Wave of Destruction: Ontario Wind Farm Neighbours in Open Revolt

cornered rabbit

Don’t push me cos I’m close to the edge.


There’s an old Chinese proverb that: “Even a rabbit will bite when it is cornered”.

Ontario is at flashpoint as impacted and threatened wind farm neighbours take on lying, cheating wind power outfits head-on.

In response to the malign indifference of the hard-green-left lunatics in charge of the Province (see our post here), the locals have taken on the stance of cornered rabbits and have started fighting back (see our post here).

Here’s a couple of local reports on what happens when ordinary people are pushed to the limit of what’s fair and reasonable.

More Wind Turbine Damage in A-C-W
Kirk Dickson
20 October 2014

Huron County OPP officers, are investigating another incident of vandalism at a wind turbine under construction in Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh.

Sometime between 10:00 p.m. Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. today, someone forced entry into the locked control base of a wind turbine located on Cransford Line and caused extensive damage, estimated to be in thousands of dollars, to the main circuit board.

Just before the Thanksgiving weekend an excavator sustained thousands of dollars in damage at a site on Bridge Road in Huron East.

Two excavators parked at a site on Glen’s Hill Road in Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh were vandalized last month and a light-stand generator was ruined at the Cransford Line wind turbine site.

Police note, the bulk of these mischiefs are taking place late at night or during the early morning hours. If you see something suspicious such as a suspicious vehicle or person(s) on or in the vicinity of a wind turbine site please call police immediately with as much information as possible. Your timely piece of information may help investigators solve these crimes.

The Huron OPP Crime Unit encourages anyone with information about this crime to call the Huron OPP Detachment at 1-888-310-1122 or at (519) 524-8314 to speak with an investigator. Alternatively, should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

Wind Turbine Damage Continues In Huron County
Kirk Dickson
23 October 2014

Huron County OPP are investigating yet another incidence of vandalism at a wind turbine construction site.

Police were notified Wednesday by a construction supervisor that equipment parked at a wind turbine site on Manley Line in Huron East had been tampered with.

Investigators believe the damage occurred sometime between the late evening hours on October 16 and the early morning hours on October 17.

Police say those responsible trespassed onto the site and put debris into the hydraulic lines of a Spider Plow boring machine, causing thousands of dollar damage to the specialized equipment used for burying cables and high voltage lines.

The vandals also attempted to damage other machines at the site by draining oil from the equipment.

A pre-inspection of the equipment by employees noticed the machines had been tampered with thus sparing the equipment from further damage.

In recent weeks, police have investigated several incidents of vandalism at wind turbine construction sites across Huron County.

The bulk of these mischief’s are taking place late at night or during the early morning hours. If you see something suspicious such as a suspicious vehicle or person(s) on or in the vicinity of a wind turbine site please call police immediately with as much information as possible. Your timely piece of information may help investigators solve these crimes.

The Huron OPP Crime Unit encourages anyone with information about this crime to call the Huron OPP Detachment at 1-888-310-1122 or at (519) 524-8314 to speak with an investigator. Alternatively, should you wish to remain anonymous, you may call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.

Maybe someone will call Crime Stoppers, but, then again – given the mood in rural Ontario – maybe they won’t?

The rage in Ontario is palpable and boil-overs like this are unlikely to engender much sympathy for wind power outfits like NextTerror – that live up to their name by terrorising diminutive opponents like Esther Wrightman (see our post here).

Wind farm developers cry foul about a little “vandalism”, but these skunks are hell-bent on turning hundreds of neighbouring homes into sonic torture traps (see our post here); smashing the value of those properties, rendering many of them utterly worthless (see our post here): state sanctioned destruction that results in (uncompensated) community losses in the $millions. So, who are the real vandals?

Remember, this is an industry that’s quite happy to spear its 160m high turbines within a few hundred metres of residential homes and even closer to roads; notwithstanding their frequent habit of flinging 50-60m blades (weighing 10 tonnes or more) – or parts thereof – up to a mile (1.6km) in what are euphemistically called “blade throw” or “component liberation” events (see our post here). And see this article.

turbine blade donegal

The wind industry is always happy to throw its weight around.


The reports call what’s happening in Ontario “vandalism” or “mischief” but – with the threat of sonic torture, smashed property values and the risk of death from “flying blades” – from the developers’ potential victims’ viewpoint – it could equally earn the tag of community “self-defence”.

Mind you, if we were talking about Uni students smashing up a coal-fired power plant, say, the lefty media would be celebrating their exploits as “exuberant political activism”: think of the manner in which the media portrayed the wanton destruction that was part and parcel of the anti-WTO riots in Seattle.

Mindless destruction of property by anti-capitalists gets the tick of approval among left-wing nutjobs – provided the property being destroyed belongs to McDonalds, Starbucks or Nike – even though the perpetrators never face any actual threat from their victims – unless the risk of choking on a giant Starbucks latte counts as a threat.

starbucks smashed

A hero of the green-left proudly surveys his handi-work.


As we argued in this post, you don’t have to condone the destruction of wind turbines, MET masts and associated construction equipment to understand where that level of anger comes from.

The wind industry has infiltrated every aspect of political life, co-opting energy, planning and even health policy to its insidious advantage.

