by flattening every home as far as the eye can see?

And what an admission from the perpetrators of this grand-scale human expulsion project?

Aren’t we forever being told how much everyone loves wind turbines and just can’t get enough of them?

Now, why on earth would there be any kind of “problem of neighbours being critical of wind farms”?

One theory pedalled by a former tobacco advertising guru is that opposition to the ‘joys’ of living with giant fans is only a problem among English speaking countries: the guru reckons that complaints like those heard from dozens of wind farms around Australia are a cooked-up phenomenon exclusive to the English speaking world – as pitched-up in this piece of propaganda on ABC radio and parroted in this piece of eco-fascist drivel from ruin-economy (for a taste of what the Taiwanese – not the world’s strongest English speakers – think about giant fans, see our post here).

The last time STT visited Denmark, Danish was still the native tongue – although quite a few youngsters in Copenhagen spoke a half decent form of broken English. Or, perhaps, Danish is just a heavily accented English dialect?

So, let’s hear from a few of the locals on what the Danish giant fan ‘experience’ is really like:



Curious that Danes should complain about precisely the same effects from the incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound generated by giant fans that Vestas’ victims at Macarthur in Victoria do?  (see our post here)

Curious too, that Vestas and Siemens refused to be interviewed for the video?  Surely, here was a golden opportunity to toss up some more “wonderful facts” about their products?  But, we guess, it’s probably safer to keep your head below the parapet when you’re not in complete control of the final product.

The only contribution from Vestas was a pious eco-fascist guilt trip – laid on thicker than a whale omelette – that appears towards the end of the video.

When presented with FACTS about the very real human suffering caused by their fans (ie the daily acoustic misery lived by thousands of people globally, just like those in this video) these monsters fallback on the “threat” of man-made catastrophic global warming in an effort to justify it. And follow on with the utter fallacy that wind power will rid the world of CO2 gas – an odourless, colourless, beneficial trace gas, essential for life on earth (aka “plant food”).

For the purpose of simplifying the argument, STT is happy to concede that man-made CO2 emissions may cause an increase in atmospheric temperatures – whether or not modest increases in atmospheric temperature from present levels represents a threat to humans or the planet is another question again (see our post here).

The one, teensy, weensy problem with the wind industry’s “save the planet” pitch is that 100% of the capacity from intermittent and unreliable wind power has to be backed-up 100% of the time by fossil fuel generators running in the background and burning fuel ALL the time – and, therefore, increases CO2 emissions in the electricity sector.

But – the Danish wind industry with its mission to bulldoze homes and replace them, and the families that occupy them, with exploding pyrotechnic, sonic torture devices – in an astonishing admission of guilt – at least now recognises that humans and giant wind turbines are entirely INCOMPATIBLE.

The wind industry is alive to that FACT – and – wherever they’ve had to concede it – they quietly buy out their victims’ properties, bulldoze them (see our post here) and make damn sure they stitch up the unfortunate (homeless) family with bullet proof gag clauses (see our posts here and here) – that their lawyers enforce with the zeal and vigour of the Old GDR’s Stasi (see our post here).

So, wind farm neighbours, next time you’re being hectored by the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers about the ‘wonders’ of wind power and told it’s “all in your head”; or being called “dick brains” by the ABC’s smarmy little cutie-pie wind industry apologist, Annabel Crabb (as she did in a recent ABC radio wind industry propaganda broadcast) – flick them the link to this story.

The audio and transcript of Annabel’s “dick brain” outburst can be found on the ABC’s website here. However, to avoid the need to listen to (or trawl through reams of transcript of) almost an hour of tedious and nauseating ‘green’ group-think, we’ve extracted the relevant parts of the transcript, which is available here.

During the ABC’s little wind industry love-in, having called wind farm neighbours “dick brains”, that fabricate their complaints, Annabel – giggles on cue – and proudly tells us that: “I’m going to buy a property next to a wind farm, just to express the sincerity of my resolve”.

Now you can let her know that there are plenty up for grabs in Denmark; and quite a few up for grabs in Australia, but she’ll need to be quick before the Caterpillar D9s are fired-up and brought in to flatten them.

annabel crabb
Why not ask ABC’s Annabel “dick brain” Crabb, if it’s “all in their heads”, why is the Danish wind industry going to the time, trouble and enormous expense of buying up whole villages and flattening them?

12 thoughts on “This Town is ‘coming like a Ghost Town: Wind Industry Buys Up & Bulldozes Whole Danish Villages

  1. Annabel,

    Do the science.
    Understand how wind does not add up.
    If you are prepared to speak in a derogatory sense to the people who do have the knowledge, show some respect.

    Is “Dick Brains” the best you can do?

    Wake up girl. You just lost the argument.

    What a shame to see a semi-rebellious intelligent character lose her way to placate her employers.

