Runaway Train

**** Having set the wheels firmly in motion, the brains behind Britain’s brewing energy disaster have jumped from the loco and left their passengers to their own devices … Good luck, Britain. Here’s The Time’s take on how wind power driven “fuel poverty” is about to become the “new black” for the poor, aged and […]

Britain’s Winter of Discontent

In our recent post Miliband off with the pixies as Brits brace for Winter of Discontent we predicted that Brits are ready for another Winter of Discontent as renewable driven power prices leave them freezing in the dark. **** Well, it seems we weren’t far off the mark. Peaking power piranhas are piling in to […]

Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down …

**** Taking the wind power fraud to new lows in hypocrisy, pointlessness and infantile stupidity, it seems that every shark in the pond is ready to cash in when the wind stops blowing. STT has covered the consequences of wind power going AWOL over 100 times each year – as peaking power plants jump into […]