The wind war: men in suits against women on farms and …

This is disturbing footage. Compare Denis Napthine, smiling and in his suit, repeating the fraudulent jobs mantra, with Anne Gardner talking about the affects of Macarthur wind farm on her family and her community. “We’re desperate,” she says. “We don’t know what to do. We can’t live in our homes and we can’t go on.” […]

What price do you put on friendship?

“For four years, a handful of farmers in the district hid a secret that not even a weekly drinks session or years of friendship could drag out. They had covertly opened up their farm gate to wind farm developers, lured by the cash offer of $15,000 for every wind turbine dug into their property — unbeknownst to the mate across […]

The heartbreak of Waterloo

James Delingpole is an English writer, broadcaster and columnist for The Telegraph in the UK. He is the author of several books, including Watermelons: How Environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future. His recent tour of Australia attracted large audiences. We reproduce his May 3, 2012, piece for The […]