Life in the “throw zone”

On one level, the images depicted in this video will provide many STT readers with a deep sense of satisfaction, tinged with joy, and bound with glee; or even what the Germans call “schadenfreude”: the malicious glee that comes from witnessing another’s downfall.



On another level, for those poor souls stuck with these mechanical monsters in their backyards it is a reminder of just how insanely dangerous they are.  Next time a smarmy developer or Planning Department lacky starts blathering about setback distances, take them to this video and ask them where they think all the pieces ended up and how far away they fell?

The developers and turbine manufactures use the euphemisms “blade throw” and “component liberation” to cover what is an explosive and frightening event posing a risk to human safety within distances of up to 1.5km.

STT has seen one serious study which uses statistics to predict the distances at which lumps from an exploding turbine can be expected to lob.  The bigger heavier chunks are likely to travel well over 300m (whole blades traveling up to 200m) and the smaller pieces out to distances of up to 1,500m (for a 10% blade fragment – think 5m long blade chunks).  Think about that the next time you drive past the turbines at Cullerin and Macarthur, some of which are less than 300m from the road you’re on. For more on what the wind industry calls “component liberation” see our posts here and here and here.

If one of these puppies lets loose, you’ll need more driving skill than Craig Lowndes to dodge the shrapnel.  Good luck.  Of course, if your home is in the “throw zone” we suggest you close the doors and windows and stay indoors.  If you survive, you can thank your State Planning Department for the experience.  And drop a line to the Feds and let them know what you think of the RET/REC fraud that put them up in the first place.


Motorists in the Cullerin “throw zone”

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Nesa Clark says:

    Keep posting, keep screaming for land owners and communities to rise up and put a stop to this blight! Have people lost all common sense? Wake up, whatever amount of money that is received will be bitter in the end! How are you going to explain the consequences to your grandchildren?

  2. Reblogged this on vuurklip and commented:
    Wil jy een van hierdie monsters naby jou huis hê?

  3. Believe it or not but they built the wind farm in my area right next to a petro-chemical plant! One half of the plant is operated by Shell, which is identified as a Buncefield type site, and the other half is operated by ExxonMobil which is identified as a COMAH (Control Of Major Accident Hazards) regulated site. If one of the turbines ever starts throwing off debris, we’re in real trouble! We objected to the turbines, they are monsters and ruin the environment, but they were built anyway. 9 so far and counting! …Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland.

  4. The Ceres Wind Turbine Project map has at least 44 turbines proposed to be built adjacent to rural roads in the area and 3 or 4 adjacent to the St. Vincent Highway. These turbines are not 300 meters in from the road, they are being placed right on the host’s boundaries. Some of these roads are also school bus routes.

    A copy of the map can be found here.

    This could put the Worksafe and OH&S laws to the test.

  5. Jim Hutson. says:

    The Wind Turbine Industry reminds me of the late fourties to early fifties ( 1940 to 1950 ) in the aircraft industry. The technology at the time out stripped the experience, and with the race against the Soviet Union every thing was pushed to the limit.
    It is estimated over a hundred test pilots died through this period.
    Hence the indecent rush by the Wind Industry, they don’t care about the failures or the damage, they have a ” GREEN LIGHT
    FROM GOVERNMENT ” some call it a ” Gold rush ” which is
    usually over in a short period of time. So make your money as quick as possible and don’t worry about who you roll in the process.

  6. P.S. Forgot to say that the school bus travels under this threat twice a day!!

  7. I exist alongside the Macarthur WEF and travel under the turbines at least once a week heading to Hamilton to shop. The turbines loom over the car as I drive, and certainly seem to be closer than the suggested 300m from the road. At times, when the wind is in the “right” direction, and I have blades travelling towards me at 200/300kms per hour, I feel threatened, intimidated, exposed and vulnerable. I hope God is listening to my prayers as I pass, and that this isn’t the day the blades let loose.

  8. “Blade throw”? The wind industry also calls it “component liberation”. Let the wind turbines run freeeee!

  9. Does every one realise that when you drive through the Macarthur industrial wind turbine site & other wind turbine sites you are supposed to wear workplace & safety clothes, hard hat, if you are out of your vehicle, steel capped boots. See the video above, you will see that the Macarthur & other sites are unsafe.

    The hosts come under the same rules as anyone else, who works on an industrial site. The substance will hit the fan if anyone is killed or hurt while travelling through or working on site. From the video above it is likely to happen sooner or later.

    There should be signage of the safety clothes & gear to be worn while on site, before you enter the site.

    • I don’t care what kind of safety equipment you are wearing. If a chunk off of one of those blades hits you, any safety equipment you are wearing, is going to be just as mangled as you are. It may even end up kilometers away. They are industrial machines, and as such, should be in industrial zoned locations. This whole fiasco in insane, and obviously is being perpetrated simply for the money.


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