Germany’s Wind Power Chaos to Leave them Freezing in the Dark


Germany’s ‘Green’ dream turns to fiery nightmare.


The Germans are rueing the day the bought into the great wind power fraud.

The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. The subsidies have been colossal, the impacts on the electricity market chaotic and – contrary to the environmental purpose of the policy – CO2 emissions are rising fast: if “saving” the planet is – as we are repeatedly told – all about reducing man-made emissions of an odourless, colourless, naturally occurring trace gas, essential for all life on earth – then German energy/environmental policy has manifestly failed (see our post here).

Some 800,000 German homes have been disconnected from the grid – victims of what is euphemistically called “fuel poverty”. In response, Germans have picked up their axes and have headed to their forests in order to improve their sense of energy security – although foresters apparently take the view that this self-help measure is nothing more than blatant timber theft (see our post here).

German manufacturers – and other energy intensive industries – faced with escalating power bills are packing up and heading to the USA – where power prices are 1/3 of Germany’s (see our posts here and here and here). And the “green” dream of creating thousands of jobs in the wind industry has turned out to be just that: a dream (see our post here).

The ‘gloss’ has well and truly worn off Germany’s wind power ‘Supermodel’ status – as communities fight back against having thousands of these things speared into their backyards – and for all the same reasons communities are fighting back all over the world; those with a head for numbers have called the fraud for what it is; and medicos have called for a complete moratorium on the construction of new wind farms in an effort to protect their patients and quarantine their professional liability:

Germany’s Wind Power ‘Dream’ Becomes a Living Nightmare

German Medicos Demand Moratorium on New Wind Farms

And, on a practical level, those in charge of Germany’s power grid have stepped up calls for an end to the lunacy of trying to absorb a wholly weather dependent generation source into what was never designed to deal with the chaos presented on a daily basis:

Germany’s Wind Power Debacle Escalates: Nation’s Grid on the Brink of Collapse

Electricity grids were designed as – funnily enough – ‘SYSTEMS’ – that can only operate around tolerances of a few volts and hertz, either way. Their designers never had the chaos of wind power generation in mind – with 60% of its installed capacity being thrown at the grid for a few hours when the wind blows and – without meaningful warning – having the whole lot disappear in a heartbeat.

13 June SA

[Now, that’s what STT means by ‘disappearing in a heartbeat’. Entire South Australian Grid – 13 June 2015 – from 9am to 3pm – a collapse of 750MW – 800MW to 50MW – or an output drop of 94% – at a rate of 125MW/hour]

That kind of chaos is set to have calamitous consequences for the entire grid – and every living thing connected to it. Here’s NoTricksZone with a no-punches-pulled take on Germany’s unscheduled return to the very Dark Ages.

“Alarming Results” From Fraunhofer Institute Study On Grid Overloading From Wind, Solar Power … Crippled Cities
Pierre Gosselin
15 July 2015

As Germany piles on more sporadic energy from wind and solar into its power grid, stability concerns are growing.

Increasingly volatile energies like wind and sun are turning out to be more of an expensive nuisance rather than a benefit.

Researchers at the Germany-based Fraunhofer-Instituts für Optronik, Systemtechnik und Bildauswertung, Institutsteil Angewandte Systemtechnik (IOSB-AST) have studied the risk of grid overloads caused by renewable energies at the community level, the online Ostthüringer Zeitung (OTZ) writes here.

The result, reports the OTZ:

Already in just a few years power will have to be stored locally as well. […] And the answers in their study are, depending on the perspective, thoroughly alarming or spurring for policymaking and the economy.

According to the OTZ, a team of researchers led by Peter Bretschneider at the Fraunhofer’s IOSB-AST conducted a 3-year study, where they literally built a statistical mock-up city of 30,000 that included a downtown, residential areas, commercial district, solar installations and wind parks. “A total of 1847 residential and business buildings that included everything from grandma’s little house to office complex for public officials.”

And so that the mock-up city simulates what is typical today in Germany, it also had everything a town would expect to have with the current German feed-in act:

4456 ‘grid elements’, i.e. power lines, transformers, large points of consumption and feed-in systems, foremost photovoltaics on the roofs.”

Even the homes were provided with the thermal insulation that they are expected to have later on.

The OTZ continues:

Next the Fraunhofer scientists electrified their simulated city. Then using meteorological data they allowed the sun to rise and set, the wind to blow, the temperatures to change – just like in real life.”

Next they extrapolated outwards to the expected conditions of the year 2018 and 2023, leaving the local power grid unchanged and allowing more wind and solar energy to come online as expected from the provisions of the feed-in act. How did the city’s power grid fare? The OTZ tells us the shocking results, and they aren’t pretty:

Already today in the simulated city one of the 14 network nodes gets sporadically overloaded. In 2018 the impacted transformer comes under serious stress 22 days a year, and so does another transformer. Five years later three nodes are impacted by long-term frequent back-feeding of surplus solar energy in the medium-voltage grid. At least one cable in the area exceeds ‘the limits of thermal loading’. […]  ‘Yes, a transformer would be glowing – and the cable would go up in smoke,’ system engineer Sebastian Flemming explains the results in layman’s terms.