    That must be a heavy burden to shoulder, knowing that our “Matt Price” would have disagreed, on principle with all that you espouse.

    It appears to me that the ignorant remain ignorant due to choice.

    There can be no other reason.

    The argument is so loud now that ignorance is not a defence.
    Neighbours beware.

    1. ‘Decency’ and ‘heart’ are common descriptors of that remarkable journalist Matt Price who in the words of his wife Sue Dale ‘cared deeply about others’.

      Few journalists today share those attributes. And few journalists report with honesty and integrity on the adverse impacts of industrial wind turbines on affected neighbours.

      Graham Lloyd is one of the few.

  2. Sorry to see that Annabel has got it so wrong on this one. And I along with many other communities who have been invaded by Industrial Wind Turbines, thoroughly resent being called a Dick Brain! You simply do not know what you are talking about here. Steven Cooper’s Cape Bridgewater report has blown the “Nocebo” myth to bits! Ask him. Interview him and he will explain why. Do your research.

    Time for Annabel and indeed the ABC Science Show to eat humble pie and play catch up on this one. Time for the ABC in general to take a fresh look at this issue. We now have an acoustic study that was paid for by a Wind Developer and an acoustician that was chosen by the residents that clearly raises serious concerns about Wind Turbines being placed far too close to homes!

    My short film below should help to illustrate to you just what is happening in rural Australia right now and what is being lost to Wind Farm developers.

    As for the science…well I will leave that to Steven Cooper.

    1. Sonia, ABC journalism values are now more hubris than humility, and decency and humanity are rarely to be seen on this issue.

      The only saving grace for Crabb is she had the honesty to say what many of her senior colleagues have thought, insinuated, and reported for a long time.

      Vilification and victim blaming of wind turbine sufferers are now par for the ABC course, as more and more they are metamorphosing into the commercial tabloid media, mercenaries for hire. Not unlike their public service colleagues in the EPAs and elsewhere.

      They may as well be employees of the wind industry. Which is a real shame for journalism in this country.

    1. The big difference, of course, is that coal fired power stations provide meaningful power (which the Germans and everybody else will be relying on for generations to come). As we have pointed out once or twice, wind power does not result in the displacement of fossil fuel sources, it guarantees the need for it. That means wind power is both insanely expensive and utterly pointless.

      1. Agreed. The hypocrisy of the ‘clean and green’ wind developers who mine and burn lignite while telling us we need their turbines to save emissions makes me see red!

  3. Very sad Annabel, very very sad.

    You were once a warrior of all things noble.
    We sat together at the memorial service for the “great journalist” Matt Price.
    He was one capable of discernment between the doubtful and the questionable.
    I was a keen observer of your writings after Matt left us.

    I find it difficult to understand your leap to the unfathomable nonsensical nature of Global warming

    Perhaps it is due to who you work for?

    So sad

    1. Two essential prerequisites for all good journalists: insatiable curiosity and an active crap-detector.

      The comfortable featherbedding provided for the ABC’s celebrity journos effectively neutralises both.

  4. CO2 does not produce atmospheric warming, rather, its increase in the atmosphere follows it. Now the %CO2 in the atmosphere is about .04% from ALL sources, human and natural, a trace amount that cannot impact on weather and climate. Other natural forces are at work. Back in geological time, when the atmosphere contained 30% CO2, the Earth experienced ice ages.
    If the greenies read more books on geology they might stop flapping their parrot jaws.
    When the renewable energy bubble bursts, and the “wind park” hucksters run out of steam, we may see an end to this insidious industry and its zealots and dupes.

  5. Whilst the ABC is happy to say the “NHMRC says there’s no evidence…” they’ve conveniently forgotten that the NHMRC also said “there’s no evidence for nocebo effect”. No wonder the ABC funding is being pulled.

  6. A plea to Annabel Crabb: how could you be so lazy and not do your rigorous and independant research and analysis of primary scientific sources on this issue? Your energetic cloning of Wind Industry propaganda and exquisite ‘victim blaming’ is demonstrative of your susceptibility to ABC Science groupthink and profound ignorance of this public health travesty perpetrated by Wind Industry corporations and their adoption of Green mythology. Even James Lovelock (remember the chap who cooked up GAIA?) knows its a croc of ….

    Try NASA/Kelley research of 1980’s for starters and go from there. Might win you a Walkley if you are diligent and open minded and do your homework.

    Otherwise stick to your kitchen cabinet and domestic science, and you probably wont do too much more harm.

    A final piece of advice. If you want to start to say ‘sorry’ for the harm and offence you have caused with your comments why don’t you accept the offers of country hospitality from ‘the dick-brains’, learn from them, and also make sure you attend the Pacific Hydro public meeting in Portland, Victoria, scheduled for 16th February 2015 to listen to a real expert on this issue- Steven Cooper.

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