How Green Hypocrites Use Energy Illiteracy to Prey on the Gullible and Naive


In Australia, at least, education has been reduced to helping our little darlings understand why they feel the way they do.

The hard graft of maths and science has given way to gender theory. Little wonder that the current generation have no idea how energy is produced, how much is consumed and who or what consumes it: let’s call it ‘energy illiteracy’.

But it’s not just the young that suffer from a lack of even a basic understanding of how power is produced.

With a few exceptions, politicians of every hue in this country exhibit their ignorance of the operation of electricity grids and power markets every time they open their mouths.

The result is one class of fools leading another; the blind leading the naked.

The intellectual vacuum thus created has allowed the wind cult to fill the void with lies and myths. Start with the language. Electricity generated by giant industrial windmills is called ‘clean energy’ or ‘green energy’. A patent nonsense, to be sure.

False Choice Cafe
Friends of Science
9 September 2016


Hi. I’m Michelle Stirling for Friends of Science Society. Recently, Charles Hatt of Ecojustice Society wrote a blog in which he invited Canadians to imagine that they were stuck in some kind of a false choice café where they had to choose between Pipeline Pie or Railcar Ragout.

He suggested that they both were cooked in a hot kitchen, and that it was heating up the world, and that we’re all going to die because of it, and he suggested that we had an alternative. We didn’t have to choose between pipelines or rail cars. We didn’t have to transport crude. We don’t need anything. He said we could just go green.

Now, he didn’t elucidate exactly what he meant by going green, but let’s assume that he meant this. He probably meant wind and solar. Now, there’s something.

Hey, look at that. It looks so clean and white. It looks so shiny. It looks so pretty, but what happens when you look under the surface? Let’s look under the surface of this solar panel here. What do we find? Oil. We find oil.

We find mined rare minerals that are very hard to get at, that require extra processing. Many of them are very toxic. In fact, one of the big problems in the world right now is dealing with the toxic leftovers of abandoned solar panels. Nobody really knows how to recycle them. It’s a tragedy, isn’t it? But look. Then, we still have the beautiful, white, free, floating wind turbine, right? Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Well, according to Vaclav Smil, to get wind, you need oil. You need lots of oil. You need barrels, and barrels, and barrels of oil. You need so many barrels of oil, you can’t believe it. You need natural gas. You need tonnes and tonnes of fossil fuels to get wind, to get solar. You just can’t get them free from the air, and you need coal. You need amounts of coal. You need tonnes of coal, tonnes and tonnes of coal. 500 million metric tonnes of coal to build enough wind farms for 2030.

As we can see, today, the greatest problem facing society is energy illiteracy. People don’t know how energy is produced, and they don’t know how things are made. We need pipelines, and we need rail cars, and we need oil. We need natural gas, and we need coal. Even the IPCC agrees that we will need them at least up to 2050 and probably beyond. When people tell you to go green and you don’t need fossil fuels anymore, they’re misleading you because everything is made from hydrocarbons, from coal, natural gas, and oil. For Friends of Science Society, I’m Michelle Stirling.

Friends of Science

china rare earth toxic lake

Poison Wind Power – the shocking environmental damage they don’t want you to see
Today Tonight
Hendrik Gout
1 March 2017


Rosanna Mangiarelli: We’re now to the green energy myth. You might think you’re helping the planet by supporting wind power and driving a hybrid or electric car, but as Hendrik Gout reports, there can be a terrible price to pay.

Hendrik Gout: Clean, green, renewable is dirty, poisonous and deadly, because what you don’t know is that making these ‘green eco-friendly, non-polluting, sustainable’ wind turbines means making this a lake so toxic, so deadly, a vast cauldron of acids, chemicals and radioactive tailings.

Mark Parnell: It’s not just wind farms and solar panels and batteries. It’s a collective issue for the planet.

Hendrik Gout: Nothing can live in it. No fish, no algae.

Zhao Zenggi (through interpreter): It’s a problem not only for the companies, but also for the whole of the world and mankind.

Hendrik Gout: This is Baotou, China. It’s where 95% of the world’s rare earths used in ‘green’ wind turbines are mind and refined.

Wang Cun Guang : The Baotou Environmental Bureau tested our water and the result was it shouldn’t be drunk by people or animals and it can’t be used for irrigation.

Hendrik Gout: You’ve probably never heard of rare earths. Elements high on the periodic table with names like …samarium, europeium, gadolinium and terbium, dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium, ytterbium, lutetium.

Nigel Cook: Rare is something of a misnomer in that they’re not particular rare or actually very well widespread in the earth’s crust.

Hendrik Gout: At Adelaide University, chemical engineer, Professor Nigel Cook.

Nigel Cook: It’s only in pretty rare occurrences that you’ve actually got them in sufficient concentrations for them to be economic to mine.

Hendrik Gout: China has those concentrations. Rare earths produced here are used in TV screens, computers, micro switches. They make the components which make your mobile phone vibrate, and they’re used by the tens of tonnes to generate wind power. Turned into the permanent magnets for fitment into the towers. A three megawatt turbine uses two tonnes of rare earths, so in China …

Nigel Cook: There is an awful lot of environmental damage.

Hendrik Gout: It used to look like this. It now looks like this. Local villages fled this hell where 2000 once lived, there are now 300. Everyone of those has, they say, at least one family member sick.

Chinese voice (through interpreter): No one cares about the people whether they live or die. Not to mention the pollution.

Hendrik Gout: Rare earths are a component of energy efficient light bulbs. You think you are saving the earth when you buy a hybrid.

