Anne Schafer shafts AGL spin at Macarthur

STT has been celebrating the fact that – with the Coalition’s win and its promised RET review about to kick-off soon – the chances of any more giant fans being erected in Australia are slimmer than a German supermodel. *** With the threat of any further turbine terror from new wind farms fading fast, we […]

Matthew Guy: Man or Mouse?

In our post – CER no longer game to ride with the developers committing REC Fraud – we documented the moment when Green turned a smelly shade of brown for the King of Victorian greentard’s – Greg Barber. Barber scored an “own goal” when he had Vic Planning Minister – Matthew Guy – confirm that […]

The “Le Roy Tapes”: Part 5 – Jobs and Subsidies

The final part of the interview with Tim Le Roy. In this episode Tim describes how subsidies have warped the green energy ideal and caused significant job losses  by supporting the roll-out of a deeply-flawed product – industrial wind turbines (4.11).

Nothing earns more than a wind farm

Fictional mafia boss Tony Soprano told people he was in the waste management business. “Everybody immediately assumes you’re mobbed up,” he said. “It’s a stereotype. And it’s offensive … There is no Mafia.” Soprano’s approach was to find an edge, then enforce it with muscle. The model was simple: big returns, little or no risk […]