Greg Hunt’s “Game” of Hide and Seek: or how Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit – Infigen – hijacked Australian Energy Policy

**** Ian “Macca” Macfarlane and his youthful ward, Greg Hunt are the flies in the Coalition’s political ointment, when it comes to engineering anything like a sensible policy on energy. Both Macfarlane’s and Hunt’s offices are filled with wind industry plants and stooges, like Hunt’s senior adviser, Patrick Gibbons. Patrick is best mates with Vesta’s […]

Politicians & Business Finally Waking Up to the Massive Costs of the LRET

**** In this post we highlighted the political distinction between the small scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) – which doles out subsidies for rooftop solar – and the Large-Scale RET (LRET) – upon which the debacle that is the wind industry depends. While Greg Hunt and Ian “Macca” Macfarlane have been running around talking up […]

Planets Align as Dick Warburton – RET Slayer – appointed to head RET Review

“Apoplexy”: informal, extreme anger: the decision has aroused apoplexy among greentard bloggers. In the week just gone, greentard bloggers, wind weasels and their parasites have gone into meltdown over the Head Boy’s decision to appoint 4 business and energy market experts to head up the long awaited RET review. In charge will be Dick Warburton […]

Nick Xenophon says: Time to Can the Fans

*** South Australia’s favourite Greek, Senator Nick Xenophon is on an all out assault on the wind industry – and fair enough.  During the last election he was the target of a pernicious attack launched by the Greens and paid for by Vestas & Co – Nick was less than impressed with the lies and […]

Stanwell Corp says the RET must GO

**** STT hears the queue outside Environment Minister, Greg Hunt’s office is becoming rowdier and larger by the day.  Real power generators are keener than ever to get rid of the mandatory Renewable Energy Target – and see the potential for the Coalition’s Direct Action policy to do just that. Operatives from Queensland’s biggest power […]

Don’t Say “We Didn’t Warn You”

**** “Risible”: provoking laughter through being ludicrous.  That’s a pretty fair summation of Australia’s so-called “wind industry” in the week just gone. It would be, except, wind power was pitched as a reliable replacement for on-demand power generation sources (like coal, hydro and gas) and a cost-effective means of reducing CO2 emissions.  Our political betters […]

Greg Hunt & Ian Macfarlane: aka “Dumb” and “Dumber”

STT has raised one or two suspicions about Ian “Macca” Macfarlane’s unseemly connections with his mates at Infigen (aka Babcock & Brown) and we’ve entertained the odd doubt about young Gregory Hunt. Now it seems that they’re ready to convert doubts and suspicions into cold, hard – industry and employment destroying – facts. These clowns […]

Don’t Panic, Don’t Panic!!

They’re panicking. The greentard bloggers are in a solid state of denial at the minute. One of them – The Climate Speculator is exhorting its stricken band of followers: “don’t panic, don’t panic”. When Jonesy used the same line – it almost always meant there was every reason to panic. The Climate Speculator is arguing […]

Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down …

**** Taking the wind power fraud to new lows in hypocrisy, pointlessness and infantile stupidity, it seems that every shark in the pond is ready to cash in when the wind stops blowing. STT has covered the consequences of wind power going AWOL over 100 times each year – as peaking power plants jump into […]

Come on Greg, put them all out of OUR misery!

The energy industry boys are behaving like a bunch of cannibals at an all-you-eat-buffet, where the wind industry suits are the prized dish. **** STT smells more than just a little fear among the stench of desperation in this Reuters’ report. Chill breeze of politics stills Australian renewables Reuters Rob Taylor 27 May 2013 BUNGENDORE, […]