Potential Wind Farm Neighbour Finds Idyllic Property is Now ‘Unsaleable’ at Any Price



STT hears that hundreds of communities across rural Australia are about to launch the mother-of-all counter-attacks, against the pending threat of having their homes quite literally stolen by wind power outfits.

Monstrous outfits – like near-bankrupt Infigen – are just dying to spear another 2,500 of these things into places that have greeted that prospect with justifiable outrage. Here’s why.

Wind Farm location sparks renewed debates on health and property values
The Inverell Times
Simon McCarthy
10 July 2015

SPRING MOUNTAIN grazier Robert Keough has called for a level-headed approach to wind farms in the area.

Mr Keogh’s property is situated on the border of the approved White Rock wind farm, between Inverell and Glen Innes, and said, for all their green energy potential, the project has left him unable to sell his land.

“From the minute I heard about it, I put the place on the market and everybody walks away,” he said.

“I have agents who have had buyers come in, and they have asked why they said no, and two of the buyers have actually put in writing that it is because of the wind farm. There are two sides to this story. I can’t stop it, and I’m not trying to stop it, but I just feel that both sides of the story has to be put across.”

The mixed response to wind farm developments was spurred by the Prime Minister’s recent rebuke of the green alternative, in interview with Alan Jones, where described them as “visually awful” and having “a potential health impact”.

The comments preceded a renewed debate over the turbines, like Mr Keough’s and South Australian grazier Clive Gare, who had 19 turbines constructed on his property.

“If we had to buy another property it would not be within 20km of a wind farm,” Gare told The Land on June 25.

“There’s the story that makes out they are the greatest thing ever put on earth. There’s a story from a bloke that has them on this place and wished he never had them,” Mr Keough said.

He said he believed it was the constant, low emission noise of the turbines was at the core of health concerns, citing an NASA investigation into links between health and the long range propagation of low frequency sound.

“It’s just the noise, the uncertainty of the health (issues). I know some people say there is no health (issue), but there is NASA saying there could be,” he said. Despite debate over the health impact of turbines, the National Health and Medical Council found “no direct evidence that exposure to wind farm noise affects physical or mental health”.

While exposure to environmental noise has been linked to health effects, the reports argued that these effects occur “at much high levels of noise than are likely to be perceived by people living in close proximity to wind farms”.

University of NSW mechanical and manufacturing engineering associate professor Con Doolan has also weighed in on the issue and called for more comprehensive research to determine the truth of the debate.

“Most experts believe that the level of infrasound produced by wind turbine is too low to be heard or create health problems,” he wrote in June.

“Recent measurements show that infrasound can propagate many kilometres from a wind farm – what we don’t know is of the very low level sounds can cause health effects.”

Mr Keough said he had no ambitions to stop the development, but was more concerned with moving away from the site.

“I have never ever tried to stop the thing,” he said.

“I just want an outcome where we can get away from it. We just want to get out and we can’t.

“I can’t sell the place because no-one will come near a wind farm because of the uncertainty of the health issues.”
The Inverell Times

Perhaps Robert Keough and Clive Gare can get the wind industry shills from the NHMRC to buy them out at full-market-value (ie, as if NO wind turbines were planned or existed anywhere near the properties concerned) – given that the NHMRC is just SO confident about peoples’ ability to live in, sleep and otherwise enjoy their own homes.

And if Fairfax’s Simon McCarthy truly believes the NRMRC’s wind industry backed propaganda, then he should put in a bid, too! Why not bed down with 8 hours of this for a lullaby, Simon??:



Despite the efforts of the hacks from the ailing Fairfax stable to dismiss its decades’ worth of top flight science, NASA’s work – which most certainly made the causal link between turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound, and adverse health effects, including sleep deprivation – is seen by relevantly qualified, scientific investigators as the gold-standard in wind turbine noise/health research; and as relevant today as it ever was:

Wind Turbine Infrasound: What Drives Wind Farm Neighbours to Despair

Dr Malcolm Swinbanks tells Senate: ‘NASA’s 1980s Research on Health Effects from Wind Farm Noise More Relevant Than Ever’

The wind industry and its parasites have known about it for 30 years – and have spent every waking hour since, trying to ignore it; to bury it; and when that failed – to lie like fury about its significance:

Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge

What it took NASA more than 10 years to pin down, became an “unbearable”, “thumping”, “grinding”, “sleep destroying” nightmare for Clive and Trina Gare – within a heartbeat of the 19 turbines that they’re paid $200,000 a year to host first whining into gear:

SA Farmers Paid $1 Million to Host 19 Turbines Tell Senate they “Would Never Do it Again” due to “Unbearable” Sleep-Destroying Noise

Fairfax journos – and others from the dwindling band of blind-faith wind-worshippers – have always had trouble handling facts that don’t fit their narrative. And Clive and Trina Gare just don’t fit.


The wind industry’s true nemesis ….

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.

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