Irish Uprising: Thousands Flood Dublin to Protest Against the Great Wind Power Fraud


The Irish hit boiling point over wind power and say enough is enough.


As ordinary – usually apolitical – people around the World start to cotton on to the true and hidden costs of wind power they are joining thousands of anti-wind power groups, becoming increasingly vocal and politically active. Canadians staged a huge anti-wind power fraud rally in Ontario, back in October last year (see our post here). And there will be more to come wherever giant fans have gone up.

This time it was the Irish who gathered in their Capital – the article below estimated 7,000 – the Gardaí estimated the number nearer to 10,000 – to slam their government’s insane – developer led – wind power policy. And rightly so.

What incenses people most is that the soaring power prices they suffer – being driven by massive taxpayer or mandated power consumer subsidies for wind power – the raft of social impacts (sleep deprivation suffered by neighbours being belted by incessant turbine noise; homes being abandoned for the same reason; plummeting land and house values; and bitter community division) – is all for NOTHING.

Wind power can only ever be ever delivered at crazy, random intervals; at best, it’s available 30% of the time (except the supplier just can’t tell which 30% of your day that might be); and it can’t be stored to match its brief periods of meaningful output – usually at night. Its intermittency and, therefore, inherent unreliability and unpredictablity means that 100% of wind power capacity has to be backed up 100% of the time by fossil fuel sources. Accordingly, wind power cannot and will never reduce CO2 emissions in the power generation sector. For a primer on just why wind power fails to deliver on its central promise: see this Irish paper here; this English paper here; and this Dutch study here.

And the unassailable FACT that wind power fails to reduce – and more probably increases – CO2 emissions means that wind power manifestly fails to satisfy the central – and ONLY – reason for its existence.

Claims by the wind industry and its parasites that wind power is all about saving the planet by reducing CO2 emissions are simply purposeful lies – never supported by a shred of credible evidence – but willingly sucked-up by gullible and naive policy makers.

Alive to all of the above, on a sunny Tuesday morning last week, thousands gathered in Parnell Square, Dublin to bring an end to the greatest environmental and economic fraud of all time. Here’s a video of some of the speakers, followed by an article from The Irish Times and an edited video of a news report from RTE.



Thousands protest over wind and energy policy
The Irish Times
Dan Griffin
15 April 2014

Thousands of protesters from across the country have taken part in a demonstration in Dublin against the erection of wind turbines and proposed electricity pylons.

Organisers estimated about 7,000 people marched from Parnell Square on the city’s northside to Leinster House today.

The demonstrators accused the Government of failing to listen and engage sincerely with the communities affected by “flawed energy policies” which, they said, had the potential to damage the natural landscape as well as people’s health.

The Government announced that an ambitious (and controversial) plan to export wind energy from the midlands to Britain has foundered.

“We thought this was a good opportunity to get all of the groups around the country together for once, because the problem is interconnected,” said Pylon Alternative Alliance chairman Robert Duggan.

High-voltage networks
Proposals to upgrade Ireland’s transmission lines would see the construction of two overhead high-voltage networks consisting of hundreds of large pylons. One network would run from Kildare to Cork, the other through north Connacht.

Mr Duggan said people felt the Government was not listening to their views. Local residents were not consulted on “substantial questions” concerning the Eirgrid project, he said.

“Although we the people own the country we never consented to this,” he added.

Tomás Moynihan from Tombrack in Ferns, Co Wexford, said he was worried because “they’re considering putting pylons right through our lovely landscape and at the end of the day we don’t want that because of health risks.”

‘Huge support’
He said the anti-pylon campaign had “huge support” in his locality: “People are really angry over it there are meetings every day of the week in different villages around our area.”

Groups campaigning against wind turbines will have been relieved earlier this week when a plan to export wind energy from the midlands to Britain collapsed. The development means the proposed construction of 1,000 wind turbines in five midland counties will not go ahead for now.
The Irish Times



A fantastic effort by all concerned! STT says: “hats off Ireland”.


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Speaking from an Irish perspective, we tend to be a very placid race of people, we’ve taken austerity on the chin, bailed out German bankers who over-invested in Irish Banks, we’ve seen big business and oil companies take the lions share of our natural resources. Many of our homes are in negative equity because of banks over-extending credit to new purchasers.

    We have had tribunal after tribunal investigating the meat industry, the planning system, child sexual abuse and numerous other things and still nothing changes (see

    Last Tuesdays demo was a watershed as it was the ordinary decent citizen who took the day off work and traveled to the Irish capital to protest. Over 7000 people on a normal working day is a huge protest in Irish terms.

    A big factor in the march is the role of Brendan Halligan. We have a quango in Ireland called the SEAI, their role is to advise Government on Energy policy. Halligan is on this body, he also has 400,00 worth of shares on Mainstream Renewable power. He is bosom buddies with Mainstreams boss Eddie O Connor, both having worked with state company Bord na Mona. Obviously he’s going to tell the Government to invest in wind energy.

    This is only one example of the crony capitalism at work behind the scenes. Another is Tim Cowhig, boss of Element Power, which is backed by Hudson Clean Energy. Tim is deeply embedded within FG, one of the ruling parties. He stood for election for them last time around, he also worked as an election agent. Tim was involved in some very shady dealings in the past, including applying for grants using the Irish version of his name.

    The press in Ireland don’t always report these things, however thanks to the internet and social media it’s getting more difficult to hide it.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    If this industry’s lies could produce electricity, there would be no need for any other form of energy production – we would have enough for everyone’s requirements.
    One of their favourite cries is that there is no problem being expressed anywhere else except here in Australia. But these demonstrations and outcries around the world are proving this lie wrong.

    Once up on a time, not so very long ago, they even said there was no such thing as infrasound. Now they have come to the conclusion they can’t keep pretending there is no such thing as infrasound – they are now admitting their turbines produce it, but say not at sufficient strength to cause health problems.

    But as we know – one step at a time we are dismantling their towers of lies, and for every attempt by them to stall us, we will take one step forward in crushing their false claims.


  3. Great posters.

  4. The citizens of Ireland, Canada, Germany, United States of America, Australia, and quite a lot of other Nations, are having the same problems with the fans; economically it is making power too expensive; environmentally, there is no reduction in CO2 emissions as they need to be backed up; and socially it is destroying the fabric of rural communities with the audible noise, infrasound and low frequency noise that affects peoples and animals health.

    They would like us to believe that every one is wrong, bar Christine Milne, the tobacco advertising guru and the clean energy council and all their other corrupt mates, like the wind weasel and greentard goons. It is tobacco and asbestos all over again. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny, Ha, Ha.


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