RET hits “critically endangered” list

**** When lefty business rag, the Australian Financial Review joins the growing chorus of those ready to scrap the RET and start again, wind weasels must know they’re in BIG trouble. STT placed Australia’s unsustainable Renewable Energy Target on the endangered list from the moment we started.  But with the Coalition’s RET review about to […]

The “Squirrel Grip”: Stockyard Hill Style

From the battle hardened members of STT we know that you are wasting your breath when you spend time trying to talk sense into State Governments, their Planning Departments and EPAs – sure enough they make decisions that ruin many a great community, but they ain’t “the money” – that all comes out of Canberra […]

We smell fear and loathing in the wind energy sector

Can you smell it? It’s currently just a hint of Canberra breeze, a waft of something sour. But it’s definitely there. The smell of fear and loathing. Recently, the head of Origin Energy, Grant King, hammered the Renewable Energy Target scheme and the Gillard government’s carbon tax. King told an audience of business heavies the […]