I am James Lovelock

I am an environmentalist and founder member of the Greens but I bow my head in shame at the thought that our original good intentions should have been so misunderstood and misapplied. We need take care that the spinning windmills do not become like the statues on Easter Island, monuments of a failed civilisation. December […]

A farmer writes to the new head of Greenpeace

“I support Greenpeace’s actions in campaigning against whale hunting, it’s saving of precious forests, protection of fish resources and management of water ways, but I believe one huge mistake Greenpeace had made is their support of industrial wind turbines as a means to reducing carbon emissions.” – Charlie Arnott, farmer ”If the environment movement, and […]

The heartbreak of Waterloo

James Delingpole is an English writer, broadcaster and columnist for The Telegraph in the UK. He is the author of several books, including Watermelons: How Environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future. His recent tour of Australia attracted large audiences. We reproduce his May 3, 2012, piece for The […]