Victims: Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson

STT would like to introduce you to Melissa Ware and Rikki Nicholson who live near Pacific Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, or Industrial Wind Factory as Rikki prefers to call it. It was only when they went and returned holidays that they realised that their annoying symptoms were related to being at their home. They describe their symptoms which are cumulative (waking at night with pulse racing, whole body vibration), the fact that a glass of water vibrates on the table, stray voltages are detectable in the air and they also demonstrate non-complying noise levels. They also lament the way in which their complaints are handled by the wind developer (9.05).

You can see and hear other victim impact statements here.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Aircraft have special procedures for noise abatement and some airports are closed late at night. Wind farm noise is far worse, when it starts, it doesn’t stop, it sounds like a cyclone which normally makes humans feel apprehensive and we can’t switch it off.

  2. genie81 says:

    So much corruption. I was shocked to learn the NSW Govt. has an interest in a Wind Turbine company. How can you fight when you have little money, no smart lawyers like the wind industry and their scam of RECs to keep them going along with the bribes to local councils and communities. E.G. Wellington Council NSW is getting $2 million for roads and some fund for the community.So they need the RECs as they are in debt both here and the USA while the UK went broke. Why won’t the Governments take notice of overseas where people have had to put up with these complexes and ruined landscapes etc? Are they waiting until we have no agricultural land left and have to buy overseas? between coal seam gas ,wind turbines and mining what’s led?

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I have sent a Letter to the Editor of the YPCT, and hopefully they will publish it. I have copied it here just in case they don’t:
    Dear Editor
    After reading a letter published in your paper with respect to opinions of a Dr John Willoughby and Dr Anna Balabanski I would like to ask them:
    “What training do you have in the medical conditions being reported by residents living close to industrial wind turbines, and what qualifications do you have in the area of acoustics to be able to make an informed opinion on the noise these industrial machines emit”?
    Are you qualified psychologists who have examined those reporting effects from these Industrial sites?
    Have you read reports from The World Health Organisation in respect to the effects of noise?
    Do you consider it acceptable that people and the environment are damaged by an Industry which has been shown not to meet noise, energy and emission reduction requirements?
    Do you believe only in what you THINK is environmentally acceptable?
    Do you only read what you think is relevant or have you been trained sufficiently to read broadly and from areas which you may not think you believe in?
    It’s very easy to just read what you think is relevant and reach a conclusion that suits your bias, but it’s more difficult to challenge your pre-existing belief but far more rewarding and produces a more acceptable viable argument.

    • genie81 says:

      Jackie, It is typical of these doctors, Tim Flannery and Simon Chapman ( I CANNOT CALL HIM PROFESSOR) whose opinions make you wonder whether they have some other agenda. Tim called one host near Canberra for an opinion and then addressed a nurses’ forum to condemn anti turbine people. Simon must spend all day reading anything anti turbine. He is a sociologist. Neither have medical qualifications in the areas of health and turbines nor anything in acoustics. Simon condemns the publication Science, Technology and Society. I also think there have been shots fired at Dr. Laurie and Steve Cooper yet nothing on Dr. M. Swinbanks and other experts and any Aussie Drs. anti turbines. After all they are industrial wind turbines and are complexes (NOT FARMS) and should be assessed as any other industry.

  4. The Wind Turbine Scam is ruining much of the UK’s Countryside. We are reatively small – could fit into one Australian/Canadian State quite easily but with 60 muillion population. Wind Turbines therefore are very intrusive. But plenty of landowners and (all) overseas owned turbine companies are swallowing money from taxpayer subsidised turbines like some Third World President !

    Turbines are pishing up UK energy prices which hit the poorest most. They are blighting our limited countryside and tourism and damaging individuals’ health. But our Councils who are the planning authorities in the Uk are encouraging blight.

    So if you have ever thought of coming to my County of Cornwall in the Uk come soon for beautiful views – cos they are vanishing – blighted by turbines.

  5. Thank you Melissa and Rikki for making this video. You have provided myself and the Heartland Farmers Group with even more inspiration to keep on fighting against the proposed 199 turbine, Ceres Project, here on Yorke Peninsula. Of course, we have been told all the same things, no noise, no infra sound, nocebo effect, property values will not drop, blah, blah blah. Thanks to people like yourselves and many others, we know what to expect, if this project is given the go ahead. STT has been an absolute godsend, providing us with up to date information.

