What “Community” Wind Farms are really like

As STT readers know all too well – the wind weasel is low.  But the lowest of the low are those kings of smarm that promote and run so called “Community” wind farms.

Here’s the tragic tale of a “Community” wind farm at Fairhaven, Massachusetts in the US – as told by the victims.

We covered the promo for it in our post “Monsters Inc” which was dedicated to the people who spend their lives lying to the innocent and deceiving hard working rural people.

As we said of the promo – if you fail to be moved by the accounts of these people you probably have a serious personality disorder – “sociopath” might just catch it.

Which accounts – we think – for the fact that the goons that work for wind weasels keep turning up on Mondays – oblivious to the misery they peddle. Here’s the full documentary.



Australia has its own “community” wind farm at Leonard’s Hill in Victoria.

Known as “Hepburn Wind”, it was set up by a bunch of smart Alecs who pulled up in Mercs and Beemers one day and decided to impose their brand of “groovy” corporate tyranny on a tight-knit little community who had no idea what was coming.

The people behind it couldn’t care less about the impact on ordinary people – they’re “saving the planet” – and the suffering of those trying to live next to their little monuments is a sacrifice that the backers are more than willing to make – of course they are – they all live in plush digs in the quiet, leafy suburbs of Melbourne, 120km away.

If you think the stories of Hepburn Wind’s victims are any less tragic than the stories at Fairhaven, think again.  Here are just two of the many tragic victims at Leonard’s Hill.




These long suffering souls have Simon Holmes a Court to thank for their endless, daily misery.

Simon has been running around like the proverbial headless chook over the last couple of months.  Apparently, Simon is very worried about what a Coalition government will do for his plans for another “Community” wind farm.

He’s had a go at trying to ingratiate himself with SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon and – when his smarmy overtures failed – he resorted to veiled threats about what opposing wind power would mean to Nick’s political future. Nick politely showed him the door.

We guess the “threat” took the form of lining up with Vestas and Co to pour $millions into the Green’s efforts to unseat Nick to help save ex-Martian, Sarah Hanson-Young.  Nice try – it wasn’t money well spent –  Sarah’s got a date with the political dustbin on Saturday.

Not content with that little effort, Slimin’ Simon has tried to worm his way into the long suffering Macarthur community.  He was all “sweetness and light” in his correspondence with Annie Gardner – Simon wanted to “visit” so he could “experience” what it was like to live next a “real” wind farm.

The ploy lasted just as long as it took Annie to rumble him and put terms to him about his “visit” that included making sure he came with Liberal MPs, Craig Kelly, Chris Back and Angus Taylor in tow – and that there would be full media coverage, including Graham Lloyd from The Australian – for the duration of his “farm stay”.

Needless to say, Simon has gone quiet on that score.

STT has a tip for our Macarthur readers – if he turns up – lock the doors and windows.  He’ll eventually go away.

And STT has a couple of tips for Simon – worry less about your plans to put together another community atrocity – and worry more about what happens when the Coalition starts investigating the REC fraud.

The Clean Energy Regulator might be sitting on their hands at the minute, but give it a week or two.  The new head boy has already signalled he’s not going to turn a blind eye to REC fraud.  And STT hears the REC fraud story is about to run in a number of major papers. But remember folks – you heard it here first.

Hepburn Wind is in the same league as Acciona’s Waubra wind farm.  STT’s seen work from independent acoustic experts that shows Hepburn’s operation does not and can not comply with the noise conditions of its planning consent.  Collecting RECs when in breach of State law – for eg, the noise conditions of a planning consent – is unlawful.

So, Simon – you might want to worry more about chickens coming home to roost at Hepburn –  rather than running about like one with its head removed – using your considerable “charm” to pressure Senators and MPs, and trying to inveigle yourself at Macarthur.

Simon – the “game” is over – after Saturday, the grown ups will be back in charge.  The end is nigh.

SHaC Walter

18 thoughts on “What “Community” Wind Farms are really like

  1. I live at Leonards Hill, close to 700m from Hepburn Wind ‘Community’ wind turbines.

    Hey Simon Holmes a Court – why are all of the trees screening my property slowly and stealthly disappearing? Maybe it’s blowin’ in the wind? Maybe the landholder, Ron Liversidge has seen the culprits?

    If you might know who is doing this, let me know so that I can remind them of the V.C.A.T. order. Trees are what the earth needs to clean the air we breathe (not like the steel, concrete, hazardous fuel and chemicals that a turbine needs).

  2. I met Simon Holmes a Court at a break during the Senate hearing in Melbourne, at first I was polite I shook his hand and introduced myself, I told him that My Wife and I got so ill after only one night of sleeping in our home [of 35 years] with turbines operating all around us we left and had not lived in the house since. His reply was, I do NOT doubt what you are saying, the conversation led to the idea of him living in our former home and he said he would.
    I said to him that up to half of the people who live in the area of the turbines at Hepburn may well suffer adverse health affects, his reply was we will build another hospital. I asked him another question I can not remember what it was, but I know that I got an equally stupid response, drawing a response from me as you are ——- stupid and then I walked off. I considered this person not to be suitable to live in our home.
    I attended a meeting where I was invited to go on a panel. Simon Holmes a Court was also on this panel in regards to where a community wind farm was proposed.
    Prior to this meeting my son had received at least 2 Calls from Neil from this proposed windfarm. My son listened to him for at least 2 hours discussing the windfarm issue. During the discussion this Neil person stated that he was speaking to a stakeholder at Waubra who was affected. Later, this Neil person claimed that no stake holders at Waubra were affected. This indicated to me that this person is a liar. When he rang me, I had as much regard for him as I have for Holmes a Court. This Neil person explained to me that he had spoken to my son. I promptly told him that my son and I agreed that he was a pain in the arse and he should bugger off. Was this person supported by Mr Holmes a Court to hassle my Family? I suspect so.
    Noel Dean.

