Tim Flannery derides wind farm sickness

FlanneryThe following article appeared in The Australian today.

What is not mentioned is that Flannery is on the payroll of at least two major wind organisations.

He is on the sustainability board of Siemens, a turbine manufacturer.

He also undertakes a similar role for the Indian company, Tata, a major wind farm operator.

Additionally he receives $180,000 a year in a part-time role to promote the Gillard Government’s carbon tax.

This is simply another case of cash for comment. Flannery is a green dollar chaser.

Under the floppy-hat guise of author and academic,  he promotes the interests of those who send him cheques.

Flannery would have thought he was speaking to an audience privately.

We congratulate reporter Pia Akerman for her ongoing coverage of the wind industry.

And now we have had it confirmed again.

Flannery is a fool. He has a track record of making outlandishly stupid comments.

And we know the wind industry is about pursuing profits (or in his case, income) at any cost.

Also of interest in this story are the nurse’s comments on Hepburn Wind.

Wisely, she is unnamed. HW’s Simon Holmes a Court has a reputation for personally attacking anybody critical of his two-turbine money machine.

But good on her for speaking out. As we posted, the number of medical professionals recognising there’s a problem with wind turbines is growing worldwide.


By Pia Akerman

CLIMATE commissioner Tim Flannery has dismissed concerns about possible health effects from wind farm noise, saying illness may be caused by stress or residents being “sick with envy” at not getting payment for turbines on their properties.

Speaking at a nurses’ forum yesterday about the relationship between climate change and health, Professor Flannery fended off a question from a regional Victorian nurse who said she supported wind energy but was seeing many patients with health problems attributed to a nearby wind farm.

“What I’ve read and experienced is that there are no proven health impacts directly from wind-related noise,” Professor Flannery said. “What we do see is people who are adversely affected by it through perhaps stress or tension or worry.”

Professor Flannery said he had asked a Canberra man who had leased part of his land for six turbines whether he had seen any health effects from the wind farm.

“He said, ‘Yeah mate, people get sick, sick with envy,” Professor Flannery said. “He said $60,000 a year (was) coming straight into his farm and people next door can see the turbines every day.

“I’m not saying that’s the whole story, by any means, but I think from what I’ve read the health impacts are more (at) that social level rather than anything caused directly by the noise.”

The nurse who asked the question described herself as an environmental activist who had supported plans to build the Hepburn wind farm, a community-owned two-turbine project near Daylesford, northwest of Melbourne.

“As a nurse I experience lots of people around that wind farm having very negative health impacts from it,” she said. “In the enthusiasm for bringing in alternative technology, how can we ensure those affected get social justice? Whilst I support wind, I have to say that I don’t support the Hepburn wind farm because they failed to address the health issues of those affected by it.”

The Coalition has pledged to hold an inquiry into wind farm noise if elected in September, after a Senate committee last year discounted health claims but did not dispute that some people living near turbines felt unwell.

A University of Sydney study released this month concluded wind farm-associated health problems were “communicated” diseases of a psychogenic origin, based on non-physical causes such as fear and anxiety.

The study drew its data on the number of people complaining about health problems from wind farm developers, submissions to government public inquiries and news media articles.

Sarah Laurie, the chief executive of the Waubra Foundation, dedicated to wind farm health issues, said Professor Flannery’s comments were “appalling”.

“We’re talking about families who have been driven out of their homes, we’re talking about elderly widows who are unable to sleep in their home,” she said.

“I’m disgusted and appalled at his comments and his ignorance.”

Professor Flannery said the Climate Commission would produce a report later this year, in conjunction with the Australian Medical Association, on wind farms and their health effects.

A spokeswoman later clarified that the commission “hoped” to produce a report on wind energy, with a section on health.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. mtbryandiesel says:

    Tim the Fool Flannery needs to do a bit of research into the effects on something he is qualified in. The study of Kangaroos.It seems that the kangaroos that used reside on the hills that are now home to the Hallett 2 windfarm now chose to live on the flats 3 to 4 Kms from the turbines and come much closer to human habitation.Maybe the roos are also suffering from the NOCEBO effect as they are not being paid for the noisy turbines on their old home ground.Something Tim and Simon could work on in their spare time maybe?Ben ,Cam, David J Hoover and the FOE may also like to help.They might be interested in animals suffering but they are sure as hell totally disinterested in any HUMANS suffering negative Health effects from poorly thought out separation distances from Windturbines.

  2. ex Green now Milne is in charge says:

    I can see the Climate Commission and AMA Health report now:
    Turbine neighbours sick with envy ( Ref: Tim Flannery field research, co author Simon Chapman, PHD Propaganda, with diligent assistance of the CAHA smear team)

    For an expert communicator, Flannery’s quoting the sneer of a turbine host would be hard to believe as a casual ‘slip of the tongue’. He is not that stupid. It is however consistent with the theme and pattern of derision and vilification by the wind industry of people adversely affected by IWT around the world. Though to be fair, he does qualify his anecdote in saying it “wasn’t the whole story”, that “impacts are more (at) that social level rather than anything caused directly by the noise.”