    In spite of all this, so called professional people keep coming out with the same old garbage supporting the wind industry, one really has to question whether money is changing hands. This letter to the editor appeared in the Yorke Peninsula Country Times this week.

    No Health problems

    CORRESPONDENT Max Lees (YPCT 19-03-13) asks, among other questions, if farmers hosting Ceres wind turbines had been fully informed of the health concerns.
    As medical doctors who are committed to preventing the health impacts of industrial activities, we can advise you no adverse health effects of wind farm developments have been identified.
    Careful studies have been carried out locally (Environment Protection Authority, South Australia), nationally (National Health and Medical Research Council, 2010 statement) and internationally (e.g. Canada, published in Environmental Health, 2011).
    All of these indicate there are no adverse physiological effects from living near modern wind turbines or from the noise the turbines emit.
    There may be occasional psychological impact attributable to the visual effect, the acoustic effect or the financial changes in the community brought about by the wind farms.
    These can result in a small proportion of people becoming annoyed and, thereby, stressed. This is also reflected in the very wide European experience of wind farms.
    The placement of wind farms requires adherence to proper planning guidelines. From our reading of public health reports and studies, there are no health warnings necessary.
    There are no known potential health risks and, in dead, choosing renewable energy sources is in the best interests of both short and long-term health outcomes for the community.
    Psychological impacts due to wind farms in some individuals pale in significance when compared with the quite clearly documented serious and significant health impacts from coal burning, such as stroke, respiratory diseases, cancers and heart disease.
    As in any other area of concern, there is ongoing research of increasing sophistication into wind farm and health questions.
    It is right any fresh evidence of health problems be properly evaluated. Currently, the best evidence is strong no health problems are to be expected.
    Dr. John Willoughby (neurologist, FMC; Professor of Medicine, Flinders Uni.), Dr Anna Balabanski, Doctors for the Environment.

    One of our correspondents kindly explained who the Doctors for the Environment are.
    ‘Willoughby is a specialist in epilepsy. He is probably unaware of the 20 turbines that will line the B88 highway or may consider it ok in the interest of clean energy ( inverted commas) He identifies psychological impacts from turbines and I can run with that especially when he appears to advocate sacrificing such people for the greater good. History shows us that is what Hitler did too.
    The group includes an Alice Springs peace activist, a forest blockader, assorted climate changers, avowed green energy believers ,2-3-4th year med students, a Sydney GP “with a passion for revitalizing indigenous languages ” and to keep it wholesome a creator of vegan recipes and a lady who just “loves trees” a fine cross section of society who like us just want to make the world a better place.
    I would like to see many letters in response to the points raised by the good Doctors’

    Does the phrase ‘cash for comment’ come to mind?

  6. Libby Wheatley says:

    Thanks Melissa and Rikki for sharing your story. When I visited Cape Bridgewater I was in shock to see that the developers had chosen what I considered to be one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, for their industrial wind installation. It is tragic what has happened to so many residents of Cape Bridgewater, the injustice is profound. The academics and researchers who are colluding and collaborating in the great lie of industrial wind are the new generation of Merchants of Doubt. They are committing what anthropologist and physician, Paul Farmer considers to be structural violence. This travesty is a world wide abuse of Human Rights. The Violence of Industrial Wind Energy must continue to be exposed. The good news is, as I’ve discovered, my students, college-age, are eager for the truth. They are fascinated about and eager to hear the truth about what is going on. I did not expect such an inquisitive and motivated response among them because I assumed they have been Greenwashed. The fact is, they are EAGER to find out what is really going on. That means there is hope. Keep getting the truth out because there are people, young and old who want to access it.

  7. The wind scammers have this down to an art. The same story is repeated in every country. When a victim calls in to complain, they’re told that no one else has complained and it’s just them. It’s shocking that the wind industry is the ONLY one in the world that is allowed to get away with such deception and lies and misrepresentations, not to mention the harm to humans and wildlife. It’s astounding that this is allowed to go on.

