Ron “The Boss” Boswell spells out death for the RET

Former Queensland Senator, Ron Boswell

Qeensland Senator, Ron Boswell

STT champion, Ron “The Boss” Boswell may be on the way to retiring from the Big House on the Hill in Canberra come next July, but he certainly isn’t shy or retiring in his efforts to save Australian industry from our ridiculous renewable energy policy.

As Ron pointed out a while back in this post, Australia can: “have a carbon price and renewable energy targets or viable manufacturing. We can’t have both”.

Sounds like a simple choice, doesn’t it?

Renewable targets ‘killing industry’
The Australian
Annabel Hepworth
15 November 2013

VETERAN Nationals senator Ron Boswell has escalated the pressure on Tony Abbott to make changes to the Renewable Energy Target, declaring manufacturers face a “killing field”.

In a passionate address to the Senate yesterday, Senator Boswell said the RET was on track to cost $5 billion a year by 2020, and that the carbon tax and renewables schemes had played a part in tipping businesses “over the edge”.

The scheme requires that at least 20 per cent of the nation’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020.

Senator Boswell said the RET was driving up the electricity bills of manufacturers.

While scrapping the carbon tax would cut power bills for industries such as aluminium smelters and food processors that were struggling with input costs in Australia, scrapping the RET would do a lot more to ease the pain.

“It is a killing field out there for manufacturers,” Senator Boswell said.

“I am not placing the blame for Australian manufacturers’ woes on the carbon tax and renewables, but they have certainly played their part in tipping businesses over the edge.”

The comments came after the Prime Minister revealed on Monday that the Coalition’s review of the RET next year would look at the impact of the scheme on power bills.

While the Coalition has maintained that it supports the RET, Mr Abbott conceded this week that renewable targets were “significantly driving up power prices right now”.

Senator Boswell told the Senate that Mr Abbott’s comments this week gave him a lot of hope.

Some companies have seized on the Coalition’s carbon tax repeal to argue that this is just the first step in changing climate action policies and the RET should be the next target for change.

The carbon tax repeal bill says that the RET will continue to be reviewed bi-annually.

Queensland’s electricity generator Stanwell Corporation has told the Carbon Tax Repeal Taskforce that the RET is “distorting the efficient operation of the energy markets”.

Some renewables investors have said, however, that investor confidence was being undermined by the prospect of further reviews of the scheme.

Hydro Tasmania has told the taskforce that the repeal of the carbon price will make the RET more important as it will be “the principal policy through which electricity sector emissions will be reduced”.

While the RET is subject to two-yearly reviews, Hydro Tasmania said frequent reviews “only serve to compromise investor confidence and set back industry development.”

Spanish renewable energy operator Acciona has told the taskforce that bipartisan support for the RET under the Howard government was “critical” to the company’s decision to begin investing in Australia in 2002.

Acciona said that leaving the fundamental design of the RET unchanged was “absolutely critical to avoiding creating sovereign risk in Australia”.
The Australian

It’s not “sovereign risk” that Spanish wind scammers, Acciona are worried about.  These boys and their mates at Hydro Tasmania are worried about their OWN “RISK”.

With the RET about to join the list of extinct Australian species, financiers are not only refusing to lend for new projects, they are getting “nervy” about recovering money they’ve already lent to wind weasels.

With the RET review about to kick-off – and Tony Abbott signalling his reservation about “These Things”, King Islanders can breathe a healthy sigh of relief.

The disaster that Hydro Tasmania has planned and scammed for Bass Strait’s jewell is now as likely as human settlement on Mars.

And, for Acciona, it’s not just the “RISK” attached to their absolute reliance on a completely unsustainable industry policy, it’s also the EVEN BIGGER “RISK” that it will have to repay the – more than $80 million worth of – RECs it has received unlawfully at its Waubra wind farm.

Acciona’s Waubra operation does not – and can never – comply with the noise conditions of its planning consent, which constitutes a breach of State law.  As such, it is not, and was never, entitled to be accredited to receive RECs.

And, for 5 years, it has been lying to the Clean Energy Regulator by asserting that it is, in fact, in compliance with State law.  That surreptitious little ruse is, in and of itself, a criminal offence under Commonwealth Law.

Despite some sterling efforts from within the Pyrenees Shire Council, the Victorian Department of Planning and by Acciona’s goons to keep official documents evidencing the fraud safely under wraps, Senator John Madigan is persistently and doggedly gathering the evidence of one of the greatest criminal frauds ever seen in Australian history.

Marshall Madigan has been asking some very uncomfortable questions of Coalition Senators since Parliament resumed – here’s transcript of one recent effort.  STT thinks it would be very wise for Coalition members to be on the right side of the line when the boys from the Australian Federal Police come knocking in the next few weeks.

Here’s the STT challenge: let us know if you can point to a single fraud in Australian history that netted more than $80 million?

We can’t think of one.

HSU boss, Michael Williamson knocked off a lazy $1 million from health sector union members. And, for that rather paltry effort, faces 30 years in the cooler.  What do you think he would get if it was $80 million?

Michael Williamson

Tell me about REC fraud, again? What’s that?
$80m from a single scam? I love it! Where do I sign?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. On the rocks says:

    Many thanks to STT for rounding up all the “characters” of the wind industry. We wondered who this “Nick Valentine Sydney” was. He often makes comment in our local paper The Country Times with anyone who dares criticises the planned Ceres project here on Yorke Peninsula. Must be a mate of the beloved guru.

    One has a degree of sympathy for the guru, he can’t find investors for either project, he’s sick to death of dumb arse farmers in two states and to top it off he’s now having trouble with Australia Post. Bastards the lot of them guru.

    To top it, often instead of getting Demis Roussos sing “My friend the wind” he will now be getting Mick Jagger belting out “You can’t always get what you want.” Kind of apt, hey guru?

  2. Really, how much evidence is needed before the country twigs to the fact that the Ruinous Electricity Tax (RET) is killing off the last vestiges of Australia’s manufacturing industry? Over the last six years the Labor/Greens have demonstrated that Australian jobs come way behind the promotion of their pet political ideologies. It’s now time for the new government to scrap the disastrous RET tax and restore some balance to the needlessly tilted playing field our manufacturers now face.

    Me thinks you’re too generous by half STT – the former ALP national president has fessed-up to “creaming” $5M in members funds. Although rumor suggests the true amount is more like $20M, admittedly this is not quite the fabulous riches of the “Waubra 80” but it’s not bad!


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