Vestas’ Danish Victims Lay Out the FACTS

In response to the National Wind Power Fraud Rally in June, struggling Danish fan maker, Vestas paid $millions to a crack team of spin doctors to invent a campaign aimed at winning back the “moral” high ground.

It called its new public relations model “Act on Facts” – we covered some of their “facts” in this post.

Here’s a video containing a number of other inconvenient “facts” – principally the stories of Vestas own Danish victims.  Watch it and worry.



Curious that Danes should complain about precisely the same effects from the incessant low-frequency noise and infra-sound generated by giant fans that Vestas’ victims at Macarthur in Victoria do?  (see our post here)

You see, one theory, peddled by a former tobacco advertising guru is that complaints like those heard from dozens of wind farms around Australia are a phenomenon exclusive to the English speaking world.  The last time STT visited Denmark, Danish was still the native tongue – although quite a few youngsters in Copenhagen spoke a half decent form of broken English.  Or, perhaps, Danish is just a heavily accented English dialect?

Curious too, that Vestas and Siemens refused to be interviewed for the video?  Surely, here was a golden opportunity to toss up some more “wonderful facts” about their products?  But, we guess, it’s probably safer to keep your head below the parapet when you’re not in complete control of the final product.

The only contribution from Vestas was a pious eco-fascist guilt trip – laid on thicker than a whale omelette – that appears towards the end of the video.

When presented with FACTS about the very real human suffering caused by their fans (ie the daily acoustic misery lived by thousands of people globally, just like those in this video) these monsters fallback on the myth of global warming in an effort to justify it.

Real human suffering appears to be a thoroughly acceptable part of the Vestas plan to cover the globe with their fans and to “save the planet” from “global warming”.  Well, it used to be called “global warming” – until the planet stopped heating up over 17 years ago – last time we looked, they called it “climate change”.

Precisely the same stance was taken by Victorian Premier, Denis Napthine – telling the long-suffering neighbours of AGL’s Macarthur wind farm (his own constituents) – that they should consider themselves as “literally road-kill”.  Presumably, on the path to a “cleaner, greener, future”, hey Denis?

And when it comes to treating human beings with complete contempt, Napthine is not the only sociopath in the wind industry wood-pile.  One goon working for Suzlon REPower told Boorowa farmer and grazier, Sam McGuiness a while back about their plan to lob 100 or so giant fans right in Sam’s backyard: “Sam, you’ll be taking one for the planet”.

If you went back to their childhood, these people were the kids that pulled the wings off bugs and set fire to cats, just for fun.

When people start trying to justify the infliction of human suffering for any reason, we should all start to worry, at least a little.  When that harm is perfectly avoidable – and the claimed “benefits” from the activity in question completely non-existent – we should all break into a cold sweat.


Spanish Inquisitors always justified torturing and slaying
heretics as being for “the greater good”.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. This is so WRONG!! When is this insanity going to be stopped? It goes to show that those involved in the wind industry have no compassion, no heart & no conscience when it comes to the human suffering that is happening. How can anybody listen to people’s stories across the globe all saying the same things & not be affected to try & bring about change? I hope enough of our politicians are waking up & have the guts to actually bring this rort to a griding halt. It has to be stopped!! Money is never more important than people’s health!

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    The infestation and damage is everywhere, and though we’ve been told the Danes love them and have no problems, this video is proof those statements are lies – not that we didn’t know that already.

    I wonder if those people from the video could go and visit their future King to ask him to intercede on their behalf to have their suffering stopped? Perhaps not, as he indicated here in Australia, with big smiles and obvious pleasure, that he has no problems with them when visiting a Vesta installation. Or was that just propaganda in support of a Danish industry facing a backlash and subsequent failure?

  3. The wind weasels have an entire catalogue of lies. Each one more horrendous than the one they told before! If they told the truth, there would never be another wind turbine installed, anywhere. There is no reason to continue on with these inefficient, overpriced,harmful, machines. They do absolutely NOTHING to improve our environment, and they cripple our energy grid. Manufacturing jobs are disappearing in droves. Energy poverty is killing people in many countries. Enough is enough! STOP THE INSANITY!!


  1. […] As one goon working for Suzlon REPower – telling Boorowa farmer and grazier, Sam McGuiness a while back about their plan to lob 100 or so giant fans right in Sam’s backyard – put it: “Sam, you’ll be taking one for the planet” (see our post here). […]

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