Sandra Kanck: I bought the Prius because it is probably one of the most environmental sustainable cars that there is.

Hendrik Gout: It’s costing the earth. Each and every Toyota Prius uses 11 kilos of rare earths in its batteries. Fully electric cars, much more. Sandra Kanck, a former State Democrat MP and a long time environmentalist was shocked by the evidence.

Sandra Kanck: We have to put pressure on them to make sure that they are sourcing the rare earths from somewhere where there are proper environmental control.

Hendrik Gout: Greens MP Mark Parnell agrees.

Mark Parnell: It is important to understand where things come from and how they’re made.

Hendrik Gout: Had you been aware of this issue before?

Mark Parnell: I hadn’t heard about what had been happening in China, but it doesn’t surprise me because it’s not a country that has had high environmental standards. Just like there’s lots of goods that we buy where when we discovered that they’re made with child labour or with slave labour, we’re horrified.

Channel Seven, Today Tonight

toxic lake china

China’s toxic tundra: where wind turbines are
born & green hypocrisy reigns supreme.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Hi,

    I started a PETITION “SA PREMIER JAY WEATHERILL : Demand the RESIGNATION of the Energy Minister for HIGH POWER PRICES CAUSING SA’s JOBS CRISIS and 15,000 household POWER DISCONNECTIONS, frequent POWER BLACKOUTS and the JULY 2016 POWER CRISIS” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 200 signatures and we need more support.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Please share this petition with anyone you think may be interested in signing it.

    Thankyou for your time.

  2. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Firstly Parnell and other politicians State and Federal were informed about the truth of China’s rare earth disaster back around 2011 when I sent him a story from English reporters who had been there and reported on the disaster. The situation has also been know around the world for as long if not longer but has been pushed to the side – reasons I think are obvious.
    As far as education, well from Primary School and for the rest of their ‘education’ children are told to think what the ‘educator’ thinks and you will get along in life, question them and you will be seen as a trouble maker and/or marked down.
    Voicing an opinion is not acceptable by too many in our society unless you have a Qualification from a higher education body – a body that has pushed out like-minded people who can only view things from the perspective of their tutors because they wanted to get along in life and get that all important qualification.
    Fortunately there are those who worked through this mire of indoctrination and came out the other end with the ability to look independently and question. We need to give our support to those people who continue to question, and question and counter those who simply voice what is acceptable to the powers that be and the money line and crawl back into their worm holes when things get a bit tough.
    STT you provide a great avenue for people to voice concerns and question those indoctrinated and unable to think for themselves and we thank you and all those who are willing to speak out and question.

  3. The video about the rare earths mined in Baotou is excellent and yet the people who I know who are completely propagandized would not even look at it. There are people in Ontario who have serious psychological blockages and cannot process new information as it is being steadily revealed. It makes them angry to learn the truth. We have serious problems here.

  4. One (Green) Nation says:

    If he was honest, I think what Mark Parnell meant to say was; ” I hadn’t heard about what had been happening in the Greens, but it doesn’t surprise me because it’s not a party that has had high ethical standards. Just like there’s lots of policies that we Greens create, when we discover that they’re made with childish and slavish Labor (and kickbacks from the wind industry), we’re horrified”.

  5. Green nimbys. Happy to pollute and poison the lands and lives of others as long as they don’t have to see it, just so they can look ‘good’ in the eyes of other faux environmentalists.They haven’t a clue.

    • One (Green) Nation says:

      Agreed Lyndsey. But there’s more. Green hypocrisy extends to that other pollution that cannot be seen, but which indirectly arises from the use of the rare earths, the insidiously toxic acoustic pollution from industrial wind turbines which seriously adversely impacts the health and well-being of individuals and rural communities across the world.

      But the Greens turn a blind eye, as “blessed are the Greens, for they shall inherit the earth”. They are simply another hypocritical religion that promotes the destruction of the lives of ‘others’ in the pursuit of their delusional beliefs and self-aggrandisement .

  6. It’s one thing to say what you have to say in order to get a grade, it’s another to believe it. Children, aren’t stupid. They can see the contradictions in being told permanent drought, then seeing floods. Or being told it’s the end of winter, and being buried under 7 feet of snow.
    I can see a whole generation of non believers.

  7. Crispin Trist says:

    Thank you STT for posting this. And thank you Today Tonight for having the guts to stand up against the wind farm scam.

    And to think there are over a million of these robotic human rights shredders around the Globe. How has this scam been allowed to get to this level of deceit? In Australia we are now in a position to witness first hand a State with excessive wind power, and all the chaos that entails vs a State or indeed several States who have not.

    However at the end of the day it’s votes that count. It is all about whether South Australia is going to vote this chaos in again at the next election.

    God I hope not.

    Alexander Downer for Libs SA?

  8. Terry Conn says:

    Excellent post STT. Never a truer word spoken about our little darlings learning only about ‘their’ feelings. Ignorance is reigning supreme in our education institutions and it appears to be deliberate, ie. it is all about the ‘agenda’ and not ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’ and certainly not about ‘science’ other than using the term to give an ‘agenda’ some credence. That wind turbines are still being canvassed as legitimate tools of electricity generation for a modern society that these ‘ignorant, uneducated’ darlings apparently think will save them from Armageddon is mind bogglingly stupid.

  9. The green energy fantasy will destroy our entire economy and standard of living. The only real alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear energy. But for now we’ll continue to rely on fossil fuels.

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