  8. Thank you Rikki and Melissa, I’ve included your story on You are among the long list of residents hurting all over the world. Here in Ontario our ministry of the environment are hiding behind flawed methodology for noise assessments and refuse to take on the responsibility to determine what exactly is the problem and continually defer to the industry to guide them. It’s absolutely pathetic!!

  9. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Melissa and Rikki you are living in hell and it’s time those like Flannery and Chapman are forced to share it with you, or keep their opinions to themselves. They have spoken their unsubstantiated garbage now so they have no need to continue to repeat it.
    If they had any ethics they would ask to spend a week at your home or someone elses who is suffering, and would scream out for research to be undertaken to ascertain what is happening.

    But they won’t.

    So to Professors Chapman and Flannery ……………..

    “If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.”
    ― Jack Kerouac

  10. The industrial turbines companys love these turbines because it is the best way to print money, & they don’t care how it affects our lives. Most of our goverments are supporting the industrial turbine mafia with the massive amount of $$$$$$. If the goverments were fairdickum about the suffering people are putting up with that are living next to the above turbines they would put a stop to the above. You must not have to be very smart to be a professor as Chapman, Flannery & Co can’t workout what noise is all about. The thing is the people living next to the turbines & a lot of us can work out what noise is all about. Maybe we should cage both of them & their mates next to the troublesome turbines for a month or two to improve their intlegance about noise & they might understand what we are on about. Thank you Melissa & Rikki for the video as it says it all & it is only those so called exsperts (ex – out, spert – drip under pressure) above that don’t get it.

  11. Old Ranga from Victoria says:

    As Rikki says, correctly, they’re industrial wind factories, not farms.

  12. Andreas Marciniak says:

    Melissa and Rikki , I’m sorry for what your are going through, but every thing you are both saying about the Turbines and what you where told, is what we where told, word for word in Waterloo South Australia , and all your feeling is what we (my Family friends and others in the town) have to but up with, and NO one is listening, I have been trying for over 2 years now to let people know how bad it can be for some people leaving near Industrial Wind Turbines, “NOT FARMS” I had to move out of my home only month after Turbines came online, and have been a Wind turbine refugee , and so have some of my neighbours , at 3-5 km, we suffered, and some of us could feel them as far as 10 km. away. Thank you both for speaking out about this problem.

  13. I hope this is sent to all the stakeholders including pollies, proponents, hosts potential hosts it should be mandatory for any wind factory to hold workshops with neighbours residents and communities and show real people who have been impacted. We all know the capabilities of the frontmen and their wingmen but we never have opportunities to front them head on, they hide behind their wind devotees who are paid to peddle the shit, the rest of us are doing our very best to shovel it away.
    Melissa and Rikki Thankyou for speaking out it gives the rest of us the go forward we need to hang in.

  14. Brilliant interview and presentation. The same lack of interest in harmful low frequency noise and vibration from other sources, such as idling prime movers and large electric motors used by industry, is the experience of many in urban areas. Phone complaints to EPAs not recorded. Councils receiving hundreds of noise complaints each month. Not disclosed publicly. EPA Licensing conditions and reporting all done in house by companies licensed to pollute. Ministers not interested in gathering any information on the health effects of noise and vibration. It is all too scientific. No logical integration in government between areas with different expertise in such complexity. To assist data collection and understanding of complex environments. A simple reference to a condition mentioned in this interview by Melissa, is the cost of hearing loss. In Australia it equates to about 23,000 million $, ($23 billion) annually. Access Economics –
    Listen Hear! The Economic Impact and Cost of Hearing Loss in Australia;
    Almost half attributed to poor noise management by Access Economics is 2006. Why won’t such economic cost and community burden change the way noise is considered and managed by our political leaders? Why has our capitalist system not responded to unsustainable costs? Because it is costing those responsible, absolutely nothing.

  15. Patricia Godfrey says:

    What we all already knew, The Italian government has seized 1.7 billion in assets from mafia boss (dubbed Lord of the wind) In wind turbine subsody scam We all knew it was never about renewable energy or Us the people who that have suffered It has always been about the almighty $$$$$$$$


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