Wind ‘Powered’ Britain Scrambles to Build Nuclear Power Plants as UK Wind ‘Drought’ Hits

There’s a reason that windmills were abandoned in the 19th century: it’s called “the wind”. In 2018, only profiteers and idiots remain as advocates for wind power. In the former category stands Bloomberg, which has been front and centre when it comes to promoting the purported ‘virtues’ of subsidised wind and solar. So, it’s somewhat […]

Up in Smoke

So much for wind power “saving the planet” – fossil fuel suppliers are watching their diesel sales soar as it becomes the fuel of choice for the back-up generation needed when wind-watts go missing – an inconvenient fact covered in Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down …. You could say green dreams are going “Up in Smoke”. […]

Bobby thumbed a “Diesel” down …

**** Taking the wind power fraud to new lows in hypocrisy, pointlessness and infantile stupidity, it seems that every shark in the pond is ready to cash in when the wind stops blowing. STT has covered the consequences of wind power going AWOL over 100 times each year – as peaking power plants jump into […]