Power Prices“r”UP: Clive Palmer Determined to Destroy Australian Business and Crush Australian Families

**** Australian politics is (sadly) renowned for its “colour” – and there are few more colourful than Queensland’s political “giant”, Clive Palmer. Head of the PUP – or the “Prices“r”UP” Party. Yesterday – in a circus so bizarre that PT Barnum would have been left speechless – Palmer teamed up with none other than Al […]

Friday Funnies

STT has been trying hard to keep off the climate realists’ turf – readers know we’ve lapsed a couple of times lately – but we’re seriously trying to get back on the straight and narrow. Well, not that seriously.  This Spectator article was just too funny not to share.  Enjoy! Global warming’s glorious ship of […]

John Cowl MD – comments on “Global Warming”

**** Now and again we receive a comment that’s worthy of a front row seat.  John Cowl MD, who we assume to be an American, swung in on our post: Donna Laframboise: “Global Warming” – The Greatest Lie Ever Told: Pt 1 with this well considered piece.  STT thought it worthy of an “uplift”. John […]

Some basic facts about wind energy … it doesn’t work

Washington Times Saturday, March 16, 2013 By Bill Gunderson If only wind energy worked, it would be great. But it does not — at least not that well. What’s worse, most people do not know, especially the Green Energy True Believers. Those who do know, however, do not care. They tell us wind is an […]