Lambasting and ridiculing its thousands of victims: whether they be suffering from sleep deprivation caused by low-frequency noise and infrasound; or forced to live in uninhabitable homes that are impossible to sell.

Faced with the lies, treachery and deceit of wind power outfits and the nauseating intellectual pygmies that cheer them on, people would ordinarily call on their political betters to champion their interests against out of control corporate tyranny.

But with large swathes of both ends of the political spectrum sucked into the wind power fraud, those pleas fall on deaf ears: either the product of political pig ignorance; or of political piggies with their trotters in the wind industry subsidy trough.

Governments have become unresponsive, at best; or contemptuous of, and even outwardly hostile to, those who suffer the consequences of the great wind power fraud; and work doggedly to protect the wind industry, rigging the planning process and burying inconvenient facts and evidence (see our post here).

Where the organs of government abdicate their responsibility to law-abiding, hard-working tax-paying citizens, it can be fairly called “institutional corruption”.

With the normal channels of complaint poisoned by “green” group-think, is it any wonder that communities are resorting to the destruction of what harms and threatens them?

When those that govern us become indifferent to the reasonable demands of those they’re paid handsomely to represent, the very integrity of the institution of government suffers. When that indifference turns to open contempt (as it has), it isn’t long before ordinary people become fed-up, grab their pitchforks and revolt.


Not the last time contempt for the people sparked a revolution.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Terry Conn says:

    For those people, government bodies and parliamentarians that think STT has gone over the top with the content of this post, then they need to think again.

    The actions by Canadian farmers in giving a message to ‘wind farm’ proponents that they have gone too far in approving and building these industrial monsters is, I suspect, a very modest start to what could turn into a major physical attack on these mechanical monsters. Only someone who has never felt the wind on their face can honestly fail to comprehend the massive physical impact of something that weighs hundreds of tons and has reinforced plastic ‘wings’ up to 60 metres and beyond thrashing through the air at hundreds of kilometres per hour disturbing and impacting everything in its path.

    Yet, we have governments, government departments and disconnected citizens telling people rooted in physical reality, ie farmers and owners of lifestyle properties, that there are no discernible impacts.

    These so called ‘vandals’ aren’t protesting about some heartfelt cause, they are protesting because of the physical assault occurring to them. They have every right to fight back. Wars have been fought over much less. The government of the ACT has committed an act of war on, not its own citizens, but those of Southern NSW in proceeding with its plans to fund wind farms in NSW. Unless our elected leaders wake up and put a stop to these things then the entire international wind farm impacted community could well start a major world wide push of physical response against the thing that is assaulting them.

    Thank you to the Canadians for showing the way and having the guts to do it, absolutely nothing else is permeating the minds of the bullies inflicting the pain. Thousands of people around the world have written well presented and well researched submissions to governments and government bodies detailing the problems of wind farm impacts and I don’t know of one reasoned and detailed response to the issues raised, other than demeaning insults, so what option is left???

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    When Goliath threatens, then David stands firm and protects what is his.
    If the only action left to you is civil disobedience, is it wrong?
    Weren’t Democracies built on civil disobedience – ordinary people wanting to protect their families, livelihoods and future?
    Wasn’t it to rid their lives of those who would take what wasn’t theirs, and deny you any right to what you have worked hard for and leaving your environment in ruins, ruining the future for you and your family?

    So when that democracy is under threat by those who have no other concern but for their own avarice and will do anything and compromise anyone to get what they want, should ordinary law abiding people just stand back and allow it to happen?

    Can anyone blame them for fighting for their homes, livelihoods, environments and future?

    The damage being wrought on these Goliaths, who consider they have a right to destroy others lives, isn’t even a speck of the harm they are thrusting on everyone and every community attacked by Goliaths, but David won because he had right on his side.

    When push comes to shove it’s natural to shove back? When people have been pushed too far they are likely to push back. It’s a wonder these invaders could believe that there would be no push back.

  3. Gimme Shelter says:

    I believe in Common Law and Jeff Buckley.
    I understand that it is legally, from medieval common law, for a person to have the right to ‘rest and repose’ in and of his home.
    His “castle”, if you like.
    It is not the right of any corporate entity or any individual to disregard this, knowingly or otherwise.

    The wind industry and the South Australian government know that giant windmills infringe on this common law right, yet they have given approval to the abhorrent Ceres Wind Farm.
    So cynical in fact, that approval was given just a few days prior to transitioning into caretaker mode prior to last years state election, which the state Labor government rightfully believed they would lose.
    They lost the popular vote 52% to 48%, but won due to what could only be described as a gerrymander.

    What one reads in the above STT is just the beginning.
    The government which has a legislated planning policy of ‘DO NO HARM’ is completely disregarding it’s own rules.

    How could the Ceres project be given Crown/Major development status which was developed around the concept of ‘critical infrastructure’ when the windmills are not fit for purpose and do not achieve their stated aims and claims of reducing greenhouse gases, due to their inabilility to realise base load power?

    As with any historical injustice the people will rise and fight the injustice.
    What else can the downtrodden do but rebel and fight?

    Yes, there will be martyrs and eventually the wrongs will be righted, but meanwhile there will be civil/social unrest.

    Understand, the opportunists, the immoral and amoral will be held to account.

    Understand, the sleeping giant is awakening and he is really really pissed.

  4. Keep me covered. What? You silly sot!

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