    He clearly hasn’t read much (it is a part time job after all) or is in strategic denial of the current published acoustic evidence of adverse effects of IWT full spectrum acoustic emissions pointing to the urgent need for more research.

    I once admired Flannery and indeed Bob Brown. No longer. Flannery has a clear financial conflict of interest on wind turbines, and Bob must have a conflict of conscience not to stand up for the country folk being done over by multinational exploitation. I suppose for Bob, the man who once had “the blood of Mandela in his veins” and for his protégé Milne, whose blood type (Green B –ve) was incompatible with any sort of transfusion, they cannot reconcile the fact that the turbines which are “meant to save the planet” are doing harm to real people with real blood pulsing through their veins.

    I suggest they revisit the words of James Lovelock, presumably someone they trust and respect, and they may then face up to the truth:

    “I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood and misapplied. We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilization”. https://stopthesethings.com/2013/01/

  3. david mortimer says:

    Flannery’s flannel about describes this man’s ignorant ravings.
    My wife and I are living proof that turbine hosts are being severely impacted by these fields of mass gladiatorial combat.

    Also, the New Zealand Uni “study” that exposed young healthy students to 40dB (SPL?) of “5Hz infra sound?” for ten minutes is laughable and does not have any credibility. We are exposed to at least 60dB SPL infra sound 24/7. My wife took around 4 years before she was affected.

    To the Flannerys and the Chapmans of this world, get real and get a real life and get involved in conducting some real research on the health of the Australian public instead of tending to the health of the wind industry’s financial bottom line. By giving “credibility” to the wind developers “spin”, you are only destroying your own credibility. You should be getting very worried if you want to retain any standing in the community.

  4. Take the goverment hand outs away from the wind industry and industry will fall over, as the power from the turbines will be to dear. All these drips will just disapear & you will see them on the corner ratteling a tin because no one will employ them.

  5. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Birds of a feather – Professor Tim keeps good company it seems when it comes to his connections with Tata Group. IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri was once described as a salaried employee of TERI, a “charity” set up as Tata Energy and Resources Institute, subsequently renamed The Energy and Resources Institute.

    Robert Mendick of the The Telegraph commented thus about Dr Pachauri and TERI:

    “A research institute headed by Dr Pachauri will receive up to £10 million funding over the next five years from the Department for International Development (DfID).”

    The TATA Group it seems has form when it comes to its treatment of India’s the poor.

    “Known as ‘Pittsburgh of India’, Jamshedpur is a city that was designed by Tata to house the employees of its giant steel plant. Unfortunately almost none of the Santhals who were displaced by the steel mill received employment or compensation. Their village of Jujsai Saloud at the edge of the mill is now a slum where they scrape a living by selling bits of coal gleaned from the mill’s slag-heap.”

    Steel workers in the UK are also amongst the ranks of those who have suffered at the hands of TATA as a result of its exploitation of the greenhouse subsidy racket.

    “This, even for a company the size of Tara steel, is a considerable windfall, over and above the money it will already make from the EU scheme. But, with a little manipulation, the company can still double its money. By “offshoring” production to India and bringing emissions down – from over twice the EU level – to the level currently produced by the Redcar plant, it stands to make another £200 million per annum from the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism.”

    The “white shoe brigade” of the wind industry obviously have a lot in common with the celebrity preachers of the “global warming religion”. As the saying goes “just follow money”.

  6. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people who would do or say just about anything for money…..and alot of them happen to be windweasels. They simply do not care about the people they are hurting.

  7. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Tim Flannery started out with a BA in English, went on to gain a Masters in Earth Science, then a Doctorate in Palaeontology – on macropods. He has been involved with Earth Sciences and had a lot to say about climate change and through this has decided he knows everything there is to know regardless of whether he is an acoustician or a medically trained doctor or medical researcher.
    If he kept to his area of training and did not encroach on or deny there are others who have more capabilities than himself he might be worth listening to. Other than that he has no more credibility in writing about effects of Turbine noise on people than Chapman has.
    Why do people who have the capability to see things through clear eyes decide to wear blinkers? When does money become the blinker?

  8. Grant Winberg says:

    There appear to be several people seeking the limelight for significant reward with academic titles such as professor and with large retainers from business (as well as government and the University of Sydney presumably). Ultimately these people will be held accountable for having received financial gain while directly contributing to the health and financial impacts on non-consenting Australian citizens.

  9. Post this fool’s details so everyone who is affected by IWT can give him their first hand account.

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