The OTZ asks what this all means for the citizens? Flemming responds: “Blackout, for the entire city.”

In the wintertime this would be most inconvenient, and for some possibly even fatal.

Flemming adds that even if a blackout were averted, the wild frequency fluctuations in the grid would have “grave consequences” for many electrical appliances and systems. The OTZ writes:

None of today’s productions systems in the economy could function under such fluctuations, especially everything that is computer-controlled.

In other words, it would not even take a blackout to cripple a city.

The OTZ then asks what can be done with the surplus electrical energy that will surely result from the wind and sun. Here once again the financially and technically unfeasible storage systems get brought up. Another solution mentioned is the conversion of the electricity into heat for supplying warmth to homes.

But the online OTZ daily writes that solutions appear to be a ways off, and so it warns:

Time is running out: According to the study, beginning in 2018, the first transformers are threatened with prolonged overloading.”

Do these findings of the Fraunhofer Institute surprise us? Not at all. It’s been known for a long time that the feed-in of solar and wind power leads to crazy, uncontrolled power surges in the grid. Supply stability remains the glaring problem that too many among us continue to deny.

Prepare for blackouts!

studying candle

PSST! Want to make a fortune? Buy a German candle factory now.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. I see here perhaps the worst consequence of all, of the pseudo-green bellief that wind turbines and the like can save us from the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    It is the phrase “man-made emissions of an odourless, colourless, naturally occurring trace gas, essential for all life on earth”.

    It would not be colourless if we could see in the infra-red, perhaps slightly better than a pit viper can – and that’s the problem.

    The actual heat of industrial energy production is trifling compared with the enormous amount of “energy” Earth receives from the Sun. But the problem is, to get rid of it or get hotter.
    A remarkably small difference in the “colour” of the atmosphere in the infrared band that merely warm objects emit, can and does interfere enough with the process of getting rid of the energy, that the biosphere is storing heat. The most obvious consequence is the melting of polar ice. If Earth were a planet without liquid H2O, and just the atmosphere we have, the heat that has melted that ice would have made the air hotter by many degrees Celsius.

  2. Christine Crawford says:

    Should’ve done this test before subjecting the Germans to such waste! CC

  3. Terry Conn says:

    The scenario above is now official Labor party policy. ‘It’s Time’ to fire up the old wood stove and search for the kerosene lamps.

  4. vorsprung durch technik says:

    Technology will save us STT. Jawohl!

    Cutting down the German forests to keep the volk warm will clear space for more wind turbines. Which will create more CO2. Which will need more wind turbines. Which will create more CO2. Which will need more wind turbines. Which will…

  5. Surges from renewables are causing havoc,
    The grid needs a consistent supply;
    So the energy is dumped to protect the equipment,
    Green policies would make the grid fry!

    • thymeafterthyme says:

      And the Greens turned from Brown
      And they wither with Big Wind
      Now DiNasty has the crown
      And it crumbles in his hands

      (with apologies to Simon and Garf)

  6. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    You can add to blackouts caused by overloading, winter blackouts caused by gale force winds smashing power poles and homes, as well as trees crashing into homes, cars and what ever is next to them. Transport chaos due to traffic lights going out, electric trams and trains standing idol where they were when the power went out, home and business computers down, manufacturing stopped, stores watching frozen foods defrost and cold stuff become inedible and having to get out the battery calculator to add up sales.

    Cheers from those who mindlessly support such a stupid idea that Industrial Wind Turbines are the answer to our energy needs will fall away as THEIR lives are turned upside down.

    Will those who’ve already had theirs turned upside down feel sorry for them, will they want to help them – no way, they will be left to feel as helpless as those they are currently lumping scorn on.

    They will deserve all the chaos coming to them.

    That is unless those they scorn are able to bring about a moratorium, a bar on funding of anymore of these senseless machines or bring about the research that is so desperately needed into the adverse effects and shortcomings of this industry, and in doing so show Governments and investors how their funding and support is being squandered.

  7. Hegel H says:

    The German wind industry and its internationall colleagues have taken a leaf out of the Goebell’s propaganda handbook. Lie (about the facts), deny (that there is a problem for electricity grids, neighbours’ health and wellbeing, and fauna) and vilify (anyone at all, who puts up their hand to raise questions or report problems).

    Now the eco-fascist deception cannot hide the realities of electron behaviour in the physical world!

    Time for governments around the world to wake up to the corporate scam.

    Thank you for your valuable educational role and essential resources STT. This industry cannot hide from the FACTS!

    • Hegel H, what you just said about the German wind industry, can be said about the world wind industry. There are a bloody lot of liers when you have count.

    • Green, green, green. Sometimes facts don’t matter today.

    • E Griffiths says:

      Governments are complicit IN the scam – that’s why the industry continues to exist. Too many politicians won’t admit they’ve been conned, and some (if not many) are probably too stupid to know they’ve been conned.

      In the words of Mark Twain:
      “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

      … W Gloege, did you mean to say Greed Greed Greed? For that is what the windustry is all about 😦


  1. […] Welcome to Bill Shorten’s brave new world, the German experience. […]

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