Ron “The Boss” Boswell spells out death for the RET

STT champion, Ron “The Boss” Boswell may be on the way to retiring from the Big House on the Hill in Canberra come next July, but he certainly isn’t shy or retiring in his efforts to save Australian industry from our ridiculous renewable energy policy. As Ron pointed out a while back in this post, […]

RET hits “critically endangered” list

**** When lefty business rag, the Australian Financial Review joins the growing chorus of those ready to scrap the RET and start again, wind weasels must know they’re in BIG trouble. STT placed Australia’s unsustainable Renewable Energy Target on the endangered list from the moment we started.  But with the Coalition’s RET review about to […]

Richard Paltridge – one man’s battle

Battling wind weasels, like Acciona, in Court has its own “special” charm – just ask Richard Paltridge. Dick won – his landmark planning case in South Australia, but his opponents – including the rotten little Rann, State Labor Government – pulled every slimy trick in the book along the way. Acciona – the subject of […]

Vale: The Faultless Member for Hume: Alby Schultz

STT regrets to inform the world of the passing of the Faultless Former Member for Hume, Alby Schultz. What we wrote about him two years ago gives some idea of the courage and nobility of a Great Australian. His Country will miss him. This post was originally posted on 26 June 2013 STT readers – please […]

The Kelly Gang takes on a Muppet Motion

There seems to be a habit among the green-left of asking questions not knowing what answer to expect. A little while back we reported on the monumental “own goal” scored by Vic Green Greg Barber when his series of Dorothy Dixers ended with Planning Minister Matt Guy confirming that Acciona’s Waubra operation has been operating […]

Matthew Guy: Man or Mouse?

In our post – CER no longer game to ride with the developers committing REC Fraud – we documented the moment when Green turned a smelly shade of brown for the King of Victorian greentard’s – Greg Barber. Barber scored an “own goal” when he had Vic Planning Minister – Matthew Guy – confirm that […]

The Rally: We Will Prevail

Mr Bond takes on “Futureye”

STT is not only a keen consumer and user of language – we have been on the lookout for abuses such as Climate Spectator’s claim that the wind is no longer “intermittent”. STT also loves to get behind the tactics used by wind weasels and the parasites that support them. In our post “RATCH – […]

Victims: Andrew and Maggie Reid

STT would like to introduce you to Andrew and Maggie Reid, who have a farm near Waubra which is surrounded by wind turbines. They are impacted by the noise (headaches, head pressure) but the focus of this story is how it has impacted their community life.  Andrew is a 5th generation farmer in the area […]

Blacksmith from Ballarat closes in on the Great REC Fraud

STT has been following, with some interest, Victorian Senator, John Madigan’s effort to prosecute one of the greatest frauds in Australian corporate history. The New South Welshmen are all excited about the $70 mill or so that the Obeid clan pocketed in the Hunter – the subject of the Ipp Inquiry. Well, the Spanish Swindlers […]