  3. Take a look at how turbines have been distributed in the UK, many are single turbines or in small groups, they tried it here in SA at Green Point after Wind Prospect had not managed to sign up enough people. They divided the project they had received Council approval for, calling the 3 turbines on one property where a signature had been gained a ‘Community’ project, leaving the others for later when they possibly thought they could ‘persuade’ others to sign up. But it was never to be and they eventually decided to pull out, with none erected.

    Fortunately as now very close to where they were to be installed has received World Heritage status. Great place to consider to put them.

    Now is this an example of a good careful considered decision on the part of the Council – or as they would have it their Development Assessment Panel, who they insist are independent from Council, and what about the EPBC who let the original project application through their rigorous assessment process? I will leave you to come up with the answer.

  4. Well my friends, sadly, another community of wind farm refugees from Bodangora NSW has been added to the list.

    The Planning Assessment Commission approved this development today despite damming evidence against Infigens assessments of the project.

    I guess most of you reading this know exactly what the feeling is like and what we are going through tonight. This wind fraud is like an out of control cyclone, taking all in it’s wake and destroying yet another rural community.

    Thank you to all the network members who have supported us. Bring on the new government on the 7th and an end to the renewable energy fraud.

  5. It is difficult to explain what I feel at the moment.

    Hope, at what may well occur this Saturday with a change of government and more particularly what changes we may see in the senate, which will have a potentially large effect on the passage of future legislation.

    The overriding feelings are of anger. Anger at corporate shysters coming into our community at Curramulka and buying the souls of people for a few shekels. Anger towards my neighbours for selling themselves. Let there be no mistake…they have sold their souls. They could have come and discussed their ideas and plans, but they chose not to as they know if they had, they may not have been able to continue down this path of treachery.

    I have come to this understanding as I attempt to look them in their eyes and they tend to look away, but more and more if I am able to catch their gaze I see anger and that of the haunted.

    Anger, from the realisation that their treachery may not actualise into the financial remuneration they had hoped.

    Haunted, from the deeply ingrained knowledge that you should never ‘fuck over’ your neighbour. Harsh words some of you may think. The time for politeness and good manners is over.

    I am angry. I am so f**king angry and I am not going to take this sh*t from these opportunistic morons anymore. The thing I know in my heart of hearts is that we who fight this insidious evil are good people.

    We have ‘right’ on our side and we will prevail.

    Bless you all.

  6. Mr Abbott, we would be very greatfull if you would start to dismantle the industrial wind turbine industry on Sunday morning please, after the election. The Labor boys and girls wil be covering in the hole that KRudd dug himself into. They will have their knives and shovels out after him big time.

  7. In June last year I was in the audience at the John Madigan Wind Turbine meeting held in Bacchus Marsh to discuss health and noise issues. Simon Holmes a Court was there. A woman told of an increase in inpatients at the local hospital since the two Hepburn Wind turbines had commenced operation. I was shocked to hear this first hand account. This is the reality of placing these heavy industrial turbine installations so close to human beings on a 24/7 basis. These are not creations to be worshipped and given names. Nor should we hold hands in ceremony around them as portrayed in the Hepburn Wind promotional material reminiscent of a scene from the cult film classic “The Wickerman”.

    Real people are suffering here. The Daylesford residents should consider caring for their own before accepting anymore community sustainability funding.

  8. Well said.
    Let Saturday roll on and the wind weasles heads roll off!
    I know you have heard our story before but here’s an update of the suffering.
    My wife and I recently spent 7 weeks touring QLD and got to address the good folk of Tolga near Atherton. They are scared!
    During our time away, being away from the sonic torture chamber (our home) was simply delicious. The inner silence profound.
    Within a week of being home again we had to get away again for a few days. We only got home again tonight and already we have had enough.
    When will the governments also say “enough is enough!”?

  9. Again, It is easy for these people to say one thing, and then run away, leaving the neighbours to just suck up all that infrasound and low frequency noise. How the Hell do you suck this infernal thing that makes you feel so unwell?

    Wake up – we are not mental – Infrasound and low frequency noise is real.

  10. Community-owned wind farms = an advanced state of marketing deception. From that point let’s keep imagining that debt-strapped farmers are going to invest anything significant in an industry that causes grief and community divisions wherever it goes.

  11. Simon isn’t a very nice little man – although I hear he was very intimidated by a few farmers in the Smeaton region who didn’t like what he was trying to do and have caused him a bit of bother.

    It should be remembered that schmarmy David Shapiro was also the developer of the Waubra windfarm, with his buddy from the Hawthorn football club Andrew Newbold – what a pair of top blokes you have there!

    1. I doubt any of those 3 – Newbold, Shapiro or Holmes a Court – would have the balls to set foot in public anywhere around Ballarat these days, I hear there are a lot of people who want to “talk” to them.

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