Victims: Andrew and Maggie Reid

STT would like to introduce you to Andrew and Maggie Reid, who have a farm near Waubra which is surrounded by wind turbines. They are impacted by the noise (headaches, head pressure) but the focus of this story is how it has impacted their community life.  Andrew is a 5th generation farmer in the area […]

Victim: Colin Schaefer

STT would like you to meet Colin Schaefer, who lives 8 km from the Waterloo turbines in the mid-North of South Australia. You may have already come across Colin in an earlier post when he was on the Sunrise Report. Initially, Colin was as strong advocate for the turbines, even helping in their construction, but […]

The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 2 – Community Impact

This is the second part of a 5-part interview with Mr. Tim Le Roy, spokesman for the Coastal Guardians. In this installment, Tim focuses on the impact that wind development has had on the communities he has worked with. He discusses the land-leasing strategies used by wind developers and the resulting inequity within the community. He […]